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01 High Tide Murders 
02 Mystery Giant Brain 
03 Rendezvous With Murder 
04 Eyes Of Shiva 
05 Coins Of Death 
06 Dead Man's Rock 
07 Tunnel Disaster 
08 Crypt Of Thoth 
09 Melody Of Murder 
10 The Firey Deaths 
11 The Ghost Murder 
12 The Blue Pearls 
13 Wingate Heirs 
14 Thoroughbred Murder 
15 Department Of Death 
16 Keys Of The City 
17 Death In Mid-Air 
18 Hooded Circle 
19 Death Rings The Bell 
20 The Subway Ghost 
21 Cradle Of Doom 
22 Death Meets The Boat 
23 Murder Hits The Jackpot 
24 Diploma Of Death 
25 Shot In The Dark 
26 Death Counts Ten 
45-08-17 Ghost Murder 
45-10-05 Hooded Circle 
AV450608 - [01] High Tide Murders 
AV450615 - [02] Mystery Giant Brain 
AV450622 - [03] Rendevous with Murder 
AV450629 - [04] Eyes of Shiva 
AV450706 - [05] Coins of Death 
AV450713 - [06] Dead Man's Rock 
AV450720 - [07] Tunnel Disaster 
AV450727 - [08] Crypt of Thoth 
AV450803 - [09] Melody of Murder 
AV450810 - [10] The Fiery Deaths 
AV450817 - [11] The Ghost Murder 
AV450824 - [12] The Blue Pearls 
AV450831 - [13] Wingate Heirs 
AV450907 - [14] Thoroughbred Murders 
AV450914 - [15] Department of Death 
AV450921 - [16] Keys of the City 
AV450928 - [17] Death in Mid-Air 
AV451005 - [18] Hooded Circle 
AV451012 - [19] Death Rings the Bell 
AV451019 - [20] The Subway Ghost 
AV451026 - [21] Cradle of Doom 
AV451102 - [22] Death Meets the Boat 
AV451109 - [23] Murder Hits Jackpot 
AV451116 - [24] Diploma of Death 
AV451123 - [25] Shot In The Dark 
AV451130 - [26] Death Counts Ten 

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