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Adventure Theater

Radio Show: Adventure Theater

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1977 A Case of Identity 
1977 The Good Ship Jane 
1977 The Whole Town Sleeping 
1977 Zero Hour 
770205 Kidnapped 
770206 A Very Special Place 
770212 With Malice Toward None 
770213 Moby Dick 
770219 The Boy Who Would Be A Sailor 
770220 King Soloman's Mines 
770226 The Caliph of Baghdad 
770227 Pinocchio 
770305 The Railway Children 
770306 Other World 
770312 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp 
770313 Black Arrow 
770319 20000 Leagues Under The Sea 
770320 Robin Hood and His Merry Men 
770326 Survival Test 
770327 Jason and the Golden Fleece 
770402 Captains Courageous 
770403 Bravest of the Brave 
770409 The Last of the Mohicans 
770410 I Remember Alice 
770416 Three Swords 
770417 Clown Who Wasn't 
770423 Lewis and Clark 
770424 Journey to the Center of The Earth 
770430 Different Ghost Town 
770501 The Red Badge of Courage 
770507 Treasure Island 
770508 Man Without a Country 
770514 Three Tales of HC Anderson 
770515 Coat of Many Colors 
770521 They Called Him Slim 
770522 Then They Called Him 
770528 Gold Bug 
770529 Travels of Ulysses 
770604 Cinderella 
770605 Remember the Alamo 
770611 Adventures of Oliver 
770612 Boy David 
770618 Three Times Magic 
770619 Eyes of Vishnu 
770625 Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves 
770626 Valiant Little Tailor 
770702 Sea Wolf 
770703 Master Thief 
770709 Sailor Who Wouldn't Give Up 
770710 Youth 
770716 Mowgli Jungle Book - Part 1 
770717 Tiger Tiger Jungle Book - Part 2 
770723 Man in the Iron Mask 
770724 Gulliver's Travels 
770730 Ivanhoe 
770731 Daniel the Oracle 

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