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Misplaced - Office Prank
This prank is for Mr. Neato at the office who keeps everything nice n neat and in the same place everytime. When he or she isn't paying attention, move things around on their desk.
Multiple Outfits - Office Prank
Tell everybody at the office (except your victim) to take more than one outfit to work. Then throughout the day keep changing clothes.
Eating Out Of The Trash Can - Office Prank
Put some of your chips in a clean back on top of the trash can. Then when you and your fellow co-workers are walking past it, grab a hadnfull and eat them in front of them.
Extra Sugar In Coffee - Office Prank
If you have one of those co-workers who uses the same mug and drinks the same style coffee everyday, then try this prank. When he or she isn't paying attention drop a few packets of sugar into their mug and mix it up.
New Secretary Prank - Office Prank
Call the new secretary and tell her that you are calling from the local phone company and will be running a test on all the phone lines in the building. Let her know that its very crucial that for the next 10 minutes that nobody uses any phone line or else electricution will result. Then hang up.
New Employee Prank - Office Prank
Send a new employee for various mythical items such as: Double sided transperencies, Dehydrated Water, Bucket of compressed air, A one molar solution of water, A stanchion remover, A bucket of steam, A phallopian tube, A long weight (long wait), A short weight, Short circuits, Lightning bolts, Skyhooks, A mattababe (as in what's a mattababe), A dickfore (same as above), A piston return spring, A left handed wrench, hammer, razor..., Agent Orange (paint color), Sparkplugs for a desiel engine, A short/long stand, A chain stretcher, Hydraulic cement bender, and Snowtires for the shopping carts.
Myra Mains - Office Prank
This is a great prank for a secretary to play on the office jokester. Maybe the secretary needs to get even. Well try this. When your victim is out to lunch, leave him a message that someone named Myra Mains called and needs a call back ASAP. Leave the number to the local coroner's office with the note. Myra Mains, sounds like My Remains.
Hide The Chair - Office Prank
When your victim leave the room, hide his chair. When he returns act like you don't know where it is. A great place to hide the chair would be in the opposite sex bathroom
Intercom Prank - Office Prank
This is a great prank to play on a new co-worker. Every office has a code to use the PA. Lets say the code is 10. Well, just let the new co-worker know that he has a call for him on 10. When he presses 10 he will say "hello this is Dave" ...hello? hellooo? until he realizes he is on the PA intercom
Jim, You are need in lumber, Jim to lumber!
If you work in a large superstore and have access to the office intercom system. This prank is great! especially if you are good at disguising your voice. All you have to do is page someone over the intercom telling them they are needed in a department far away from where they currently are. Wait a few minutes then send them somewhere else.
Glass Cleaner In The Water Cooler - Office Prank
Ok, make sure you don't actually pour any glass cleaner in the water cooler...this is dangerous and very poisonous. A better prank would be to just pour a few drops of blue food coloring in the water and just place a sign on the bottle that reads, "Glass Cleaner"
Format C: - Office Prank
While your co-worker next to you takes a little break, type "Format C:" on his computer screen. Then disconnect his keyboard and mouse. Sit back and wait til he returns.
Party Mix - Office Prank
At the next pot luck luncheon. You bring the Chex Party Mix. But get creative, mix in some Pup-eroni dog food snack. Just break them into little pieces and throw them in the same bowl...stir it up and nobody will tell the difference
Did I Really Park There? - Office Prank
If you have one of those co-workers that parks in the same spot every day, then try this prank. When he isn't paying attention, take his keys and move his car over just one space.
Bumper Sticker Prank - Office Prank
Make your own bumper sticker with tape and paper and put it on your co-workers car. Get creative with the message.
Hey! I wanted snacks! - Office Prank
Empty boxes of common snacks such as Cheez-Its or Figs and replace them with shredded paper or anything else that will weigh the box down. Then place them in the break room.
Auto Correct - Office Prank
Microsoft Word has a feature called 'Auto Correct'. It will auto correct any mispelling such as 'TEH' which will automatically be changed to 'THE'. Anyone can go into the tool and change the words. When your co-worker is away from his desk. Change a few of his common words around.
Upside Down Cup - Office Prank
Fill a cup with water about half way. Then place an index card over the cup. Then turn the cup upside down on your co-worker's desk. Finally, carefully slide the index card out from underneath the cup. Whenever your co-worker decides to pick the cup up, he will be drenched in water.
Something is wrong with the copier! - Office Prank
Leave a copier to print 99 copies at 33% resolution on 8x14 paper.
Old Toy - Office Prank
Use an old toy that has a button which is used to activate sound. Such as a baby crying. Then tape it to the back of the victims desk drawer, but don't close it completely, leave it open just a crack. When your victim decides to close it, he will hear the annoying sound and wonder where its coming from.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.