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The 21 Arab states that could easily have absorbed the original 650,000 Palestinian refugees in 1948 refused to do so, even though their combined land mass was 700 times greater than that possessed by Israel. By contrast, the Jewish population of the new state was only 600,000, yet Israel willingly absorbed some 820,000 Jewish refugees from Europe. (Quote by -Randall Price)

However, the shock build -- that is the assembly of the shock and what the shock is intended to do with that build -- it's not within the spirit and the intent of what our shock absorber rules surround. Simply put, we prefer that shock absorbers are used for shock absorbers, which is a device which controls the frequency of a spring, not to be a spring assist or a jack or anything else. (Quote by -John Darby)

Trees and soils can absorb carbon dioxide released by fossil fuel burning. It would be great to subsidize responsible farmers and forest managers. (Quote by - Alana Beard)

It's hard to absorb and to allow all that attention and accolades for Rent because the rest of the country doesn't know who we are. Once I walk out of the door of Rent, and I'm on the subway, it doesn't matter. It's an exaggerated sense of fame. - on the. (Quote by - Idina Menzel)

It is a scientific fact that your body will not absorb cholesterol if you take it from another person's plate. (Quote by - Dave Barry)

The cars passed postrace inspection, ... The shock absorbers themselves, after being tested and disassembled and everything, all of the parts and pieces were well within the confines of the rule book. However, the shock build -- the assembly of the parts and what the shock it intended to do -- it's not within the spirit and the intent of what our shock absorber rules surround. (Quote by -John Darby)

I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own. (Quote by - Bruce Lee)

Read, read, read. Read everything - trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You'll absorb it. Then write. If it is good, you'll find out. If it's not, throw it out the window. (Quote by - William Faulkner)

Love given to you will evaporate like a puddle, unless you are open to absorb it. (Quote by -Rodney Lovell)

All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind. (Quote by - Aristotle)

You just try to absorb as much as you can from someone who has won as many races and championships as he has. Career wise, he's been the greatest thing that's happened to me. (Quote by - Allison Duncan)

It's very hard to pass along those costs to our customers. It's just something you have to absorb. But you can only absorb so much. (Quote by -Richard Schwartz)

You need to become a good listener. As you're working, you hear someone else's lines and how you absorb them becomes your acting. (Quote by - Jacqueline Bisset)

Simply put, we prefer that shock absorbers are used for shock absorbers not to be a spring assist or a jack or anything else. (Quote by -John Darby)

The ascetic believed that, because he was so holy, the Devil was permitted special liberties with him, and he found in his increasing agony of effort a token of divine approval. Not along this track lies the path of moral progress. Christianity says: face the evil once for all, and disown it. Then quiet the spirit in the presence of God. Let His perfections fill the field of vision. In particular, let the concrete embodiment of the goodness of God in Christ attract and absorb the gaze of the soul. Here is the righteousness, not as a fixed and abstract ideal, but in a living human person. The righteousness of Christ is a real achievement of God's own Spirit in man. (Quote by - C. H. Dodd)

I believe that all the survivors are mad. One time or another their madness will explode. You cannot absorb that much madness and not be influenced by it. That is why the children of survivors are so tragic. I see them in school. They don't know how. (Quote by - Elie Wiesel)

The theory that can absorb the greatest number of facts, and persist in doing so, generation after generation, through all changes of opinion and detail, is the one that must rule all observation. (Quote by - Adam Smith)

Everyone needs time to absorb this and particularly unionists need time to absorb this and they need some space. (Quote by -Gerry Adams)

You don't want to love - your eternal and abnormal craving is to be loved. You aren't positive, you're negative. You absorb, absorb, as if you must fill yourself up with love, because you've got a shortage somewhere. (Quote by - Alan Sandals)

How television and the culture are absorbing Katrina is certainly different than how they absorbed Sept. 11. Four years ago, all culture was put on pause. But people have continued to watch comedies and dramas and reality shows throughout, even when things were at their grimmest. (Quote by -Robert Thompson)

When I am attacked by gloomy thoughts, nothing helps me so much as running to my books. They quickly absorb me and banish the clouds from my mind.(Quote by - Michel Eyquem De Montaigne)

Don't let the workings of adversity totally absorb your life. Try to understand what you can. Act where you are able; then let the matter rest with the Lord for a period while you give to others in worthy ways before you take on appropriate concern again. (Quote by - Scott, Richard)

Meeting the True One, Truth wells up. The truthful are absorbed into the True Lord. Intuitive understanding is obtained and one is welcomed with honor, through the Guru's Word, filled with the Fear of God. O Nanak, the True King absorbs us into Himself. (Quote by -Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

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