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Bang! That has to hurt! - Dorm Room Pranks
Put up some banner paper. The kind that football players run thru before a football game. Put the banner in the doorway of one of your roommates, as soon as he comes crashing thru stand and applaud and cheer him on. Then put another banner up for the final roommate still inside. This time put a heavy object in the way. So when he decides to crash thru for his cheer...he gets a large piece of furniture...HEAD ON!!! ...ouch!
Empty Room - Dorm Room Pranks
Every day removie something small from another student's room. Place these items in a different room. Repeat until room is completely empty.
They Are Coming For You - Dorm Room Pranks
With a tape record, tape the following: "They are coming for you." Turn volume setting to very very low and press play as your friend sleeps.
They Look Similiar- Dorm Room Pranks
Insert another CD into a friend's favorite CD case. Make sure that the Cd's look similar. After they put the CD in without checking, watch their expressions as the room is filled with "Coppa Cabana" or some other cheesy CD you swapped his favorite with.
Butter Experiment - Food Prank
What you do is this " say I did an experiment and look if you put salt on butter the butter heats up, here put your hand over it. Then when the person puts their hand close enough, push their hand in the butter!"
Grilled Cheese Prank - Food Prank
Make your victim think you just made him a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, but in reality its actually a sweet dessert. For the bread just use pound cake bread and for the cheese, use white frosting that you color yellow with food coloring.
Meaty Cupcakes - Food Prank
Create a meaty version of what looks like cupcakes. All you have to go is create the muffin part of the cake by replacing sweet cake mix with a hearty meatloaf base. After you take this out of the oven, let it cool then add melted jack cheese on top, be sure to color the cheese with food coloring. Now the cup cakes are done! Give them to you victim.
Green Milk - Food Prank
Add some green food coloring to a carton of milk. Then give your victim a bowl of dry cereal. Make sure you pour the green milk out into his bowl in front of him. He will wonder why the milk is green.
Mini Meal - Food Prank
Use a small saucer plate and add a very small meal to a plate. Then serve to your victim. Make sure everything is small portions.
Healthy Dinner Prank - Food Prank
Create a meal for dinner that looks healthy but is a sweet delicious dessert instead. Just lay some peanut butter logs on the plate to look like small chicken tenders. Then add a handful of candy mix that looks like peas and carrots. Top that off with a side of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce which looks like mashed potatoes and gravy.
Pea Soup Barf Prank - Food Prank
Put a water bottle of pea soup down your chest, underneath your tshirt while at the school lunch table. Then get up and make weird noises and begin to squeeze your chest so it looks like you are puking. Then give the signal for your friends at the table to eat the pea soup from their trays that you just puked on. Everyone at other tables will see this and be disgusted thinking that your buddies are eating your puke.
Very Fresh KFC Chicken - Food Prank
Put a live chicken inside an empty KFC bucket. Then take that bucket to your next pot luck luncheon or get together dinner. Watch your victim's surprise as they open the bucket to a live chicken.
Expires June 30, 2004 - Food Prank
Print your own experiation dates on little sticker paper and place them on items around the house. This prank works best if you use experiation dates of at least 10 or more years ago.
All-You-Can-Eat - Food Prank
Print your own little signs and replace the ones on the sneeze guard glass at your local chinese food buffet. Change food names so they read something like Cat Mein, Plate Scrapings in Gravy, Yesterday's Leftovers, Dog Poo, etc
If you work in a fast food restaurant... - Food Prank
This prank is perfect and harmless and a great way to get back at rude customers. Use a pin to poke a tiny dribble hole in their cup. This prank is perfect for the customer at the drive thru. Most people hold their cup between their legs. If they do they will have a wet crotch when they get home.
Drive Thru Kazoo - Food Prank
Make the people working at the drive thru at any fast food place think that their speakers are going bad. Just order your food using a kazoo. It will sound bad on their end.
Free Hamburger Prank - Food Prank
Before driving thru the Burger Place drive thru, tell your buddy that there is a new promotion there. Tell him if at the drive thru speaker, if you tell the worker "I can spell Whopper Combo" then spell it correctly, you win a free hamburger. Then laugh your ass off as you says and does it.
Styrofoam Cheesy Puffs - Food Prank
Get some styrofoam packing nuts and color them orange with food coloring. They will look like Cheetos. Put them in a party bowl and serve during a get together.
A Knotty Prank - Food Prank
Whenever your victim leaves his drink unattended and his drink has a lid and straw, tie the straw in a knot below the lid. Then when he returns act like nothing happened.
Yummy Dog Food - Food Prank
Empty a small bag of dry dog food and replace it with a similar looking cereal. Then walk into a room full of people and start eating out of the dog food bag.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.