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Hair Dye Prank - Bathroom Prank
Refill someone's shampoo bottle with a hair dye color that is totally opposite of their current hair color.
Ketchup In The Shower - Bathroom Prank
Act as if you are taking a shower. Then squeeze ketchup all over the shower and tub. Then scream as loud as you can. When you victim comes in to check on you he or she will be freaked out and think the ketchup is blood.
Broth Bath - Bathroom Prank
Jam a couple of boullion cubes inside of a shower head. Once water shoots out, your victim will be taking a broth bath.
Squish! Squish! - Bathroom Prank
Put some sticky and slimy toothpaste on the toilet seat.
Remove The Toilet Seat - Bathroom Prank
You can physically remove the toilet seat from any bathroom.
Pink Bubbles - Bathroom Prank
Take the lid off the cistern of a toilet. This is where the part that control the flushing is located. Then pour in some bubble bath liquid and some pink food coloring. The next person to flush the toilet will get pink bubbles everywhere!
Smile! Your On Bathroom Candid Camera! - Bathroom Prank
Before a group of friends come over, just take a camera into your bathroom and video tape the sink and toilet. As soon as one of your buddies goes to use the toilet, have your other friends gather around the TV, pop in the video you filmed earlier. When your victim comes out of the bathroom he will wonder what everyone is watching and laughing about...he will then see the screen...it will look like he was being videotaped while using the bathroom!!
Vinegar In Mouthwash - Bathroom Prank
Pour some vinegar inside your victim's mouthwash.
Bathroom Candle Prank - Bathroom Prank
Place a candle a little below the seat and off to the side. Methane lights up quite nicely.
Knox - Bathroom Prank
Place several packages of "Knox" (clear geletin) in the toilet of someone who will not be around for several days. Looks like water and is harder to detect than the celophane on the lid. For a more instant effect, there is a substance availlable at most magic supply stores called anhydrous sodium poly-acrylate which holds up to 300 times its weight in water. Doesn't take much to turn a toilet solid or someone's drink, or...
Shoe Polish Prank - Bathroom Prank
Shoe Polish of the appropriate color on the toilet seat.
Cloth Swipe - Bathroom Prank
Swipe a person's cloths while they are showering. Put them in an embarasing place such as the showers for people of the opposite sex.
Eggs In Soap Dispenser - Bathroom Prank
Crack a couple of eggs and drop them in the soap dispenser. Whoever washes their hands next will try to wash their hands with eggs.
Out of order stall - Bathroom Prank
Write "Out Of Order" on a sticker note or piece of paper and tape it to the outside of a bathroom stall. Some people will think there is something wrong with the toilet and avoid using it.
Gush Of Toilet Water - Bathroom Prank
Go into the school bathroom and remove the top toilet lid. Look for a rubber thin pipe on the side, and disconnect that pipe. You will see a little hair barrette like thing connecting the rubber pipe to the plastic pipe. The next person that flushes the toilet will get a gush shooting upwards.
Where To Leave Toothpaste - Bathroom Prank
Leave toothpast on the underside of light switches and doorknobs.
Improptu Shower - Bathroom Prank
Place a small tube in one or the water holes with the other end pointed outward at the victim. When flushed results in an improptu shower.
Cellophane Toilet Bowl Prank - Bathroom Prank
Place clear cellophane over the toilet bowl but under the seat. Works best at parties where a large percentage of the people are drunk.
Classic Flush Toilet While Showering Prank - Bathroom Prank
Flush toilets while a person showers. The more toilets the better.
Sealed Shut - Bathroom Prank
On a cubicle where the door reaches the floor, seal the door shut and fill the cubicle with water. You may wish to introduce marine life.

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