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I've never seen anything like it. I've had lots of people ask me about it, and I wish to heck I could explain it. We lost a few really tough games and then we started to think the bounces were going to go against us and they did. You can look at it one of two ways. Was the aberration at home or on the road? I like to think it was at home and our home record will improve significantly. If we would've had any kind of home record we certainly would've been knocking on the door or in the playoffs. (Quote by - Rick Dudley)

I've yet to find someone who has pain and who doesn't have some aberration in their spine. Think of pain as an aberration of motion in the spine. (Quote by - Michael LeRoux)

What you're seeing in the East Wing is normal turnover, and what you're seeing in the West Wing is abnormal. It's an aberration to have a team stay as long as this one has. (Quote by - David Gergen)

I still think they're in such good position when you look at the schedule the rest of the year. After our weekend, they play just teams that are in the lower division the rest of the way. And I still think last weekend is more of an aberration than anything else. (Quote by - Don Lucia)

Some analysts are trying to dismiss the retail sales as an aberration but the market will have a reality check this week on the New Zealand rate outlook with the consumer prices index. (Quote by - Danica Hampton)

An impeachment of the chief justice based on the evidence found will stand out as a historical aberration. It's been a frustrating day. (Quote by - David Barry)

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