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Shoe Stamping - Public Prank
Walk directly behind your victim and intentionally step on the back on his shoe while he or she walks in front of you. Most people will be a little irritated and think its just an accident the first time you do it, but as you continue walking and doing it, it pisses them off.
Supermarket Egg Prank - Public Prank
Take a harboiled egg with you to the supermarket. Then switch that egg with an egg from a carton in the supermarket fridge.
Moth Surprise - Public Prank
Place a few moths in the tanning salon bedroom. When the next person goes in there to use the bed, it will light up and attract all of the moths.
Terror At The Tanning Salon - Public Prank
Go on the internet and print out pictures of people with skin cancer. Then place these printouts in the magazines in the tanning waiting room.
Burned To A Crisp - Public Prank
Before leaving a tanning bed, place an extra set of clothes on the table or chair in the room. Then pour a pile of ashes in the closed tanning bed. You will be long gone when the attendent sees it in the room, but the thought alone as you drive away should bring enough laughter.
Mystery In The Sky - Public Prank
Stand in the middle of a public place with a friend. Choose somewhere with alot of foot traffic. Then look up in the sky and started pointing. Act as if you are looking at something very interesting. In a few short minutes there will be a crowd of people looking up trying to find whatever you are looking at. After a crowd has gathered to look up, simply walk away.
House For Sale - Public Prank
Put one of those real estate home for sale signs in your victmi's front yard.
McOrdering At McDonalds McDrive-thrus - Public Prank
While ordering your food at a McDonalds drive thru, order everything with 'Mc' in front of it..."Can i get a large McMilkshake, with a Medium McCoke, and some McFires" etc
Nuclear Piss - Public Prank
Crack a glowstick in half and drop it in a toilet or urinal. The substance will turn the water to a glow. Works best in toilets with stalls, as there is less lighting in those stalls because of the stall walls.
Another 3D Movie Prank - Public Prank
Take a group of friends with you. Everyone has to wear their 3D glasses during a movie that isn't 3D. The more people you can get in on the prank with you the better. If someone sees 20+ people with 3D glasses they are gonna wonder where to get the glasses sos he can watch it in 3D.
3D Movie Prank - Public Prank
wear those funny looking 3D glasses (the kind that are different color lenses) into a movie theater that isn't showing a 3D movie. Watch the entire movie with them on. If anyone asks, tell them they work on any movie.
Missing - Reward - Public Prank
Go to any store that has an employee of the month wall and take a picture of one of those employees with your camera phone. Go home and print their picture from your printer and make 'Missing' flyers with their picture on it. Post a reward on the flyer as well. Then go and post them on poles and walls in the store's shopping center.
Video Store DVD Switch - Public Prank
Swap R rated DVD's and put them in the children's section.
Those Pesky Public Skaterboarder... - Public Prank
Next time you see those pimply faced teenage skateboarders skating on a public sidewalk, wait awhile. Eventually one of them will not execute his nose pipe dive or whatever they call those lame moves. Anyways, his skateboard will go rolling away from him...go get his skate board before he does and quickly unscrew his wheels with a screw driver from your pocket then put it back on the ground and run. This sucks for him because 1, he will not be able to continue skating with friends unless he happened to bring a screw driver with him and 2, more than likely he probably rode his board to the location...so he will have to walk all the way back.
Employee Of The Month - Public Prank
Go to any store that has an employee of the month wall of fame and put a picture of a monkey or some other creature or animal over the current employee of the month self portrait.
Going Up? - Public Prank
Get in an elevator and ask the person next to you which floor they are going to (so you can press the button for them) If they say a floor near the top like 12, then go thru and press 2, 3, 4, 5...all the way to 12 and get off on the next floor.
Face The Corner - Public Prank
Get really close and face the corner inside of an elevator. When the next person gets in, he or she is gonna think..."what the heck is he doing??"
Shopping Cart Prank - Public Prank
Go to a store like Walmart or Target and fill up a shopping cart, then just walk out of the store. Some loser store employee will have to restock all the items.
Cause A Scene In A Music Store - Public Prank
Go to a music store where you can listen and preview music for free. Then turn the music up loud and sing to the music even louder, so everyone in the whole damn store will hear you.
Theme Park Fun - Public Prank
With a soda bottle full of oil and a wash rag in your pocket, grease up all the go-kart wheels. Make sure nobody is looking.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.