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There is not a right too long denied to which we do not aspire in order to achieve; there is not a wrong too long endured that we are not determined to abolish. (Quote by - Samuel Gompers)

Faith intervenese not to abolish reason's autonomy nor to reduce its scope for action, but solely to bring the human being to understand that in these events it is the God of Israel who acts. (Quote by - Pope John Paul II)

Our situation illustrates the American idea that governments rest on the consent of the governed, and that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish them whenever they become destructive of the ends for which they were established. (Quote by - Jefferson Davis)

If you would abolish avarice, you must abolish its mother, luxury. (Quote by - Marcus Tullius Cicero)

With the unknown, one is confronted with danger, discomfort, and care; the first instinct is to abolish these painful states. First principle: any explanation is better than none. . . . The causal instinct is thus conditional upon, and excited by, the feeling of fear. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife. (Quote by - Kahlil Gibran)

We stopped the war in Afghanistan. We abolished censorship. We abolished the special commissions that were checking on Russian citizens going abroad. I am very happy that in history my name will be connected to this period. (Quote by - Yevgeny Yevtushenko)

It is now possible to abolish work and replace it, insofar as it serves useful purposes, with a multitude of new kinds of free activities. To abolish work requires going at it from two directions, quantitative and qualitative. On the one hand, on the quantitative side, we have to cut down massively on the amount of work being done. At present most work is useless or worse and we should simply get rid of it. On the other hand -- and I think this the crux of the matter and the revolutionary new departure -- we have to take what useful work remains and transform it into a pleasing variety of game-like and craft-like pastimes, indistinguishable from other pleasurable pastimes, except that they happen to yield useful end-products. (Quote by - Bob Black)

You're right. We should abolish the IRS. (Quote by - Jim Jenness)

Creation destroys as it goes, throws down one tree for the rise of another. But ideal mankind would abolish death, multiply itself million upon million, rear up city upon city, save every parasite alive, until the accumulation of mere existence is swollen to a horror. (Quote by - D.H. Lawrence)

When we abolish the slavery of half of humanity, together with the whole system of hypocrisy it implies. (Quote by - Simone de Beauvoir)

You must abolish your slavery yourselves. Do not depend for its abolition upon god or a superman. Remember that it is not enough that a people are numerically in the majority. They must be always watchful, strong and self-respecting to attain and maintain success. We must shape our course ourselves and by ourselves. (Quote by - Unknown Author)

If you want to take your mission in life to the next level, if you're stuck and you don't know how to rise, don't look outside yourself. Look inside. Don't let your fears keep you mired in the crowd. Abolish your fears and raise your commitment level to the point of no return, and I guarantee you that the Champion Within will burst forth to propel you toward victory. (Quote by - Bruce Jenner)

All the legislation in the world will not abolish kissing. (Quote by - Elinor Glyn)

If all non-legalized organizations are to be abolished, that should imply that the National Unification Council should be abolished too. (Quote by - Joseph Wu)

Above all, we must abolish hope in the heart of man. A calm despair, without angry convulsions, without reproaches to Heaven, is the essence of wisdom. (Quote by - Alfred Victor Vigny)

Women's liberation, if it abolishes the patriarchal family, will abolish a necessary substructure of the authoritarian state, and once that withers away Marx will have come true willy-nilly, so let's get on with it. (Quote by - Germaine Greer)

Wise people, even though all laws were abolished, would still lead the same life. (Quote by - Aristophanes)

Wise men, though all laws were abolished, would lead the same lives. (Quote by - Aristophanes)

Your fears keep you mired in the crowd. Abolish your fears and raise your. (Quote by - Bruce Jenner)

Really existed, it would be necessary to abolish him. (Quote by - Mikhail Bakunin)

It is impossible to abolish either with a law or an ax the desires of men. (Quote by - Walter Lippmann)

Is the right of the people to alter or abolish them whenever they become. (Quote by - Jefferson Davis)

The aim of the High is to remain where they are. The aim of the Middle is to change places with the High. The aim of the Low, when they have an aim -- for it is an abiding characteristic of the Low that they are too much crushed by drudgery to be more than intermittenly conscious of anything outside their daily lives -- is to abolish all distinctions and create a society in which all men shall be equal. (Quote by - George Orwell)

While this is a landmark crucial step in our campaign to abolish criminal defamation in Indonesia, we still have more work to do. (Quote by - Warren Christopher)

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