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  Prank Stories
Phone Calls
Thanksgiving morning my mom wanted to sleep in soo bad. I stayed the night at my brother's house and he decided to call mom at 8:00 a.m. and when he was done I asked what she said and he told me she said to call back in 20 minutes, so I did and once she found out my brother told me to call she yelled at him. My other brother came over a couple minutes later and we had told him that mom wanted to talk to him (he doesn't have a phone at the house so the only was she gets ahold of him is Mike (the brother I stay at) so he called and told mom that Mike told him she was trying to get ahold of him...boy did she get mad....later when my sister-in-law got outa the shower we told her my mom called and wanted to talk to her while she was in the shower. She called and my mom was gonna lose it once she heard Mike told her that. Well as soon as that was over I decided to call my mom's friend and say that my mom has been trying all morning to get
ahold of her so she called her and I guess she gave up sleep after that....I thought it was a good prank since my mom is always seeking sleep!!!!
Someones Outside
One night me and my brother watched a horror movie and i was telling him scary stories then i told him a story about sombody knocking on the window at 11 oclock at night he got scared so i text my friend and told her that at 11 to start banging on my window as she only lived next door. Then 11 oclock came and we were still watching the movie then all of a sudden she banged on the window and my brother shot up in the air shaking and he wet his pants!!
Spayer Joke
one time i decided to get my mom back for 11 years of torture (woopens, groundation, embarasment so on) so i got a rubberband and triple wrapped it around a kitchen sink sprayer and when my mom came to cook she got alot of water on her silk sirt. hahaha
Lights Out
I stayed the night at a friends house one night and we decided to pull a prank on one of our other friends that was also staying the night. I decided that i needed to "go to the store" to get some aspirin. Instead I went to the side of the house, climbed in the basement window and shut off the circuit breaker. After that was done I climbed back out of the window, started knocking on the door and running. Finally I went back in to the house and after about 5 times of pulling the prank, we finally told the person and they are now helping us pull this prank on other friends that come to stay the night.
Messy Coke
I once took a two liter Coke and took the cap off then gently wedged a Mentos inside of the cap (it took a few trys, some glue or tape might have helped). Anyway i put it outside of my friends driver side door on his car so that he would have to move it. I was hoping he wouldnt kick it. Anyway after work I was walking to my truck and he to his car and he just happened to pick it up as i had planned, the mentos dropped and Coke shot like 15 feet in the air, it was freaking funny. Everyone should try it.
Icy Hot
Well me and my sister are close frends so i had to do something. I had my friend come over because we were going to a hockey game the next day. They all went to sleep so we got icy put it on the toilet seat and door handle and on the shower nobs! She went to work that same day and her hands were burning all day. I got a nasty phone from her call saying she can't sit down!
Prank on the Guys
ok,one time my sister and I were at camp and all the girls played a prank on the guys. We put glitter on the fans while they were sleeping. When they woke up, they turned on the fans and it got glitter EVERYWHERE!!!!! it was so funny. they couldn't get the glitter off for weeks! They were mad, but had to admit it was hilarious!
Edible Deoderant
Me and my best friend were at her house one day and we decided to prank one of her little sisters so we bought 4 deodorant sticks and a thing of cream cheese. When we got to her house we took two of the deodorant sticks and took out the deodorant part and filled it with cream cheese. So her sister walked into her room while we were doing our homework and saw us eating the (cream cheese) deodorant. She ran up stairs crying to her mom that we went crazy and were eating the deodorant. But as she was upstairs we switched it with the real deodorant and put the others under the bed. When she came back down with her mom she yelled look when we were holding the real deodorant sticks so she took one and said that we were eating them so she took a big bite and screamed at the top of her lugs. We eventually had to tell her that we weren't deodorant eaters so that she wouldn't have another attack.
CD mix-up
My dad is OBSESSED with Bruce Springsteen and all that old music. So, for April Fools' Day my sister and I decided to remove all the CD's from his car and replace them with Disney Channel (Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers) and rap. He usually puts the music in the disk player about 5 minutes into his drive to work when he realized they were all Disney Channel songs and rap!
Major Evil
I hate my school and every one there so I put blue food coloring in the bathroom soap. My teacher came back from the bathroom with blue hands!

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