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Walnut Surprise - Food Prank
Carefully open a walnut at the seem, put odd items inside and close back up with a dab of superglue. When your victim opens the walnut up, he will wonder how a gummy worm or baking soda got inside.
Stink Bomb Under Dinner Table - Food Prank
Place a stink bomb under the table during a family dinner party. Watch in amusement as family members start blaming each other for farting at the dinner table.
Hello - Food Prank
Open up jars of peanut butter at your local grocery store and place a note on top (face up) that reads "Hello".
Jello Juice Bottle - Food Prank
This is a great prank to play on an athlete who always carries a bottle with them with their favorite sports drink inside. All you have to do is make some jello in another similiar sports bottle, as soon as the liquid turns to jello...replace the bottles. Be sure to use the same color jello as the victim's favorite sports drink color, such as red for fruit punch.
Toothpaste Oreos - Food Prank
Put some toothpaste in the fridge until it gets hard then replace the cream filling in Oreo cookies with the stiff toothpaste. Make sure to round the edges so it looks real. Then serve them to your victim.
Hot Sauce In Ketchup - Food Prank
This prank is easy to do. Just open your victim's fridge. Take the hot sauce and pour some into the ketchup bottle. Then the next time he uses the ketchup he os she will get a spicy surprise!
Superglue Plates To Tables - Food Prank
While at a restaurant, put a couple dabs of superglue underneath your plate. By the time you finish it will be glued down pretty good. Pay, leave the restaurant, then wish the bus boy good luck.
Pizza Prank - Food Prank
Call the local pizza place and order a bunch of pizzas. But instead of giving them your name and address. Give them the name and address of your victim. He will get an unwanted pizza delivery.
Bologna - Food Prank
Ok, this one is simple. All you have to do is mail someone a piece of bologna. Bologna is thin and should fit in any envelope.
Salty Beverage - Food Prank
When your victim isn't paying attention, pour some salt from the salt shaker inside his drink.
Hot Sauce Injection - Food Prank
With a syringe, inject some spicy hot sauce in your victim's food before serving. Works great with apples, cakes, or muffins.
Vinegar In Your Water - Food Prank
When you victim leaves the room for a moment and forgets to take his bottled water with him. Pour a couple ounces of white vinegar inside. Then check out his reaction when he returns and takes a swig.
Marshmellow Prank - Food Prank
Next time you serve marshmellow. Make a hole in one and insert salt and pepper and close it back up.
Wax Paper Cookies - Food Prank
Carefully take the tops off of Oreo cookies and place a small piece of wax paper inbetween. Put the cookies back in place and watch as your victim bites into his favorite cookie and gets wax paper along with it.
Coke Bottle Prank - Food Prank
Take an empty coke bottle and fill it with sparkling water and soy sauce. Then put it in the fridge for someone else to enjoy.
Face Full Of Flour - Food Prank
Stand behind a corner with an open bag of flour and wait for your victim to come walking around, when he does...throw the flour in his face!
Explosive Ketchup - Food Prank
Pour some baking soda in a bottle of ketchup. Close the lid and shake it. The next person to open the ketchup bottle will get an explosive surprise.
Microwaved Mayo Prank On A Drunk - Food Prank
Wave microwaved mayonaise under the nose of a person who is drunk and feeling queasy. Alternately start asking questions such as "Would you like a cold greasy pork chop? How about an earthworm omlette?..."
Rig The Lid Of Salt Shakers - Food Prank
Rig the lid of salt shakers to fail when used, resulting in a veritable salt lick on the victim's food.
Classic - Ex-Lax Brownie Prank - Food Prank
Bake brownies or cookies and substitute Ex-Lax for part of the chocolate. Use some chocolate to keep the taste right.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.