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Who is a better celebrity Survey

1. Kristen Davis or Kristen Stewart?

Kristen Davis
Kristen Stewart

2. Matthew MacFadyen or Matthew McConaughey?

Matthew MacFadyen
Matthew McConaughey

3. Sean Connery or Sean Penn?

Sean Connery
Sean Penn

4. Jenna Malone or Jenna Elfman?

Jenna Malone
Jenna Elfman

5. Heidi Klum or Heidi Montag?

Heidi Klum
Heidi Montag

6. Jim Carey or Jim Belushi?

Jim Carey
Jim Belushi

7. Emma Thompson or Emma Watson?

Emma Thompson
Emma Watson

8. Kelly Ripa or Kelly Preston?

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Preston

9. Amanda Pete or Amanda Bynes?

Amanda Pete
Amanda Bynes