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Apartment Ding Dong Ditch - Public Prank
Ring 2 apartment door bells where the doors are either next to each other or closely across from each other. Then run and hide. Both of those neighbors will open their doors at the same time. They may think each other was the one that rang it.
Ding Dong Ditch - Public Prank
Ring someone's door bell and then run and hide. When your victim opens the door...SURPRISE!!! nobody there!
Ice Down Shirt Prank - Public Prank
Sneak up on people and put an ice cube down the back of their shirt.
After The Movie Ends... - Public Prank
When you go to the theaters, after the movie ends and everyone leaves the movie theater, stay in your seat and pretend to be asleep.
Fun At The Bowling Alley - Public Prank
Put vasoline in all the holes in bowling balls. Then sit back and watch as people try their best to grip their balls.
Piss Off Golfers - Public Prank
If you walk along the outside of any golf course in america you will find a bunch of golf balls that accidentally left the yard. Gather up a few of them and when someone hits their ball near the hole you are standing by toss all the balls over the fence so when he gets there, he won't know which one is actually his ball. This will piss the golfer off, as golfers take their games very serious.
Driveby Condom Chucker - Public Prank
Fill a condom with a few dabs of milk and some clear soap. Drive by your victim's car and chuck it onto his car windshield.
Golf Course Fun - Public Prank
Fill all the holes at your local golf course with chocolate pudding.
Sand Hole At The Beach - Public Prank
Dig a hole in the sand at the beach. Then cover it up with either palm tree leaves or sea weed. Then sit back and watch people take a step inside without knowing.
Upside Down Porta Potty - Public Prank
Hang a porta potty from a street light or anywhere else in public where everyone passing by can see it.
Fast Food Poo Bag - Public Prank
Go to any fast food joint such as McDonalds or Burger King and go to the bathroom there. Poop in one of their brown "to go" bags. Leave it on the bathroom sink or even worse, next to the condiments, then walk out.
Sticky Floor At The Movies - Public Prank
Just before the movie ends pour some soda on the first few steps. When people come marching down the steps to head towards the exit, they will all be stepping in sticky and annoying soda pop puddles.
At The Movies - Public Prank
Sit in the back and throw candy at the people sitting in the first row.
Movie Theater Prank - Public Prank
Go inside a theater that is showing a movie you have already seen. Walk to the very front and yell the ending or what is gonna happen next. Make sure everyone hears you.
Blood Pressure Prank - Public Prank
Go to the back of any drug store. There should be a blood pressure checking machine near the pharmacy. This is the machine that you place on your arm and it squeezes your arm so tight then lets go after a few seconds. For this prank all you have to do is go and get a plastic bottle of shampoo from the soap isle. Then instead of using your arm use the shampoo bottle. Start up the blood pressure machine and walk out of the store before shampoo explodes all over the floor.
Gas Pump Prank - Public Prank
After filling up with gas at the service station, take all three gas nozzles off their hook and twist them up, then place them back on the hook. Make sure to mix them up. The next person to pump gas will not know which is which.
Screw Off - Public Prank
The city is always sending those pesky 'city workers' out to do some oddball work on a street corner. This always causes traffic jams and they are hardly ever working. Most of the time I just see them either sitting in their truck, leaning on a shovel, or just taking a lunch break. So here is a good way to get back at them. Call the police up and tell them that a few of your friends are dressing up as city workers to install something roadside and you are just calling to let them know so they can break it up. Then quickly go back to the city workers and tell them that a couple of your friends dressed as cops might be showing up in a little bit to play a prank on them. Tell the city workers if they show up, just tell them to "screw off"
Perfect Location For A Stink Bomb - Public Prank
Drob a little stink bomb in the new realease section of your local video store. Everyone will hate the smell but will have no choice but to continue browsing in that section, because that is where all the good movies are.
Push? Pull? aaarrgh!! - Public Prank
Switch the stickers on store front doors, so instead of saying 'Push' it says 'Pull' and vise versa.
Hit The Jackpot - Public Prank
As soon as money comes out of your ATM, yell "I WON I WON" thats the fourth time this month! Make sure everyone behind you hears it.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.