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Exploding Pen - School Prank
Go to any Joke Store and buy some exploding pens (the kind that pop when you open them.) Then when your teacher isn't paying attention, replace her pens with the gag pens.
Worms In Locker - School Prank
Most lockers have vents large enough to slip some worms inside. Do this when your victim is away from his locker.
Tomorrow Is Substitute Teacher Day - School Prank
If you can get into the teacher's lounge. 9 times out of 10 there is a coffee pot there. Most of the time unattended. Slip a couple of laxative tabs in there. The next day you will have a sub teaching the class!
Paper On The Seat Prank - School Prank
Place a piece of paper on your victim's seat. Try and find paper the same color as the seat so he or she will not notice. Then add a small amount of glue to the top of the paper. Your victim will sit on it and walk around with paper on his rear all day.
Games With Pens - School Prank
Use a pen (cannot erase) to make embarrasing notes on other classmates paper notes when they aren't paying attention. Example: I still need to ask Joey to go out with me. Or... Don't forget my cheet sheet for the test.
Fake Dog Poo - School Prank
Put some fake dog poo under a classmates desk. Brown Play-Doe works really well and looks real.
Bug In A Pen Cap - School Prank
Classmates are always asking to borrow a pen. Next time you find a dead bug, place it in a pen cap and close it. When the next person asks to borrow your pen, give them that one. They will be in for an insect surprise!
Bubble Gum Hair Prank - School Prank
Place some chewed gum in the hood of someone's jacket. When they put there hood on their head the gum will stick to there hair. I know, its cruel. But just so you know, peanut butter will help the gum come right out.
Slippery Floor - School Prank
Before the bell rings, spray WD40 or any lubricant all over the hallway floor. When students come out of their classes, they will slip and slide and some will fall and get their clothes all messy.
Super Glue The Water Fountain - School Prank
Have some super glue handy, next time your victim is thirsty and needs to get a drink of water at the water fountain. All you have to do is jump in line in front of him, then quickly squirt a couple drops of super glue on the button. When its his turn next, his finger will be stuck.
Granny Style Underwear - School Prank
Go to the store and buy the biggest granny style underwear you can. Smear some chocolate on the back side of the underwear. Then place them in the middle of the hall before school begins.
Saran Wrap Car Doors - School Prank
Go to the student parking lot during class and saran wrap cars so the doors cannot open.
Apple Juice Piss Prank - School Prank
Always have a bottle of apple juice handy in case a classmate falls asleep in class. When he does, pour a little on his pants, the seat, or even on the floor below him. When he awakes he will think he pissed his pants.
Mouse Swap - School Prank
While in the computer lab, ask the student next to you if you can borrow a pen. While he is digging for one in his backpack, quickly switch his mouse with your mouse. So when you gets back to his computer and tries to use his mouse...you will have total control over his computer.
Itching Powder On The Toilets - School Prank
During class while everyone is learning. Ask to be excused, go to the restroom and leave itching powder all over the toilet seat and on the toilet paper.
Glue And Pens - School Prank
If you have time you can glue all the pens in your classroom so the lids cannot come off.
Keyboard Switch-a-roo - School Prank
While in the computer lab, when the classmate next to you gets up to use the restroom or whatever, unplug his keyboard. Then plug your keyboard in to his computer. When he gets back, start typing thing for him...start with, "Hey, Welcome Back"
Icy Hot On Toilet - School Prank
Spread a thin layer of Icy hot on the toilet seat in the restroom. This prank can also work by applying some to the toilet paper. After doing this, the next person to use the toilet or paper will get an unexpected burning sensation.
Dead Fish In The Ceiling - School Prank
Remove the ceiling tiles and place dead fish up there. Eventually, over time it will begin to stink really really bad.
Pee Prank - School Prank
Next time you use the school restroom and your friends are waiting outside. Wash your hands but don't dry them. Leave them wet. Then wipe your hand all over your victim and tell them, "Don't you just hate it when you pee on your hand!" It is guaranteed to gross them out!

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.