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Are you a freaky channel surfer?

1. The longest time you stop at a channel, while watching TV, is 2-3 minutes.


2. You consider the remote as a weapon to constantly zap channels.

 Yes, its fun
 What a silly idea!

3. You always eat your burgers and chips with one hand, as your other hand is busy on the remote.

 Yes, lol
 No, i dont change channels while eating

4. You can easily switch over 100 channels in a minute or two, and still know which shows are on.


5. When you go to buy a new TV set, the channel changing speed is not a criteria for you.

 Yes, I dont really care for it
 No. The first thing I see in a new TV set- how fast does it change channels?

6. You can't sit still during a commercial. You have to switch channels at that time.

 Yes, ofcourse
 Not at all

7. The remote has to be only with you, even if ten people are watching TV together.