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Cubicle Lights - Office Prank
Tape christmas lights around the top of your desk cubicle.
Pimp Yo Chair - Office Prank
Install some buttons and lights in the arms of your chair. If you want you could also put some new chrome wheels on your chair.
Email Rhymes - Office Prank
Make sure every email you send out to your co-workers includes rhyming couplets.
Staplers - Office Prank
Tell everyone about your fear of staplers. Then, start acting weird whenever one is present.
I Think My Phone Is Ringing - Office Prank
During a conversation, tell your co-worker(s) that you think your phone is ringing, even if you are a long way from your desk. Then leave and go and get some coffee.
Headphone Prank - Office Prank
Whenever someone comes in your office, put your headphones on and talk loudly. Then remove your headphones as soon as they leave.
Moldy Coffee - Office Prank
Grow mold in your coffee mug.
IN - Office Prank
Put the trash bin on your desk and label it with "IN".
The 'OK' Nod - Office Prank
It doesn't matter what anybody asks, always reply with an 'OK' and a nod.
If anyone needs me... - Office Prank
Send everyone at the office an email to let them know what you are doing. For example: "If anyone needs me, I will be in the copy room"
Company Xmas Party - Office Prank
Volunter yourself to organize the company xmas party. Then choose to have the party at McDonald's Playland. Feel free to charge everyone $15.
Awww, how cute! - Office Prank
Always include a piece of your child's artwork as the cover page for the reports you write.
The Nickname Game - Office Prank
Give all of your co-workers a lame nickname such as Poncho, Chachi, Gumby, etc. Then always refer to them by this name.
Fun With Business Cards - Office Prank
Print some new business cards for your co-worker without telling him. Only instead of his current title, change it to something else. Choose a title that is below his current title. Such as 'CFO' to 'office assistant'. Then replace his current business cards with these. You can easily do this by switching the cards in his desk card holder.
Pajama Day - Office Prank
Show up to work in your pajamas.
Pen Names - Office Prank
Name all of your pens and tell your co-workers that meetings cannot begin until all of your pens are present.
Would You Like Fries With That? - Office Prank
When people at the office order you to do stuff, ask them if they would like fries with that.
Waiver - Office Prank
Whenever someone in the office asks you to do something, ask them to sign a waiver first.
Waiting For My Document - Office Prank
Put a chair so it faces the printer then sit there all day long and tell people you are waiting for your document.
Speed Dial Changing - Office Prank
Change the speed dial numbers on your boss's phone so they dial strip clubs or massage parlors.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.