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Which celebrity is hotter questions Survey

1. Orlando Bloom or Patrick Dempsey?

Orlando Bloom
Patrick Dempsey

2. Johnny Depp or Tom Brady?

Johnny Depp
Tom Brady

3. Nick Lachey or David Beckham?

Nick Lachey
David Beckham

4. Ronaldo or Ronaldino?


5. Kaka or David Miller?

David Miller

6. James Franco or Pete Wentz?

James Franco
Pete Wentz

7. Cody Linley or Josh Hutcherson?

Cody Linley
Josh Hutcherson

8. Daniel Radcliff or Leonardio DeCapri?

Daniel Radcliff
Leonardio DeCapri

9. Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan?

Shahrukh Khan
Salman Khan