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Milk, Eggs, And Cheese - School Prank
Fill a soda bottle with milk, eggs, and parmisan cheese. Wait a couple of weeks. Then take the bottle to school and place on the bathroom floor. Unscrew the lid and stomp on the bottle. It will leave a big stinky mess all over the floor. Now walk out of the restroom like nothing happened.
Which Door? - School Prank
Print out a bunch of signs that read, "Please Use Other Door". Then during class, ask to be excused so you can use the restroom. Then hurry and place the signs on all the doors in the building that go outside. When the bell rings watch as people scramble around looking for an exit that doesn't have a sign on it.
High School Girls - School Prank
Go up to your mother with a serious face and tell her you are pregnant. You can even make up a story like...you don't know how it happened or who it was or anything. Then be sure to tell here she has been pranked!
Monkey Face - School Prank
You could either take a picture of your victim's face and paste it on a monkey's head using Photoshop and print it out on your home computer. Or, just print both pictures out and cut out his or her face with scissors and paste it with glue over the monkey head. Then go to your local Copy store and make dozens of copies. Then pass them out all over school the next day.
Gatorade Gone Bad - School Prank
While your school's basketball or football team is practicing, empty out their gatorade bucket and replace it with water, mixed with salt and food coloring that looks like the gatorade color you just dumped out.
Chalkboard Prank - School Prank
drill a tiny hole into the front end of your teacher's chalk. Then place a match inside and cover the top of it with chalk dust. The next time your teacher uses the chalk, if there is enough friction while writing you will all begin to see smoke.
The Janitor's Cart - School Prank
Does your school janitor drive around the campus all day in one of those industrial golf carts? Well, when he isn't paying attention tape a few condiment packets to the wheel. They will explode when he runs over them and leave a ketchup trail that he will have to clean up.
Whisper Prank - School Prank
Between classes, after you talk to someone in the hallway let him or her walk away. Then after they walked a good distance in the opposite direction call him back and whisper in his ears, "How far would you have gotten if I didn't call you back"
Finger In The Cup - School Prank
Get a paper cup and cut a hole through the bottom of it. Stick you finger through from the bottom. Pour some ketchup inside, then go around telling people you cut your finger off.
Remove The Balls - School Prank
Remove the balls from inside all of the computer mouse in your class. Everyone will become frustrated when they are not working.
Fun With Lunch Trays - School Prank
During lunchtime in the cafeteria, fill your plastic lunch tray with ketchup. Fill it all the way to the top and put it back with all the other dirty trays for the lunch lady to clean.
Classic Whoopie Cushion Prank - School Prank
Place a whoopie cushion on your teacher or classmates seat.
Saran Wrap Glasses - School Prank
When you victim just leaves their glasses laying around on a desk, quickly snag them. Then wrap it in saran wrap and put it back on the desk. Your victim will be in for a foggy surprise when they go to read.
Back Of T-Shirt Sticker Prank - School Prank
Place a sticker on the back of your victim's t-shirt. Have it read "Boy Crazy" or "Daddy's Lil Princess" if its a male victim. Get Creative!
Soaked Towel Prank - School Prank
After gym class or basketball practice, while your teammate is showering in the cubicle next door, get your towel completely soaked. Then swap it with his while he is shampooing his hair. 9 times out of 10 they will hang the towel over the top of the cubicle. This makes the prank way too easy.
Locker Room Prank - School Prank
If the person below your locker pisses you off, here is a prank you can do. Clear your locker out, then slowly pour water inside, the water will drain down the air vents and side slits and get everything wet on the locker down below. If you want to be even more dirty, you can pour soda or a milkshake. It will be stickier and may attract ants.
Would You Like A Hertz Donut? - School Prank
Ask a classmate if he would like a Hertz Donut. After he asks you what a 'Hertz Donut' is...punch his arm as hard as you can. Make sure it 'Hertz'
Military Recruiter Prank - School Prank
Use your victim's name and address and mail the local military recruiter telling him how interested you are in joining the army. Schedule a visit while your victim is at home. Recruiters are very persuasive and are difficult to get off your back!
Exploding Pen - School Prank
Go to any Joke Store and buy some exploding pens (the kind that pop when you open them.) Then when your teacher isn't paying attention, replace her pens with the gag pens.
Worms In Locker - School Prank
Most lockers have vents large enough to slip some worms inside. Do this when your victim is away from his locker.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.