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Adlai Stevenson 52 Campaign - You Are Americans 
AFRS Saigon 631102 - Coup Curfew 
AFVN - 54_AM_99.9_FM_ID 
AFVN - Chu Hoi Program 
AFVN - Chu Hoi Program PSA 
AFVN - Good Morning Vietnam! - Adrian Cronauer 
AFVN - Movie Schedules 
AFVN - South Vietnamese Radio 
AFVN - Station ID & Chieu Hoi Program 
AFVN Blooper - Deja Vue All Over Again 
AFVN Blooper - There Were They 
AFVN- ID & Mail Call PSA 
Agnew Resigns 
Alger Hiss - I Am Not & Never Have Been 
Apollo 10 - Liftoff 
Apollo 4 (SaturnV 1st Flight) - Cronkite Amazed 
Apollo 8 - 1st Closeup Account of The Moons Surface 
Apollo 8 - Borman 'LayReads'' 
Apollo 8 - Liftoff 
Apollo11 - One Small Step 
Apollo11 Launch 
Apollo11 Moon Landing 
Apollo11 Phone Call 
Apollo13 - Houston, We Have A Problem 
Apollo13 Launch 
Babe Ruth Says Goodbye To Baseball 
BBC Radio Newsreel 450509 - V-Day In Dachua 
Benes prepares for war 
Billy Sunday - The Return of the Saloon 
Bull Conner 6304 - “Bobby Soxer” Kennedy 
Capt. Sam Gracio 1944 On Bataan Death March 
Casey Stengel Congressional Testimony 
Chamberlain 3903 - Declares Britain willing to war if necessary 
Charles Bramm - Eyewitness Account Of JFK's Assassination 
Churchill 191811- Win The Great Peace 
Churchill 341116 
Churchill 381016 - Broadcast to US - We Must Arm 
Churchill 411110 
Churchill 430630_Reaping The Whirlwind 
Churchill 450508 Ministry Of Health 
Churchill 80th Birthday 541130 - The Roar 
Churchill As Liberal Attacks Conservative Taxation 
Churchill Christmas Message 4112 
Churchill I Have Not Always Been Wrong 
Churchill Lend Lease - Most Unsordid Act 
Churchill Offers To Run 1950 
Churchill On Finnish Resistance To Soviet Invasion 
Churchill on HMS Prince of Wales 
Churchill On Writing 
Churchill Riddle, Mystery, Enigma 
Churchill to France 
Churchill to US 410616 
Churchill US 490331 - War Of Nerves 
Churchill Westminster College 46 - The Sinews of Peace 
Churchill Zurich Summer46 - United States of Europe 
Col. Sanders - He Does Nothin' Right 
David Dellinger 671021 - Bayonet 
Dawn Buster Opening Welcome 
DD01 - Montgomery 060544 
DD05 CBS Bob Trout - Germans Announce D Day Begun 
DD07 CBS Bob Trout Reads ONI Bulletin - SHAEF Communique 
DD11 John W. Vandercook CAN - The Invasion of Western Europe Has Begun 
DD21 - D-Day Prayer From CBS 
DD22 - DeGaulle's D-Day Broadcast To France 
Dies Nazi Bolshevism Soviet Fascism 
E. R. Murrow 421224 
E. R. Murrow 430730 - Hamburg Raid 
E. R. Murrow 440606 Approx.1845E 
E. R. Murrow 450415 - Buchenwald Broadcast 
E. R. Murrow 450808 - USSR Declares War On Japan 
Earl Spencer's Eulogy Of His Sister Diana Princess Of Wales 
Edward Kennedy On RFK Assassination 
Eisenhower 61 - Farewell Address AKA Military Industrial Com 
Eisenhower Awards Allied Shield To People of Paris 
Eisenhower On Vietnam War 1953 
Eisenhower Reacts To JFK Assassination 631122 
Eisenhower's D-Day Broadcast To Western Europe 
Eleanor Roosevelt's Radio Show 120741 
Empire Builders - Armistice Day 301111 
Eric Leinsdorf Boston Symphony - JFK Dead 
Eugene McCarthy 68 - Why He Ran 
Father Charles E. Coughlin 33 - Roosevelt or Ruin 
FDR - War Declaration 411208 
FDR 1933 Inaugural Address 
FDR Arsenel of Democracy 
FDR Fiftieth Anniversary of Statue of Liberty - 1936-10-28 
FDR On Russians Just After Yalta 
FDR SOTUA 410106 - 4 Freedoms 
Field Marshal Montgomery - V-E Day Message 
Forrestal On Iwo Jima 
Franklin D Roosevelt - Inaugural Address 1933-03-04 
Fred Waring WEAF (Later WNBC NY) - Atomic Bomb News Flash 
French National Radio (English) Resumes Transmissions 440815 
From the Battlefields of France - by Blackjack Pershing 
Fulbright 68 - Division Of Opinion On Vietnam 
Gemini7 - 'Bogey' 
Gen. MacArthur's Resignation Speech 510419 
Gen. Montgomery To 8th Army 4210 
Gen. Wainwright Broadcasts Surrender Order 420506 
Gen. Westmoreland Day2 Of Tet Offensive 
General Slim - The Roads From Mandalay 450321 
Glenn - NYC Parade Speech 
Glenn - What Did They Say, John 
God Bless America - Congressional Leadership Briefing 
Grover Cleveland 1892 - Political Independence 
GT-03-650603 Liftoff 
GT-04 Ed White's Space Walk 
GT-05 Call From LBJ 
GT-06A - 1st Lift off Attempt 
GT-06A - Santa Claus 
GT-06A&-07 - Rendezvous 
GT-12 - Aldrin, Momento, Vet's Day, Army Navy 
Guiliani 010916 - 'This Was New York C's Worst Week 
Headline Edition 530515 
Henry Cabot Lodge - ' A Mongrel Banner 
Henry Ford On Herbert Hoover 
Howard Cosell - The Greatest Professionals 
Howard Hughes Vs Michigan Sen. Homer Ferguson Senate War Investigation 
Howdy Doody Bloopy 
Hubert Humphrey NASC Chairman 650531 - The Wizard War 
Hubert Humphrey on Nixon 1968 
Huey Long - Acronyms of FDR 
Huey Long - Share The Wealth - 34 - Barbeque 
Humphrey - We Mean To Stick It Out Saigon 6710 
Humphrey 68 Campaign - Biggest Election Surprise 
Humphrey 68 DNC - Peace Talks 
Humphrey 73 - Cambodia Bombing 
I Don't Believe In Private Property - San Francisco 
Jack Ruby - Truth Will Never Come Out 
Jack_Warner_House_Unamerican_Act Com 1947 
Jan Masaryk On Imminent Invasion Of Poland 
Jean Shepherd - JFK 631125 
Jerry Rubin 68 DNC - Blood On It's Hands 
JFK - Birmingham Crisis Terminates 630513 
JFK - Civil Rights Act National Address 
JFK - It's Their War 630902 
JFK - Man To The Moon 
JFK - Moon Shot Proposal - A New Course of Action 
JFK - We Choose To Go To The Moon 
JFK - We Face A Challenge In Berlin 
JFK 6010 - Half Slave, Half Free 
JFK 610120 - Presidential Oath of Office 
JFK 610301 - Establishes Peace Corp 
JFK 610806 - Alliance for Progress - Little Merit 
JFK 611125 - UN Speech on Terrorism 
JFK 620412 - Steel Price Hike 
JFK 621022 - Cuban Missile Crisis Speech 
JFK 631031 - Excerpt on Happiness from Press Conference 
JFK 631121 - Public reaction to His Wife 
JFK Cuban Missile Crisis 
JFK Death - LBJ makes first public address as President 
JFK Inauguration Speech 
John Glenn - Friendship 7 Launch 
John Glenn - NYC Hall Friendship 7 Victory Parade 
Joseph McCarthy - Chicago Irish Fellowship Club 
Kentunkin' Derby 
Khrushchev & Skouras 
King & Queen of Britain Visits Quebec 390517 
King Edward VIII 36 - Abdication Speech 
King George VI Coronation 
King George VI War Declaration 
Labor's_Service_to_Freedom_Samuel Gompers 
LaGuardia Philadelphia - One Day After A Roosevelt Speech 
Lancaster Crew Over Berlin 430903 
Law and Order Coolidge 1924 
LBJ - America Wins The Wars 650803 
LBJ - Great Society 
LBJ - Will Not Surrender Or Retreat 650728 
LBJ -Tremble SOTU660112 
LBJ 631123 - First Presidential Proclamation 
LBJ 660806 Voting Rights Bill Signing 
LBJ 680331-Bombing Halt On NV 
LBJ 69 Halloween - NV Bombing Halt 
LBJ Takes VP Oath 610129 
Lee Harvey Oswald - Bringuier Debate 
Lee Harvey Oswald - Denies Charges - Acts of Violence 
Lee Harvey Oswald - I'm Just A Patsy 
Lee Harvey Oswald - Legal Help 
Lee Harvey Oswald New Orleans 6308 
Len Spencer - Lincoln's Speech at Gettysburg 1903 x29 
Lindbergh 410901 - America First Rally Des Moines 
Lindbergh On Non-Intervention 1940 
Lindbergh received by Coolidge after 1st transatlantic flight 
Lodge Informs Hammerskjold Of Korean Armistice 
Lord Halifax 39 - On the Polish Question 
MA 9 Cooper 630515 - Prayer 
MacArthur - I Have Returned! 
MacArthur 450901 
MacMillan Interrupted By Khruschev UN 
Madame Nhu - Barbequed Monks 
Malcolm X - Criminal To Teach Non-Violence 
Malcolm X - Negro Inside Their House 
Malcolm X - Whites Can Help But Not Join 
Malcom X 63 Detroit - History Rewards All Research 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - Between Lincoln Washington 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - Black Nationalist Freedom Fight 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - Blood vs Bloodless 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - Bloodless Revolution 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - Community Stores 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - More Blacks Than Whites 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - No Sectarian Black Nationalism 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - Philosophy In Action 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - Political Philosophy 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - Religion - My Personal Business 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - Sisters, Friends, Enemies 
Malcom X 65 The Ballot Or The Bullet - What Do We Care About Odds 
Malcom X Unity Rally - No Compromise 
Malcom X Unity Rally - The Truth 
March From Selma 650307 - Crowd Dispersed 
March From Selma 650309 - Singing 
Marshall 1st Proposes Plan Harvard Commencement Speech 
Millicent Fenwick 7504 - Save The Day 
MLK - Last Sermon 
MLK 551205 - First Recorded Civil Rights Speech 
MLK 64 - Nobel Prize 
MLK 6607 - Multi-Ethnic Support 
MLK 670415 - The Battlefields Of Vietnam 
MLK 680403 Last Speech - Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory 
MR 3 Shepard 610505 Liftoff 
MR 4 Grissom 610721 Liftoff 
Mutual - New Pope Chosen 3903 
Mutual - NY World's Fair patrons rescued 
Mutual 1939 - Attempt to broadcast to Mars 
Mutual 401027 - The NY World's Fair Closing 
Mutual 450427 - Ravensbruck Concentration Camp For Women 
Mutual News Flash - U.S.S. Squalus Memebers Raised 
Mutual Newsman Andrew West Covers RFK Assasination 
Mutual Radio Bulletin - JFK Dead 
Mutual's David Driscoll 7PM EST 450814 - The War Is Over 
Mutual's Tom Slater Covers FDR Funeral Procession 
Nato Gen. Sec'y Lord Robertson - Science Fiction 
NBC News During Strike 
Nehru Announces Death Of Ghandi 
Neville Chamberlain - Piece Of Paper 
Neville Chamberlain 390903 - War Declaration Overseas 
News Flash On Russian A-Bomb 
Nixon & Khrushchev - The Kitchen Debate 
Nixon - Apollo 11 Phone Call 
Nixon - Checkers Speech 
Nixon - Greatness Comes In Simple Trappings 
Nixon - Vietnam & WWIII 6605 
Nixon 68 Campaign - Longest 
Nixon 68 Campaign - Longest 
Nixon 691103 - The Great Silent Majority 
Nixon 700430 - Announces Invasion of Cambodia - Helpless GI 
Nixon 730524 - Secrecy - Former POWs 
Nixon announces end of Vietnam War 
Nixon Doctrine In Cambodia 70 
Nixon Resignation Speech 
Nixon- Election Ad 1968 
Nixon- I'm Not A Crook 
NV Radio Prop - Fort Riley 
Opening Barrage At El Alamein 421101. 
Orson Welles - A Simple Act 
Paderewski On Imminent Invasion Of Poland 
Pentagon Bombing - Arlington VA Police Tape 
Pet Feed & Love 
Pres. Bush 010917 - Wanted Dead Or Alive 
Pres. Bush 010920 - No Truer Friend Than Great Britain 
Pres. Bush Addresses Nation On Terror Bombings - 0830PM EST 20010911 
Pres. Bush Oval Office 010913 - The Terrible Tragedy 
Pres. Bush To WTC Relief Workers 
Pres. Carter 010918 - Get Them 
Pres. Clinton's 1999 State Of The Union Address 
Pres. Harding 21 - Disarmament Conference Address 
Pres. McKinley 1896 - The Financial Honor of the Government 
Pres. Taft - Humor 
Pres. Taft - Striker's Rights 
Radio Center Moscow Show Trial Verdict 
Radio Hanoi 
Radio Hanoi To New Troops 
Radio Moscow - End Of Cuban Missile Crisis 
Radio Moscow Announces Sputnik Launch 
Readjustment Harding 1920 
Reagan & Gorbachev 1985 - Friends 
Reagan Outlaws Soviet Union - Bombing In Five Minutes 
RFK - Assassination Of MLK Speech 680404 
RFK Announces Candidacy As President 6801 
RFK Declines Presidential Run 67 
Rice 010919 - The World's Trade Center Went Down 
Richard Daley Helps Preserve Disorder 
Russian radio reports on German invasion 
Sen. Mike Mansfield - Evolution Of Opposition to The Vietnam War 7106 
Sen. Wayne Morse On Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution 
Senate Majority Leader Mike Mans - Reaction To JFK's Death 
Shirer 380828 - Berlin before Invasion 
Shirer 400621 - French Surrender at Compiegne 
Spiro Agnew 6910 - A Time To Be Disturbed 
Spiro Agnew 691113 Des Moines - TV News 
Spiro Agnew 70 Fall - Pampered Prodigies - Professional Pessimists 
Spiro Agnew 70 Fall - Radical Liberals 
Spiro Agnew 7002 NY Drug, Chemical & Associated Trades Association 
Spiro Agnew 7002 St Louis - Draft Dodgers 
Spiro Agnew 7002 St Louis - The Rank And File Democrat 
Spiro Agnew 700428 FL - Yale Faculty Dissidence 
Spiro Agnew 700508 - Prevarication Of Speech After Kent State 
Spiro Agnew 700522 Houston - Vice President Rhetoric 
Spiro Agnew on war demonstrators 
Stalin - Will Do His Duty 
Stalin - Workers Paradise 
Stalin 070341 Peroration 
Stalin on Germany 1936 
Stevenson Circ. 
Stevenson Communism 1952 
Stevenson Zorin 102562 WEDAM 
Super Anahist 
Teddy Roosevelt - A Living Wage 1912 
Teddy Roosevelt - Crooked Politics - Crooked Business 
Teddy Roosevelt - Hit The Line Hard 
Teddy Roosevelt - Progressive Covenant With The People 
Teddy Roosevelt - Social and Industrial Justice 
Teddy Roosevelt - The farmer and the businessman 
Teddy Roosevelt - The right of the people to rule 
The Battle of Midway 420604 
The Goddam Lawn 
The Hindenburg Crash 
This Is My Best FDR 450417 Special - I Will Not Go Back 
Thomas Edison - Talks About Electricity 1900 x14 
Tito In London1953 
Tito Speaks To American Reporter 
Tito v610805 - Radio Moscow 
Tom Mooney Labor Leader 390107 After Pardon for 1916 San Francisco Preparedness Day Bombing 
Trotsky on Show Trials 
Truman Announces Atomic Bomb Dropped 
Truman On Kaltenborn's 1948 Election Coverage 
Truman On Potsdam Resolution 
Truman's Victory In Europe Speech 
UN Delegate Eleanor Roosevelt On Kitchen Slaves - 1948 
US Landing On Iwo Jima 
US Navy Band D-Day Music 2230ET 
V-1 Buzz Bomb 
Victory Garden PSA 1943 
Virginia Graham - Marital Devotion 
Waiting For Kaplow 
Wallace - You Go On To Hanoi 
Water Buffalo Attacks American Patrol Vietnam 
WCPM01 400519 1st Broadcast as PM 
WCPM02 400617 Their Finest Hour 
WEAF (Eventually WNBC) Begins Toll Radio Service 220816 1930EST 
Whittaker Chambers - Concealed Enemy 
William Bullitt - Totalitarianism 
William Jennings Bryan's Ideal Republic 
Yassar Arafat - We Are Deeply Shocked 010911 

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