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Signs With Removable Letters - Public Prank
Next time you come across one of those public signs with removable letters. Rearrange them around to spell something else. Be creative. Change a Doctor's sign to read: Dr. Jones We Break Bones here or something similiar
Your Exact Weight - School Prank
Grab a pen and a piece of paper and go up to your victim. Then tell him or her, "If I write your exact weight on this paper, then you have to give me $20". Your victim will assume there is no chance you can guess their weight exaclty, even if you did they would likely think they can tell you another weight a few pounds away. But you don't have to write down their weight, all you have to write down is "your exact weight" as mentioned earlier. This way you did what you said and you win $20.
Pencil Launching - School Prank
Place your pencil along the edge of your desk so half is over the edge and the other half is on your desk. Then quickly chop at the half over the edge with your hand. Your pencil will launch in the air and fly clear across the room landing in enexpected places such as other students desks, students head, or in the class aquarium.
The Wet Willy - School Prank
Lick your finger. Be sure to get it really slobbery. Then unexpeditly put it in your victims ear.
Towel Snapping - School Prank
Towards the end of gym class after everyone has showered, wet your towel alittle, twirl it up a bit and begin snapping it at your victim. Works best if you have a group of students that can gang up on your victim from all angles.
Star Wars Prank - School Prank
Tell your victim that you have the force. If he says prove it, then lick your hand and push his face to send him backwards.
Classic Locker Jam - School Prank
Shove your victim in his locker and lock it.
A Fight Is About To Breakout - School Prank
During lunchtime at school, gather up a large group of trouble makers. Then walk around campus with pissed off looks and pumping fists. Make it look like you are about to go to war and start a huge fight. Be sure to walk passed your campus security and vise principal or whoever else is monitoring the campus during lunchtime. Not only will you get other students following you guys wondering where the fight is gonna take place, but the school staff will follow and monitor the situation as well. In my high school, a group of latinos with shaved heads would do this once a month. They would end the parade at the handball courts and then bust up laughing when they got there. It was hilarious!!
Campus Roadblock - School Prank
A group of students stand and clog up a building entrance or hallway inbetween classes so other students cannot pass thru.
Peanutting School Ties - School Prank
This prank can be performed if you attend a school where ties are part of the school uniform. If not, then you can try this on an athlete who has to wear a tie on game days. All you do is yank their tie by the front fold. Pull hard, this causes the knot to tighten into a very tiny ball and makes it difficult to take off.
Backpack Skinning - School Prank
Take all of your victim's books out of his or her backpack. Turn the backpack upside down, put books back inside, zip up and place back where you found it.
Shoe Lace Snipping - School Prank
Snipe your victim's shoe lace with scissors when he isn't paying attention by sneaking undeneath a table or around a chair.
Crowning - School Prank
This prank involves several school pranksters. What you do is gang up on a victim and lift him or her onto a closet or some other area up high. Then everyone walks away and seems uninterested. Then when he or she gets down, quickly rush over and do the same thing. Keep repeating this process a few more times.
Boost Walking - School Prank
When you victim is walking get behind him and use your foot to kick the bottom of their heel up. This give him an unexpected boost and can often cause him to fall forward.
Robin Hood - School Prank
Grab a female's bra strap from the back and yell, "Robin Hood" as you release it and make it SNAP!
Ankle Tapping - School Prank
Use your foot to tap your victim's ankle while he or she is running or walking. This will cause him to trip and fall.
Wrong Restroom Room - School Prank
Throw your victim's personal belongings into the restroom of the other sex, this forces him or her to go in to retrieve it. When your victim enters the restroom you scream and let the teacher know.
Telekinesis - School Prank
Tell your female victim that you have telekinesis and can make her breasts move without touching them. You then bet her and give it a try. Reach out and touch her breasts and make them move with your hands. Then tell her "you won, i lose"
What's This? - School Prank
Point to the chest area of your victim's shirt and ask him "what's this?" when he looks down to check it out, run your finger up and smack him in the face with it.
Skirt Float - School Prank
Tape a helium balloon to a girl's skirt.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.