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Toilet Paper Trail - Bathroom Prank
Duck tape some toilet paper (to the entire roll) so it overlapse with the end of the toilet paper. Then lay it on the floor in front of the door. Make sure the sticky side of the tape is facing up. Your victim will then step on it and drag a whole roll of T.P. along with him.
Ketchup, mustard, and mayo prank - Bathroom Prank
Fold a few condiment packets in half and tape them between the toilet bowl edge and seat lid. Make sure to place them near the back. When your victim sits down to do his business, he or she will get a ketchup, mustard, mayo explosion to his rear.
Toilet Bang! - Bathroom Prank
Tape some boobie trap firecrackers to the toilet. Those are the ones with strings coming out of both ends. Just tape one end to the the seat lid and the other end to the seat. As soon as your victim goes to lift up the seat.....BANG!!!
Bathroom Sensor - Bathroom Prank
Take some black duck tape and tape over sensors in public bathrooms so toilets can't flush and sink water never turns off.
Toilet Jello Water - Bathroom Prank
Stir several boxes of jello mix inside the toilet bowl overnight. When your victim goes to use the toilet in the morning, he or she will see a solid jiggly jello in the bowl.
Bathroom Thunder Storm - Bathroom Prank
As soon as your victim sits down to do his business in a public stall, go into the stall next to his.Then flash a light underneath the stall and yell, "Lightening!. Wait a few seconds, then bang on the stall wall and yell, "Thunder!. Then a few seconds after that, yell "RAIN!" while flinging a bucket of water over the stall. This may piss of your victim so i suggest running like hell.
Soap In The Showerhead - Bathroom Prank
Unscrew the showerhead, place small pieces of bar soap inside, screw the head back on. Be sure to use some teflon tape so it doesn't leak. When you victim goes to take a shower, he will be treated with a shower of bubbles.
Greasy Toilet - Bathroom Prank
Grease the bathroom toilet seat with something like neosporin or vaseline. The more clear the substance is, the more difficult it is to detect before the victim sits on the seat.
Where is the showerhead? - Bathroom Prank
Go in your victim's bathroom and remove the showerhead from the shower.
Clean - Bathroom Prank
Restaurants and hotels usually have a checklist in their restrooms that employees can check off whoever cleaned it last. This is to know who did it last and how long its been since the last cleaning. If you have a pen handy you can just mark it clean yourself, even if it is messy, smelly, needs toilet paper and has a wet floor. You can also put the same initials for the last cleaning as the current cleaning...if the management cares, then JR will be lectured about doing a half-ass cleaning job.
Wipe Your Butt On The Guest Towel - Bathroom Prank
Ever been the 'guest' somewhere but didn't feel like you wre being treated like one? Well, here is what you can do to get back at them. Use the 'guest' towel to wipe your butt with, instead of the toilet paper.
Poo In The Urinal - Bathroom Prank
Drop a pile of real poo or fake poo (a baby ruth candy works well) inside of a urinal.
Lice - Bathroom Prank
Open a box of lice powder and just leave it on the bathroom counter. People using the bathroom will scratch their heads wondering who is the one with the lice in their hair.
Dry Ice In The Bathroom - Bathroom Prank
Place dry ice in the urinals and toilets. It will cause a very spooky looking scene.
Lump Of Clay - Bathroom Prank
Use a lump of clay or Play-Do will work as well. Form the shape of poo out of it. Then sit it on any toilet seat.
Peanut Butter Crap On The Toilet Seat - Bathroom Prank
Scoop out some peanut butter and smear it on a toilet seat. Feel free to squirt some chocolate syrup on top to make it look even more disgusting.
Toilet Popper Prank - Bathroom Prank
Buy some popper snaps, they are those legal firecracker like things that when you throw them on the ground, they make a snapping noise. Then place them on the floor under the toilet. Place them close to the side of the toilet bowl so nobody can see them. Then when they sit down to take a crap, they will be frightened by all the popping sounds.
Baby Powder In Blow Dryer - Bathroom Prank
Place a handful of baby powder inside the victim's blow dryer. Then sit back and wait for him or her to turn it on!
Orajel And Toothpaste Prank - Bathroom Prank
Empty out an entire tube of toothpaste and replace it with Orajel. Orajel is the cream used to numb canker sores. When your victim brushes their teeth in the morning with Orajel, he or she will have a numb mouth for at least 15 or 20 minutes.
Makeup Glued To Counter - Bathroom Prank
Use some super glue and glue all of your victim's makeup to the counter.

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