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Blackstone, The Magic Detective

Radio Show: Blackstone, The Magic Detective

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480715 - [Aud] Riddle Of The Talking Skull 
481003 The Ghost That Trapped A Killer 
481010 The Reluctant Buzzsaw 
481017 The Emerald In The Fishbowl 
481024 Maharaja's Gold 
481031 Educated Dummy 
481107 Riddle Of The Talking Skull 
481114 Whispering Bhudah 
481121 Organ Murder 
481128 Ghost That Wasn't 
481205 The Icy Touch 
481212 Underwater Death 
481219 Coins Of Confucius 
481226 Murder On Stage 
490102 Midway Robberies 
490109 Frozen Lady 
490116 Hooded Rider 
490123 Phantom Intermezzo 
490130 Vanishing Pearls 
490206 Curse Of The Yogi 
490213 Coins Of Cleopatra 
490220 Hand Of Caloused Row 
490227 Message From Nowhere 
490306 Riddle Of The Red Rose 
490313 Aztec Fire God 
490320 Missing Palmist 
490327 Ladder Of Wealth 
490403 Locked Book 
490410 Deathless Shot 
490417 The Riddle of the Other Eight Ball 
490424 The Cailini Statue 
490501 The Curse of Kali 
490508 Footsteps in the Night 
490515 The Voodoo Treasure 
490522 Four Keys To Crime 
490529 The Knife From the Dark 
490605 Death in the Crystal 
490612 The Hindu Sword Cabinet 
490619 The Face of Death 
490626 The Voice From the Void 
490703 The Bird of Doom 
490710 The Phantom Detective 
490717 The Riddle of the Seven Zombies 
490724 Crime in the Stars 
490731 The Devil's Cauldron 
490807 The Ghost in the Cry 
490814 The Accusing Corpse 
490821 Death Defying Death 
490828 The Criminal Who Caught Himself 
490904 The Vanishing Brooch 
490911 Crimes on a Merry Go Round 
490918 The Magic Writing 
491009 The Mark of Crime 
491016 The Creeping Death 
500326 The Gory Goldfish 
xxxxxx - [xxx] Haunted Boots 
xxxxxx - [xxx] Shark Island Story 
xxxxxx - [xxx] The Riding Boots 

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