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A Knotty Prank - Food Prank
Whenever your victim leaves his drink unattended and his drink has a lid and straw, tie the straw in a knot below the lid. Then when he returns act like nothing happened.
Yummy Dog Food - Food Prank
Empty a small bag of dry dog food and replace it with a similar looking cereal. Then walk into a room full of people and start eating out of the dog food bag.
Yummy Cat Food - Food Prank
Empty out a can of cat food and replace it with tuna. Then walk into a room of people and start eating the tuna out of it.
Braille Menu - Food Prank
Go thru a drive thru wearing some dark sunglasses. Ask the person at the window for a braille menu. When they give it to you, feel it, order your meal and drift to one side as you drive away.
Mystery Cans - Food Prank
Take all the labels off of all the cans in your victim's pantry. Dinner will be a mystery every nite. Its gonna suck for your victim when he wants a can of soup but instead opens the yams.
Restaurant Grade - Food Prank
If you live in a county where all restaurants need to put a grade in the front window that the health inspector gave them, then this prank is for you. All you do is simply make your own grade on a paper than looks similar to the one in the windows and when you go to a restaurant, just slip your sign in front of their current grade sign.
30 cheeseburgers please... - Food Prank
Go to a drive thru and order 30 cheeseburgers, then drive away. They will be making alot of burgers for nothing.
KFC Prank - Food Prank
Walk into a KFC restaurant and ask them how the Colonel died.
Free Meal At A Restaurant - Food Prank
Offer to buy a round of drinks for the guests seated at the table next to yours. Then when you go to pay for your bill at the cashier, tell her the table next to you has offered to pay your bill. Tell her they said just put it on their tab. Then look over at the table you just mentioned and give them a nod and a smile, they will do the same thing back...the cashier will just say ok and there you go...a free meal.
Free meal at a drive-thru - Food Prank
When you pull up to the pay window at a drive-thru fast food joint, tell the cashier that the car behind you is your aunt or uncle and they have offered to pay for both cars.
Chili Powder Prank - Food Prank
Sprinkle some chili powder on sweet foods such as strawberry shortcake, pie or ice cream before serving.
Bad Water - Food Prank
Put some nail biter polish on the rim of cups and glass. Nail biter polish is designed to leave you with a very bitter taste. So everyone that drinks from those cups will think something is wrong with the water (or their beverage).
Speaker Is Broken - Food Prank
Place a sign on a drive thru speaker that reads 'Broken Speaker - Please Speak Louder Than Usual'
Would You Like Fries With That? - Food Prank
After ordering your meal at the drive thru, they usually ask if you would like fries with that. Repeat the exact same phrase right after they say that. Say it as much as possible. See how many times it takes before you totally annoy them.
Make My Order 'To Go' - Food Prank
Whenever you go through the Drive Thru, make sure the person on the other end of the intercom knows that the order is 'to go'. Repeat this several times throught the order.
Drive Thru Guide - Food Prank
Have your passenger grab a couple of flashlights and guide you into the drive-thru at the local burger joint. It will look like he is working at the airport and directing a plane in.
Pin Hole In Soda Can - Food Prank
While your victim is looking away puncture a tiny hole with a pin on the side of his or her beverage can. Everytime your victim tries to take a drink, it will dribble down his chest.
Tic Tac Table Prank - Food Prank
Slip a few tic tacs in your mouth after the waitress leaves your table. When she returns spit them into your hand, to look like you just lost some teeth. Then tell her how tough the steak is tonight.
Marmite Ice Cream Sunday - Food Prank
Prepare a beautiful ice cream sundae for you victim. But, instead of using chocolate syrup, replace that topping with marmite.
M&M Coke Prank - Food Prank
Right after your victim has just opened a bottle of coke, drop some M&M's inside his beverage when he isn't paying attention. This will cause his drink to keep on foaming.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.