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Who is a better celebrity Survey

1. Nicole Kidman or Nicolle Tom?

Nicole Kidman
Nicolle Tom

2. Bruce Willis or Bruce Lee?

Bruce Willis
Bruce Lee

3. Demi Lovato or Demi Moore?

Demi Lovato
Demi Moore

4. Billy Zane or Billy Burk?

Billy Zane
Billy Burk

5. Alan Rickman or Alan Alda?

Alan Rickman
Alan Alda

6. Colin Firth or Colin Ferrell?

Colin Firth
Colin Ferrell

7. Denzel Washington or Denzel Whitaker?

Denzel Washington
Denzel Whitaker

8. Anne Hathaway or Anne Heche?

Anne Hathaway
Anne Heche

9. Jane Seymore or Jane Sibbett?

Jane Seymore
Jane Sibbett