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Do you have a sweet tooth?

1. While having tea or coffee, what do you have along?

 Cookies or cakes
 Buns or Biscuits

2. For you, dessert is

 A must, i cant do without it.
 Something, i indulge in occasionally.

3. You prefer your lemonade to be


4. You count chocolates, cakes, candies, brownies, etc. as your daily fuel.


5. t's a friend's birthday party, chocolate cake is being served.

 I would prefer two large pieces.
 A small piece should be enough.

6. Your dietitian has recommended you to avoid sugar as much as you can.

 I will consult another dietitian

7. After this quiz, you will surely go to eat some goodies.

 Yes, the questions have made me hungry.
 Not really.