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Stuck Mouse - Computer Prank
Attach the mouse to the mouse pad using double-sided tape (just make normal tape into a circle if you don't have double-sided tape)
Default Home Page - Computer Prank
Change the default home page on their broswer so next time they open it to surf the web it shows an embarrassing site.
Hourglass Pointer - Computer Prank
Go to pointer settings and make the default one an hourglass. It will then always look like the computer is busy thinking.
The Frozen Desktop - Computer Prank
Close all the open windows and take a screenshot of the desktop. Next, change the wallpaper to this saved image. If you know how, also hide all of their icons. The computer will then seem like it is frozen.
Siri iPhone Prank
Change Siri so it calls the owner of the phone by a different name. To do this, hold the home button on the iPhone for a few seconds to launch Siri. Then say "Call me [insert new name]". Siri will then repeat the new name back to you, and once you confirm it, it is changed.
iPhone AutoCorrect Prank
On an Apple iPhone (as well as some other mobile devices), you can change the words the autocorrect suggests to the user. On an iPhone go to General > Keyboard > Shortcuts to do this. You can also play the same prank on a PC in the victim's word processor (like Microsoft Word). Change the autocorrect defaults so for example "the" gets changed to "teh".
The Messed Up Mouse - Computer Prank
If they are using an optical mouse, put a piece of clear tape over the red laser under the mouse. It will make it not work correctly.
The Keyboard/Mouse Fake - Computer Prank
Unplug your victim's keyboard or mouse and instead plug in one that you control. This is especially easy to if they are not using a wireless mouse or keyboard, because you can then put your own USB adaptor on their computer without having to unplug their existing mouse/keyboard.
The Keyboard/Mouse Swap - Computer Prank
This will only work on 2 coworkers who sit close to each other. After they have left for the day, swap the keyboards or mice.
Startup Folder - Computer Prank
Add a bunch of silly programs to the Windows Startup folder so when the victim starts their computer, a buynch of useless programs will start.
Computer Ticking Time Bomb - Computer Prank
This is a great prank to play on someone who knows very little about computers. While he or she isn't paying attention change their scrolling screensaver to say this: Attention Windows Customer, I am sorry and need to inform you. Your system has been infected with a very serious virus and your entire system will explode in exactly 30 seconds, 29 seconds, 28 seconds...
.com Prank - Computer Prank
Purchase your victim's .com domain name. Example: LarryWestminster.com then post embarrassing stuff about him on the website and send him the link.
Super Fast Mouse - Computer Prank
When your victim is away from his computer, go into the setting and increase the speed of the mouse to the fastest. When he gets back, he will be unable to control the curser. It is easy to make this change, just Google it if you are not sure.
Bookmark Prank - Computer Prank
While your victim is away from his computer, change his browser bookmarks so they go to obscene sites. Be sure to keep the title the same though, this way he or she won't know its changed until they click on it.
Scrolling Marque Prank - Computer Prank
Change your victim's screensaver so it is a scrolling marque and says something like "(victim's name) is a big jerk"
Screensaver Password - Computer Prank
Change your victim's computer so they need a password to get out of 'screensaver' mode.
Bad Word - Computer Prank
If you have a co-worker who leaves his cubicle to get a drink or smoke, then chances are he or she is also leaving their email or word processing software open as well. If they do this and are in the middle of typing something, go up to their computer and type a bad word in the middle of their document. They will end up emailing it or printing it like that if they don't double check it.
Hey! You cannot go in there!! - Door Prank
This prank would work best in a building with many doctor or professional services offices. Simply place a sign on their door that reads "Authorized Personnel Only" It helps to print the sign in big red letters.
Refrigerator Door Graffiti - Door Prank
Place some clear scotch tape on the fridge door. Be sure there are no creases. You don't want the tape to be detectable. Then write on the clear tape with red nail polish. When your victim sees his or her fridge with writing all over it, they will freak. When they do, just pull the clear tape right off.
Elevator Jam - Door Prank
Take a large group of friends with you into an elevator. Go up and down for about 15 min. Nobody will be able to go inside even though their floor door will open, because the elevator will already be jammed with riders.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.