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Yard Sale - Dorm Room Pranks
A few minutes before your roommate returns from running errors, put all of his belongings outside with a yard sale sign in front. Make sure to leave a couple of his valuable things inside. Then sit there next to his stuff like you have been selling stuff for hours. When he pulls up and asks what the heck is going on, tell him you are selling his stuff for extra cash...tell him so far you made $50 bucks selling his (valuable item 1 and 2). He will freak until he sees its all a prank and his valuables are actually still in his room.
Get Even With A Jerk - Dorm Room Pranks
Does some lame guy harass you every time you walk down the hall? maybe a stare down or a whistle or a touchy. Well this will make him stop for good. First you poke him in the eye and when he grabs his face...now its time to pants him. Make sure there are people around to see this.
Burn CDs Prank - Dorm Room Pranks
If your roommate has a stack of burned cd's, then hide those cd's. Then replace those cd's with some that you burned where the songs are completely different. Make sure to forge his writing with the same titles on the new writable cd's. He will then pop in his U2 cd and wonder why the heck Snoop Dogg is playing.
Pink Nail Polish - Dorm Room Pranks
While your male roommate is asleep put some pink nail polish on his finger nails.
Duck Tape Shirt - Dorm Room Pranks
Roll an entire roll of duck tape around your roommate's favorite shirt. Go over and around the shirt with the tape 2 or 3 times or more. Be sure to not cover the whole shirt completely. You want your victim to be able to know that it is indeed his favorite shirt that is covered. He will have to take all the tape off his shirt himself, by hand. What an annoying thing to have to do!!
Glow In The Dark - Dorm Room Pranks
Re-paint your roommate's room while he is on vacation back home. Use the same color it was before he left, just mix in some glow powder so it glows in the dark. You will need 2 lbs of glow powder per every 1 gallon of paint. Just do a search online, there are many places to buy glow powder. Some places also sell glow paint already made.
Stitched Shut - Dorm Room Pranks
Take your roommate's underwear and stitch the front fly on all of them closed so he cannot open them.
Rob The House - Dorm Room Pranks
Wake up before everyone else and hide all the valuable stuff in the house. When everyone wakes up, they will think the house was robbed. Be sure to hide all the phones as well, you don't want them to call the police before you get to explain the joke.
Bangkok!!! - Dorm Room Pranks
Ask your roommate if he knows what the capitol of Thailand is. If he doesn't know, tell him its, "Bangkok!" while smacking him in the mid-section!
Sticky Laces - Dorm Room Pranks
Get your roommate's shoes and super glue the laces together. He or she will have to cut them off with scissors and replace them...what a hassle!
Marbles In The Medicine Cabinet - Dorm Room Pranks
Think you might have a nosey visitor that will snoop through your bathroom medince cabinet? Well, then you can set this prank up and catch them in the act. Simply stack a few marbles in the cabinet so when the door is opened the marbles will come bouncing out all over the sink and tile floor.
Fun With Letterheads - Dorm Room Pranks
Take any paper you have with your school's official letterhead on top. Cut of the top (letterhead part) and go make copies of it. Then use the new paper with letterhead on top to print from your computer's printer. Use it to type up a memo. In the memo (which is going to be sent to your victim). Tell him you are the school vice president and you have writen him up because multiple people have seen him masterbating thru the window.
Icy Bathroom - Dorm Room Pranks
During the winter, when its snowy and icy outside and below zero temperature go the the bathroom and open all the windows. Then flood the bathroom floor with water. This prank works best if done at night while everyone is asleep. Overnight the bathroom will turn to a very cold and icy room. Perfect for your victim when they wake up in the morning and have to use the room.
Bucket Of Water - Dorm Room Pranks
Fill a bucket with water. Go to the top of your dorm building and wait until your vicim walks out the front door. As soon as he or she does, drop the water on his head.
Wall to Wall Cans - Dorm Room Pranks
Glue multiple soda cans together from top to bottom then place them in the dorm hall way.
Furniture On The Ceiling - Dorm Room Pranks
Glue dorm room furniture to the ceiling. If your dorm is on the second floor, then people passing by outside will be able to see it if they look up into the window.
Inch by Inch - Dorm Room Pranks
Everyday move your roommates stuff an inch away. In a about 2 weeks, his furniture will be almost out the door and he wouldn't even notice or give much thought.
Caution! Very Heavy - Dorm Room Pranks
While moving either in or out of your dorm room, tape an empty box up and write 'HEAVY' on it. You can also write something like '200 lbs' to try and convince your victim its heavy as well. Well, then carry it across the room and act as if it weighs a ton. Then ask your roommate to give you a hand. Struggle a bit to hand it over, ask him repeatidly if he has it, if its ok, etc...then just drop it in his hands. He will more than likely try to over compensate, thinking it really was heavy.
TV Alarm Prank - Dorm Room Pranks
Set the alarm on your roommates TV to turn the TV on at 3:00am sharp, but before turning the TV off the night before, make sure the volume is full blast maximum!
Spotless - Dorm Room Pranks
If you know someone who has a very messy dorm, this is a great prank. While he or she is away sneak into the dorm and clean it. Make it spotless. In cases of extremely messy rooms you may need a couple of friends to help you out.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.