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Blue Beetle

Radio Show: Blue Beetle

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400515 Origin - Opium Ring Pt1 
400517 Sabotage and Liquidation 
400522 Murder for Profit 
400524 Blasting Dynamite Gang 
400529 Invisible Ghost 
400531 Death Rides Horseback 
400605 Death Strikes 
400607 Sea Serpent 
400612 Frame Up 
400614 Spirits Don't Talk 
400619 Thoroughbreds Always 
400621 Smashing the Arson Ring 
400626 Rounding Up the Payroll Bandits 
400628 Rounding Up the Payroll Bandits 
400703 Crime Incorporated 
400705 Crime Incorporated 
400710 Saved by a Hair 
400712 Saved by a Hair 
400717 Finesse in Diamonds 
400719 Finesse in Diamonds 
400724 Sabotage Incorporated 
400726 Sabotage Incorporated 
400731 Smashing the Restaurant Racket 
400802 Smashing the Restaurant Racket 
400807 Two Rackets in One 
400809 Two Rackets in One 
400814 Underworld Goes Underground 
400816 Underworld Goes Underground 
400821 Dancing Ghost of Rocky Hill 
400823 Dancing Ghost of Rocky Hill 
400828 Whale of Pirates Folly 
400830 Whale of Pirates Folly 
400904 Asylum of Doctor Drear 
400906 Asylum of Doctor Drear 
400911 Jewel Mystery of Channel Island 
400913 Jewel Mystery of Channel Island 

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