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Double Lock Your Victim's Bike - School Prank
Buy a padlock and take it to school with you. Hang out near the bike rack area. After your victim locks his bike and goes to class, put your lock on his bike chain so it now has 2 locks. The only difference is...your victim doesn't have the key or combo to the new lock.
Revenge On Your Ex Girlfriend - School Prank
Call your ex girlfriend's mother and pretend to be her new boyfriend. Then tell her mom that you are very sorry about getting her pregnant and hopefully she has already told you. Try to sound as real as possible.
Start Rumors - School Prank
Rumors are common on school campuses everywhere. The best thing about rumors are that they are easy to start. All you have to do is tell a couple people something you heard about your victim. You don't have to give the source, just tell them what you heard that is good enough. Eventually they will tell a couple people and so on. A great rumor to start about someone is that they are gay, or bi, or they like someone (be sure to say who it is).
Bulge In Your Speedo - School Prank
During swim week for P.E. be sure to wear your speedos. Also make sure to add something so there is extra bulge in your crotch area. You will certainly be the center of attention.
Sticky Grounds - School Prank
During class, about a half hour before school ends for the day, ask to be excused so you can use the restroom. Then go into your locker and get about three or four 2litter bottles of soda that you store in there. Pour it all over the grounds just outside all the exit door to the buildings. Then watch students step all over sticky wet cement on their way home.
Fun With Ducktape - School Prank
Open your victim's desk while he is away and ducktape all of his books and folders together. Then put it back in his desk and act like nothing happened.
Big Hand Disease - School Prank
Tell your victim that if his hand is bigger than his face then he has a rare disease. Then after he puts his hand up to his face, push his hand into his own face so he slaps himself.
Bums At School - School Prank
During the weekend go all around town and tell every bum that there is gonna be a free food handout at your school on monday. Tell them you are giving them a heads up to be there early before the food runs out. On monday when you return to school, there will be a huge flock of bums at the front gate.
Locker Prank - School Prank
Some students lock there lockers, then do the combo but leave it one digit short, so all they have to do is turn it once. This is to save them time between classes. So just walk down the hall testing a few of them until you get 2 locks to open, then switch those 2 locks. The two losers won't be able to open their lockers.
Yucky Vending Machine - School Prank
Pour some chocolate pudding inside the drop slot of the school vending machine. When the items purchased fall down, the victim will have to pick it out of the mushy pudding. You could also use chicken fat instead.
For A Good Time Call... - School Prank
After school is out and all the teachers and faculty have left, it is now time for a prank. What you do is make several copies of paper that read "For a good time call (add victim's name and number here)" then slip these papers underneath all of the classroom doors.
Fun With Locker Room Balls - School Prank
Piss all over big bouncy balls then kick them around in the locker room while people are getting dressed.
Cheerleader Pom Pom Prank - School Prank
Sprinkle some itching powder in the high school cheerleaders pom poms.
Represent Yo Class! - School Prank
During breaktime, run straight into the office and yell, "Class of 2008!! BIOTCH!!!" then run out and blend in with everyone else. 9 times out of 10 the people working in the office will have no idea who you are. Unless you are a popular student or one who is always in trouble, then obviously you are in and out of the office regularly. But make sure its the side with only the office secretaries and not the principal. Oh and you can substitute 2008 with your class.
No Locker Access - School Prank
Super glue everyone's lock to their locker. Nobody will be able to open their lockers. No books, no pens, no class today! yay!
Mooo - School Prank
Sneak onto school campus at night when nobody is there and send a cow up the stairs. Cows can walk up stairs but are unable to walk downstairs.
This one takes alot of time and planning - School Prank
Assemble an automobile in a school hallway overnite. Works best if the car cannot fit thru the space to drive out. In other words, someone else will have to disassemble the ride to get it out of there.
Caffeteria Blow Shooters - School Prank
Tear pieces off the wrapper of your straw and roll them into little balls. Place them inside your straw, aim at your target victim and blow. The little paper ball will shoot out and hit your victim where ever you aim.
Bathroom Out Of Order - School Prank
During class, asked to be excused to use the restroom then close the bathroom door and put a printed out of order sign on the door. Then return to class.
Mysterious Library Stinch - School Prank
Grab any book off the library shelf. Take it with you into the bathroom. Use an exacto knife to cut a square out of the center of all the pages. Then take a crap and place some of your poo inside the square. Close the book. Go put it back on the library shelf. It will begin to stink so bad and nobody will know where its coming from.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.