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McDonald's Application Prank - Office Prank
Fill out an application from a fast food place like McDonald's and put your co-workers name and contact info on the form.Then just wait til his cell phone rings and McDonald's calls him to setup an interview.
Office Raffle - Office Prank
Put an envelope in your victim's mail box slot. In the envelope put a letter with a return envelope. The letter will say something like "Office Raffle - $1 each ticket". Then make up some fake prizes like a new new car grand prize, new computer seconds prize and 5 runner up cash prizes, etc. Have your victim put his dollars in his envelope and put back in mailbox. Then later, go get this envelope of money and put some fake raffle tickets in his box.
Rear Injection - Office Prank
If you work at a place where shots are either required or encouraged, chances are your company has a day where physicals are free and everyone takes turns getting a shot when the doctor shows up on a certain day. Well, for this prank, before going in to get your shot on the upper arm...make sure you in line in front of the new guy. Then proceed to undo your pants, walk in, get your shot and come out zipping back up and rubbing your bum. The new guy will think the shot is actually in the rear and will be a bit freightened.
Memo: Free Pizza in the Lunchroom - Office Prank
Send out an email memo to everyone in the office to let them know about FREE pizza in the lunchroom. Then sit back and wait until the line of co-workers fills the hallway on their way for pizza that isn't even there.
Unable To Open Desk Drawer - Office Prank
Go underneath and behind desk drawer to tape it up so it cannot open all the way. This will frustrate your victim who needs to go in the drawer just to grab a pen or a notebook.
FBI Answering Machine Prank - Office Prank
Change someone's answering machine so it says, "This is the FBI. All calls being made to this phone number are being traced and logged." Don't tell him, find out how long it takes him to realize it.
Salt Cookies - Office Prank
Bake a few batches of sugar cookies to take to the office every now and then so they all get used to your wonderful delicious cookies. Then one day just replace the sugar ingredient with salt. If anyone asks, tell them you are trying to cut down on the sugar intake and make them healthier.
Sinking Chair Prank - Office Prank
Most office chairs nowadays have a pneumatic piston used to control the height. The chairs are also designed to use a person's weight to control the downward adjustment. So, while your victim is away from his chair, tape the height adjusting lever to the bottom of the seat. This will make the piston lock and when your co-worker takes a seat, he will end up sinking all the way to the bottom.
Problem With Chair Wheels - Office Prank
Use some black tape to tape up the bottom wheels of your victim's desk chair. This will make it difficult to move the chair. Most people will never take the time to look and fix the problem and will just leave it at a nusance.
No More Ink - Office Prank
Remove the ink from inside the pens and put them all back in the box.
Wooden Leg Memo - Office Prank
Send a memo to a new employee explaining that another employee has a wooden leg (which he doesn't, of course) but explain that he does and not to ever bring it up because it may cause turmoil in the office.
Water Cooler Prank - Office Prank
If your office has a water cooler with paper cups on the side, then this should be an easy prank. All you have to do is puncture a tiny hole with a thin sewing needle near the top of the cups. When your co-workers go to get a drink of water. they won't notice the hole until they drink it and notice the dribbling of water down their shirt.
John Tuttle - Office Prank
Call the receptionist and ask her to page a fake employee, who goes by the name of either John Tuttle or Allen Smythee. These are names that the movie industry uses for actors or directors that are unhappy with a movie and don't want their names attached to the project.
Fake Note - Office Prank
Leave a note on your victim's desk that read, "I need those PDK numbers ASAP!" Your victim will not only wonder who the note is from, but will also wonder what the heck PDK stands for.
No More Germs! - Office Prank
Post a memo in everyone's mailbox to announce a new policy to keep germs out of the office. Tell them tomorrow there will be a free keyboard cleaning session from 10am-noon in the 2nd floor meeting room. Just remind them to unhook their keyboard and stop by anytime during the session to get their keyboard cleaned. Then prior to people arriving, go and place a sign on the meeting room door that reads, "Will Retun In 15 min." Be sure to walk past there a few times during the fake seesion and see how many people were duped and are actually waiting for nobody to return in 15 min.
Refrigerator Bandit - Office Prank
What could be more frustrating than a co-worker who steals your food from the fridge? Nothing! So its time for some payback. All you have to do is leave a note either on the fridge or inside. It should read something like: Stop Stealing my Food!! But if you must continue i will put a special treat in my lunch everyday, just for you! Hopefully you will enjoy it. This will cause your victim to panic and never steal again. He may think you are tampering with your own food and will avoid eating it.
Booby Trap Desk - Office Prank
Booby trap your victim's desk by attaching a piece of wire or thread that goes from the phone, wrap around the back of the desk and attached to the leg of the chair. Scoot the chair all the way in. When your victim pulls his chair out, he will knock the phone behind the desk.
Full Of Nuts - Office Prank
Fill a co-worker's desk drawer with packing peanuts. Empty the content of the drawer out first, so you can add more peanuts.
Post A Fake Job Ad - Office Prank
Use the internet to post a fake job ad for your co-worker's current position. Use CraigsList or HotJobs or any other free online site to do this. Leave the company contact info as the response on the ad.
Paper Clip Daisy Chain - Office Prank
Take out all of your co-worker's paper clips and link them together, then put them back in the box.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.