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No More Germs! - Office Prank
Post a memo in everyone's mailbox to announce a new policy to keep germs out of the office. Tell them tomorrow there will be a free keyboard cleaning session from 10am-noon in the 2nd floor meeting room. Just remind them to unhook their keyboard and stop by anytime during the session to get their keyboard cleaned. Then prior to people arriving, go and place a sign on the meeting room door that reads, "Will Retun In 15 min." Be sure to walk past there a few times during the fake seesion and see how many people were duped and are actually waiting for nobody to return in 15 min.
Refrigerator Bandit - Office Prank
What could be more frustrating than a co-worker who steals your food from the fridge? Nothing! So its time for some payback. All you have to do is leave a note either on the fridge or inside. It should read something like: Stop Stealing my Food!! But if you must continue i will put a special treat in my lunch everyday, just for you! Hopefully you will enjoy it. This will cause your victim to panic and never steal again. He may think you are tampering with your own food and will avoid eating it.
Booby Trap Desk - Office Prank
Booby trap your victim's desk by attaching a piece of wire or thread that goes from the phone, wrap around the back of the desk and attached to the leg of the chair. Scoot the chair all the way in. When your victim pulls his chair out, he will knock the phone behind the desk.
Full Of Nuts - Office Prank
Fill a co-worker's desk drawer with packing peanuts. Empty the content of the drawer out first, so you can add more peanuts.
Post A Fake Job Ad - Office Prank
Use the internet to post a fake job ad for your co-worker's current position. Use CraigsList or HotJobs or any other free online site to do this. Leave the company contact info as the response on the ad.
Paper Clip Daisy Chain - Office Prank
Take out all of your co-worker's paper clips and link them together, then put them back in the box.
On Hold Music - Office Prank
Change the 'On Hold' music that your office uses for the phone system. Put it on a Death Metal station or even better, put it on a foreign language station.
Fake Ads in the Company Newsletter - Office Prank
Use the ad section of your company newsletter to post fake bulletins. Place an ad for Windows 98 software still in box for $500 OBO. or maybe a desperate plea for someone to buy your timeshare condo. Be creative!
M and N keys - Office Prank
While your co-worker in the next cubicle is away, switch the M and N keys on his keyboard.
Copier Paper Fun - Office Prank
Type in giant bold letter "Copier Needs Service Soon" and make a few copies of the page. Then place the papers back inside the copier paper tray.
Monitor Settings - Office Prank
Every day, while your co-worker is away from his desk adjust his monitor settings so the brightness goes down 2%. At a rate of 2% a day from 100%...in about 2 weeks the brightness will drop 20%. See how long it takes him to notice the change.
The Clapper Prank - Office Prank
Plug The Clapper into your co-workers computer so whenever someone claps, the computer will turn off and on.
Person Calls - Office Prank
Send everyone an email memo about the new company policy. No more personal calls at the office and only schedules personal visits. Then give everyone their personal visit time slot. Exmaple: Barbara Smith, visting hours 10:57 AM to 11:01 AM
Fictional Awards - Office Prank
Send out memos congradulating people for dumb reasons. Tell them they won an award. Awards for Best Filer or Paper Sorter, etc.
IT Prank - Office Prank
Send out a memo to everyone explaining that all computers have been infected with the new 'Letter G Virus' and that everything is ok, but for the rest of today nobody can type the letter 'G' or else it will cause even more havoc on the company computer systems.
Screen Capture - Office Prank
Take a screen capture of someone's screen. It would work best if they have a program open. Then save the screen capture as an image and use that as their desktop background picture. It will confuse the heck out of them when they see their desktop icons over their microsoft word.
Self Recognition Prank - Office Prank
Without disguising your voice, compliment yourself over the office intercom. Compliment yourself on a just completed task or give yourself the rest of the day off.
Discontinued Award - Office Prank
The next time someone at the office wins an award, send out a memo to everyone that the award has been discontinued.
Calculator Fun - Office Prank
Place some clear tape over the calculator to make the numbers very fuzzy.
Phone Label Swap - Office Prank
Change the speed dial labels on office phones. It will piss off your co-worker when he is trying to call tech support but instead speed dials the courier.

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