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Hit The Jackpot - Public Prank
As soon as money comes out of your ATM, yell "I WON I WON" thats the fourth time this month! Make sure everyone behind you hears it.
Walmart Dressing Room Prank - Public Prank
Go into a Wal-Mart dressing room, and then loudly start saying, "Hey, there is no toilet paper in here!" You have to have someone on the outside with a video recorder to catch the priceless looks on their faces
Fiberglass Fun - Public Prank
Most people don't know that fiberglass dust can be used as itching powder and is for the most part harmless. So get creative and have fun at the local laundermat.
Photos of an Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend - Public Prank
Print out photos of your ex and place them around at places he or she frequents, such as the local bar and leave a message underneath, such as 'This person gave me herpes'
Frozen Garbage Cans - Public Prank
During winter when the temperature is below freezing. Fill your victim's trash cans with water. A typical 30 gallon garbage can can weigh around 200 lbs or more once the water turns to solid ice. This will make it difficult to move.
Deflate Tires - Public Prank
Take almost all the air out of all four of your vctim's tires. Leave just enough air for him or her to drive to the gas station and fill them back up.
HI JACK!!! - Public Prank
Tell your buddy (lets call him Jack) to walk to the back of the plane, while in mid-flight. Then you walk to the front of the plane and yell, "HI JACK!!" As soon as everyone becomes startled, then Jack will yell back to you, "HI FRED!"
Supermarket Switch - Public Prank
Remove the label from one item at the supermarket and replace it with the label from something else that isn't even close. Such as sliced peaches for garbanzo beans or dog food for tomato soup.
Black Eye - Public Prank
This is a good prank for tourist attraction places such as piers where they have those pay per view binoculars for 25 cents. All you have to door is smear the edges with some charcoal. When the victim is done checking out the scenary, he or she will have a black ring around their eyes.
Fun With Orange Cones - Public Prank
Put some orange street cones on multiple streets along the local school bus route. This will result in the bus driving around, wasting valuable time, and being late for first period classes.
Mannequin Flashing - Public Prank
Drive around town with a mannequin in your passenger seat. Hang the legs out the window. As people drive by, lift up her skirt and give them a quick flash.
Beer Shower Wave - Public Prank
Next time your are at a baseball game and your team is the visiting team. Do this prank when you see 'the wave' about to hit your section. When everybody gets up and does that arm lift up wave thing, you do the same thing...only you throw your beer in the air. Since everyone is cheering, making noise, quickly going up and down and not paying much attention...nobody will know it was you.
Beer Shower - Public Prank
Toss full cups of beer into the air on a dance floor as soon as the club goes dark from timing with the beat of the song. Then check out the dancers reactions as they go from energetic happy partiers to pissed of beer coated victims as soon as the light turns back on.
On The Final Hole - Public Prank
Sometimes while golfing the guys behind you become impatient and will yell stuff at you for taking your sweet time or may just hit their balls before you are even done with the current hole. Here is how you get back at them, on the final hole (which is sometimes the hole that decides their game final score) wait until their balls are hit. Then dash over to their balls. Pick them up, throw them over the fench, get in your golf cart, and head for the exit.
Porn Stickers - Public Prank
Buy some sticker paper and print porn on them with your home computer. Then go to the mall and stick them in places everyone walks by.
Skating Rink Prank - Public Prank
Pour vegetable oil and drop a few peanuts on the rink during "backward skate".
Piss Off Drunks At The Bar - Public Prank
While you are sitting at a bar and feel the need to start some action try throwing small piece of food up at the ceiling fan while it is moving at full speed. Make sure nobody sees you, it may hit a drunk biker in the back of the head when it bounces off the ceiling fan paddle.
Pool Table Prank - Public Prank
Drop a potato down one of the pockets of a pool table. Potatos are bumpy and won't roll all the way back down, this causes all the other balls to get stuck.
Security Tag Prank - Public Prank
Some stores have plastic rectangular security tags on items. These are very easy to just tear off. For this prank, all you have to do is peel one off and place it on the bottom of a shopping cart or basket case. Whoever uses it next will sound the alarm when leaving.
Rubber Cement On Rails - Public Prank
Pour a think layer on any rail. At first the rail will be sticky when passer by's touch it. After time, the rubber cement will dry and look like boogers on the rail.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.