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Dinner Time Stink - Bathroom Prank
Before your next get together meal at someone's house, eat some beans and hardboiled eggs. Then during dinner asked to be excused so you can use the restroom. Use the restroom to take a huge dump. Make sure to close the window and not turn on the fan. After you are done, forget to flush and do not use the air freshner. Oh, and leave the door open. Then walk back to the dinner table and act as if you don't smell anything.
Where did all the toilet paper go? - Bathroom Prank
Go into a public restroom and throw all the toilet paper in the garbage can.
Urine Sample - Bathroom Prank
This prank can be used at any store or restaurant restroom. Just go into a stall next to someone who is already there and tell them you are about to be hired at the store or restaurant but they want a urine sample. Tell the person you don't think you will pass the test and ask them if they could please piss in it for you. Hand the plastic cup underneath the stall. Most people will say no...so just keep begging them. This is very annoying...especially if the person is just sitting there and trying to do his business.
Peanut Butter and Molasses - Bathroom Prank
Mix together some peanut butter and molasses in a bathroom stall. Then wrap some toilet paper around it. After that, toss it under the stall next to you and tell the guy on that side "Oops! can you please toss it back over?
Public Restroom Fake Sign - Bathroom Prank
Print a fake sign with your home computer and printer. To make it look more professional, go to the store or restaurant's website and print their logo to put on the sign as well. Then type and print something like this to post in the restroom: Attention (store name here) Customers, to prevent shoplifting we have installed several hidden cameras in our restroom. These cameras are monitored daily by our staff. Please inform customer service if you do not want to be monitored. Please be advised that if you choose this option, you will need a store attendant to accompany you in the restroom. Thank you, have a nice day.
Restroom Dollar Bill Gag - Bathroom Prank
Before urinating in a public restroom urinal, clog the drain. Then pee, after you have filled the urinal with piss drop a crumpled up dollar bill in there. Make sure it gets soaked with urine. Then hangout in the restroom and see which poor sicko tries to take it out and clean it off.
Bathroom Pudding - Bathroom Prank
Smear chocolate pudding all over a bathroom. Works best in public bathroom, as people will most likely not clean it up. They will just try to avoid it but at the same time think its poo.
Under The Stall Tug - Bathroom Prank
Wait until your victim goes into a public restroom stall. As soon as he sits on toilet and starts his business, go underneath the stall and start tugging on his pants. If you can try to take his shoes off.
Revenge On Plumbers Crack - Bathroom Prank
What could be more disgusting than a plumber's butt crack when he bends over to repair your toilet or sink? nothing! and it happens every time. So its time for revenge. Next time your plumber shows crack, drop a few conis inside there. He may hit his head on a pipe upon feeling those pesky cold coins slithering down his ass. Not only that, he will be angry. So just tell him its for his kid's college fund. That should clear everything up.
Hey! How is it going? - Bathroom Prank
When you notice there is someone taking a crap on the toilet in a public restroom go into the stall next to him. Then slip a newspaper underneath and tell him to take a look at an article. Choose an interesting article and stir up a conversation. Most people will hate that. People just wanna do their business get in and out and thats it.
Gas Station Restroom - Bathroom Prank
Write the following on the restroom stall wall: Big Bubba is coming to kick your ass on: (insert today's date here) after sundown. Then whoever uses the stall after you that night will see today's date and hurry and flush before Big Bubba shows up.
Lights Out - Bathroom Prank
After someone has gone into a public restroom and sat down on the toilet in a stall, turn off all the lights and walk out of there.
Restroom Disco - Bathroom Prank
When no one else is inside a public restroom install a disco ball on the ceiling. Most people will never notice it if you put it high enough. Then when someone goes to use the toilet. Turn off the lights and turn on the disco ball.
Open Public Urinal Prank - Bathroom Prank
some public restroom's have open urinals that do not have divider walls installed. As soon as you see someone starting their piss session, walk over to him, point at his midsection and start laughing. This will piss him off for sure! But he cannot do anything until he is done pissing. This give you plenty of time to run the heck out of there.
Crash! Bang! Bang! - Bathroom Prank
When your victim is using a stall in a public restroom. Walk inside the restroom and start throwing rocks at the ceiling. All he can see is dust forming while listening to banging and crashing noises.
Pop The Balloon - Bathroom Prank
Use a funnel to put some poo inside a balloon, then blow it up, tie it and tape it the inside stall wall of a public restroom. Next, tape a stick or pin to the stall as well. Along with a note that reads, "Pop this balloon for a special surprise inside." Then go back in a few hours and see if anyone popped it.
Porta Potty Unscrew - Bathroom Prank
While your victim is using a porta potty quickly unscrew all four walls so they drop to the ground.
Soggy Toilet Paper Prank - Bathroom Prank
In a public restroom, unroll some toilet paper and get it soggy with some water from the faucet. Then toss it up so it sticks to the ceiling. Do this a few times if you would like. After awhile they will fall to the ground. If your prank goes as planned, Someone else will be in the restroom at that time and it will fall on their head.
Watergun In The Bathroom - Bathroom Prank
Randomly walk up to people using the urinals at a public restroom and squirt them with a water gun. They will not be able to do anything about it until they are done pissing. This give you plenty of time to escape and run like a mad man.
Poo On The Toilet Handle - Bathroom Prank
Smear some melted chocolate on the toilet handle in a public restroom. Everyone will think its poo instead of chocolate and will try to avoid flushing it.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.