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The Charlie Horse - School Prank
Also known as a dead arm. Just walk up to your victim and catch him off guard hit a hard punch to his upper arm.
Chest Game - School Prank
Go up to a classmate and punch him unsuspectingly in the chest. This prank catches him off guard and is generally suppose to turn into a game of Chest! tag.
The Car Crash Prank - School Prank
Walk up to your victim and with one hand moving across his face tell him that a car is going this way. Then, move the other hand the other way and tell him another car is going that way...then close your arms and slap his face. Then tell him, "Ooh! They crashed!"
Bow To The Master - School Prank
Walk up to your victim and start a normal conversation with him. Then unexpectedly hit him in the midsection. This will cause him to kneel. Then you tell him "Bow To The Master!!"
Birthday Bashing - School Prank
Sneak up on a classmate when its his birthday and hit him in the arm. One punch for every year of his life. So...a 13 yr old would get 13 punches.
Impossible To Do - School Prank
Ask a female victim if she can use her elbows and touch her back with them. When she attempts this stunt, her cleavage will pop out more than usual, they longer she tries...the longer you get to view her chest.
Bra Snapping - School Prank
Walk up to a female classmate, and point out the following directions on her back, "North, South, West, East, Equator" Then be sure to pull back on the equator (The horizontal bra strap) and letting it go so everyone can hear the 'snap'.
Whoopie Cushion / Pull My Finger - School Prank
Put a whoopie cushion on your teacher's seat. When he or she goes to sit, do not allow them to see their seat before sitting. Before they get to this point, go up to them and tell them to pull your finger. Most teachers will say haha, i'm not falling for that...back to your seat!! As you walk back, you will hear a farting sound from the whoopie cushion.
Problem With The Trumpet - School Prank
In band class, tape the spit valve open on the trumpet. Your victim will wonder what is wrong with the horn.
Paste Cream Cookies - School Prank
Replace the middle cream part of Oreo cookies with paste. Then offer the cookies to your classmates.
Carnival Planning - School Prank
Start calling a bunch of places that rent out items for carnivals, such as animals, rides, clowns, jugglers, bouncy houses, and concession stands. Call after hours so you can leave a message for them to call you back. But instead of leaving your name and number, leave your principals name and your high school's phone number. Tell them all to call you back tomorrow before noon. Then from 9am to noon your school will be flooded with carnival places calling them.
Thats My Locker! - School Prank
Break into a freshman's locker, take his stuff out, put your stuff inside and when he returns to get his stuff...tell him its your locker then walk away and says something like "Dumb Freshman!"
Mystery Chicken #3 - School Prank
Buy three chickens from a chicken farm and label them 1, 2, and 4. Then release them on your school campus. The staff will go nuts looking for #3 which doesn't exist.
Broken Fountain - School Prank
Whenever you discover a drinking fountain that no longer works, stand in line with a couple of your buddies and pretend to drink. Eventually someone will come behind you guys and want a drink. It won't work and he or she will wonder what happened.
Double Lock Your Victim's Bike - School Prank
Buy a padlock and take it to school with you. Hang out near the bike rack area. After your victim locks his bike and goes to class, put your lock on his bike chain so it now has 2 locks. The only difference is...your victim doesn't have the key or combo to the new lock.
Revenge On Your Ex Girlfriend - School Prank
Call your ex girlfriend's mother and pretend to be her new boyfriend. Then tell her mom that you are very sorry about getting her pregnant and hopefully she has already told you. Try to sound as real as possible.
Start Rumors - School Prank
Rumors are common on school campuses everywhere. The best thing about rumors are that they are easy to start. All you have to do is tell a couple people something you heard about your victim. You don't have to give the source, just tell them what you heard that is good enough. Eventually they will tell a couple people and so on. A great rumor to start about someone is that they are gay, or bi, or they like someone (be sure to say who it is).
Bulge In Your Speedo - School Prank
During swim week for P.E. be sure to wear your speedos. Also make sure to add something so there is extra bulge in your crotch area. You will certainly be the center of attention.
Sticky Grounds - School Prank
During class, about a half hour before school ends for the day, ask to be excused so you can use the restroom. Then go into your locker and get about three or four 2litter bottles of soda that you store in there. Pour it all over the grounds just outside all the exit door to the buildings. Then watch students step all over sticky wet cement on their way home.
Fun With Ducktape - School Prank
Open your victim's desk while he is away and ducktape all of his books and folders together. Then put it back in his desk and act like nothing happened.

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