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Which celebrity is hotter questions Survey

1. Robert Pattinson or George Clooney?

Robert Pattinson
George Clooney

2. Brad Pitt or Kellan Lutz?

Brad Pitt
Kellan Lutz

3. Chace Crawford or Ashton Kutcher?

Chace Crawford
Ashton Kutcher

4. Taylor Lautner or Zac Efron?

Taylor Lautner
Zac Efron

5. Jackson Rathbone or Boo Boo Stewart?

Jackson Rathbone
Boo Boo Stewart

6. Drake Bell or Corbin Bleu?

Drake Bell
Corbin Bleu

7. Nick Jonas or Justin Bieber?

Nick Jonas
Justin Bieber

8. Joe Jonas or Ian Somerhalder?

Joe Jonas
Ian Somerhalder

9. Ryan Sheckler or Jesse McCartney?

Ryan Sheckler
Jesse McCartne