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Experience proves that those are oftenest abused who can be abused with the greatest impunity. Men are whipped oftenest who are whipped easiest. (Quote by - Frederick Douglass)

And it tries to strengthen procedural safeguards for the most vulnerable of children from contiguous countries, such as asylum seekers, and abused, abandoned or neglected children. That includes children who are too young to make a decision on voluntary departure, or children who are incompetent by virtue of mental retardation. (Quote by - Christopher Nugent)

I grew up poor. I had no money. My family was poor. There's things I wanted to do and couldn't. I was an abused wife. Just -- there's tons of things that I couldn't even mention. And for me to come up and to have all of this fame and fortune, it's just. (Quote by -Anna Nicole Smith)

All things need watching, working at, caring for and marriage is no exception. Marriage is not something to be treated indifferently, or abused or something that simply takes care of itself. Nothing neglected will remain as it was or is, or will fail to deteriorate. All things need attention care and concern and especially so in this most sensitive of all relationships of life. (Quote by - Richard L. Evans)

Books are the best of things if well used; if abused, among the worst. They are good for nothing but to inspire. I had better never see a book than be warped by its attraction clean out of my own orbit, and made a satellite instead of a system. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

If a man character is to be abused there's nobody like a relative to do the business. (Quote by - William Makepeace Thackeray)

Till people find themselves greatly abused and oppressed by their governors, they are not apt to complain; and whenever they do, in fact, find themselves thus abused and oppressed, they must be stupid not to complain. Allan Moss)

I have the impression that the images that surround us today are worn out, they are abused and useless and exhausted. They are limping and dragging themselves behind the rest of our cultural evolution. When I look at the postcards in tourist shops and the. (Quote by -Werner Herzog)

Chaos of thought and passion, all confused; Still by himself abused or disabused; Created half to rise, and half to fall; Great lord of all things, yet a prey to all; Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurled, - The glory, jest, and riddle. (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

A jack of both sides, is before long, trusted by nobody, and abused by both parties. (Quote by - Proverb)

Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness. (Quote by - George Washington)

I have absolutely no empathy for camels. I didn't care for being abused in the Middle East by those horrible, horrible, horrible creatures. They don't like people. It's not at all like the relationship between horses and humans. (Quote by - Rachel Weisz)

I'm sure you agree that animals should not be abused - whether they're cats or dogs or chickens - and that stopping this abuse should be your number one priority. (Quote by - Pamela Anderson)

The government of China has become like UK and US a pirate of innocent kidnapped pharmaceutically abused primates. (Quote by - O. Anna Niemus)

More than 90 percent of all the prisoners in our American prisons have been abused as children. (Quote by - John Powell)

It is better a man should be abused than forgotten. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

You couldn't be that good and not know it, somewhere in your secret heart, however much you'd been abused into affecting public humility. Lois McMaster Bujold)

We believe that the binding policy is one of the main reasons migrant workers are abused. These workers are entitled to the basic freedom to choose their own employer. (Quote by - Shevy Korzen)

I was angry about the fact that my father would beat my mother on a daily basis, that my mother would take it in turn and beat on me. I was an abused child. I was mad about all those things, very bitter and very angry. (Quote by - Rick James)

All European tradition, Marxism included, has conspired to defy the natural order of all things. Mother Earth has been abused, the powers have been abused, and this cannot go on forever. No theory can alter that simple fact. Mother Earth will retaliate. (Quote by -Russell Means)

There are two modes of establishing our reputation: to be praised by honest men, and to be abused by rogues. It is best, however, to secure the former, because it will invariably be accompanied by the latter. (Quote by - Charles Caleb Colton)

The will of the nation' is one of those expressions which have been most profusely abused by the wily and the despotic of every age. (Quote by - Alexis de Tocqueville)

Animals on factory farms and slaughter houses are mutilated, drugged and abused in ways that would be illegal if dogs or cats were treated similarly. The problem is that farm animals are exempted from the Animal Welfare Act. Therefore, companies often act with impunity. (Quote by - Bruce Friedrich)

The film itself involves a New York City radio storyteller, Gabriel Noone, who strikes up a friendship with one of his fans, an abused 14-year-old teenager who is suffering from AIDS, who does not have much longer to live. (Quote by - Armistead Maupin)

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks the U.S. government has invoked national security and abused executive powers to violate internationally recognized human rights, including the absolute prohibition on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. If the U.S. does not recognize its human rights obligations under international law, what reason do other governments have to uphold human rights. (Quote by - Jamil Dakwar)

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