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Elevator Door Jam Prank
Tape a small piece of cardboard near the top of the elevator entrance door so it doesn't close.
Waiting For A Friend - Door Prank
Hold the elevator door open for a long time and tell everyone inside that you are waiting for a friend. If they get pissed after a few minutes, tell them your friend specifically told you to wait and not go up yet.
Escaped Prisoner - Door Prank
Dress yourself in an orange jumpsuit and sneakers. Shave your head and put a handcuff on one wrist. Then go knocking on people's doors asking if you can use their phone. Works best if you try this prank in a neighborhood where a jail is nearby.
Cereal Falling - Door Prank
Take a paper plate and tape a short string underneath it and tape the other end of the string to the fridge door. Make sure to place the plate of cereal on top of the fridge. When your victim goes to open the fridge door, he or she will get a plate of cereal falling on their head.
Classic Cup Of Water On Door Prank
Leave the door open about 5 inches or so. Enough to place a cup of water on the top of the door. When your victim opens the door, he or she will get a waterfall on their head.
Shaving Cream Door Bomb Prank
Fill a manila envelope with shaving cream, then place the open end of the envelope underneath your victim's door and stomp on it as hard as you can. It will explode all over the inside of the room.
Flour Under The Door Prank
Pour some Flour on a thin piece of carboard. Unfolding a cereal box would work great! Then slip it under a door and blow it all over the inside of the room. If you know the person is going to be gone for a few days, try blowing powdered sugar as it will attract ants.
Seal A Door Shut - Door Prank
Squirt a can of expanding polystrene foam under a door. When the foam expands it will get hard and make it very difficult to open the door.
Automatic Locking Doors - Door Prank
Some doors that automatically lock whenever they are closed can have the hole that the padlock bar goes into clogged. Just stuff it the next time the door is open. Then when your victim leaves and closes the door. It won't 'auto' lock, instead it will be open for anyone to go in and out as they please.
Door Jam Prank - Door Prank
While your victim is in his room with the door shut. Jam a chair under the outside knob using the back of the chair. This will lock him inside his room until someone else lets him out.
Buck Naked And Cold - Door Prank
While your victim is in the shower. Quietly open the door and steal his clothes/towel from the hanger. Your victim will be freezing cold and buck naked and won't know what to do.
Nameplate Swap - Door Prank
Swap door namelpates with office suites from down the hall or on another floor. Most people won't notice until someone who is suppose to meet with them cannot find their suite.
Photo on The Elevator - Door Prank
Tape a picture that is socially unacceptable to the inside of an elevator. Use alot of clear tape and make it very difficult to remove. Most people that would be offended by it will try to remove it, find it difficult and just move on since elevator doors open and close quickly and you must leave or else it will go back down or up. Feel free to ride it up and down a few times yourself to see what peoples reactions are.
Hotel Door Prank - Door Prank
While staying at a hotel, walk down the hallway and look for door signs that read "Do Not Disturb" and simply flip it around so it reads "Maid Service Please"
Out Of Order - Door Prank
Place an 'Out Of Order' sign on an elevator door. This will cause people to take the stairs even though the elevator works fine.
Knock Knock Garbage Spill - Door Prank
Fill a garbage can about one third full. Lean it against your victim's front door. Knock or ring the door bell and run! Find a place to hide, either behind a car or bush so you may watch the prank take place. When your victim opens the door, the garbage can will fall inside and cause water to spill inside the house.
Winter Time Prank - Door Prank
place extremely large snowballs in front of the doors.
Jello In The Bathtub - Bathroom Prank
Fill your victmi's bathtub with ice cold water and ice. Pour in a alot of jello powder and turn the air conditioner up. In a few hours, there will be jello in the bathtub.
Dinner Time Stink - Bathroom Prank
Before your next get together meal at someone's house, eat some beans and hardboiled eggs. Then during dinner asked to be excused so you can use the restroom. Use the restroom to take a huge dump. Make sure to close the window and not turn on the fan. After you are done, forget to flush and do not use the air freshner. Oh, and leave the door open. Then walk back to the dinner table and act as if you don't smell anything.
Where did all the toilet paper go? - Bathroom Prank
Go into a public restroom and throw all the toilet paper in the garbage can.

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