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Philip Marlowe

Radio Show: Philip Marlowe

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470612 Who Shot Waldo 
470617 Red Wing 
470708 King In Yellow 
470805 Trouble Is My Business 
480926 Red Wind 
481003 The Persian Slippers 
481010 The Panama Hat 
481017 Where There's A Will 
481024 The Heart Of Gold 
481128 The Hard Way Out 
481226 The Old Acquaintance 
490108 Restless Day 
490115 The Black Halo 
490122 The Orange Dog 
490212 Lonesome Reunion 
490305 Friend From Detroit 
490312 Grim Hunters 
490319 The Dancing Hands 
490326 The Green Flame 
490416 Heat Wave 
490423 The Cloak Of Kamaham 
490430 Lady In Mink 
490514 The Promise To Pay 
490521 Night Tide 
490528 The Ebony Link 
490604 The Unfair Lady 
490611 The Pigeon's Blood 
490618 The Busy Body 
490625 The Key Man 
490630 The Mexican Boat Race 
4906XX Philip Marlowe 
490702 The Dude From Manhattan 
490716 The Headless Peacock 
4907XX Philip Marlowe 
490806 The August Lion 
490813 The Indian Giver 
490820 The Lady Killer 
490827 The Eager Witness 
490903 The Bum's Rush 
490910 The Ruston Hickory 
490917 Baton Sinister 
490924 Fatted Calf 
491001 Tale Of The Mermaid 
491008 The Open Window 
491015 The Starnge Bed 
491029 The Green Witch 
491112 The Gorgeous Lyre 
491126 Birds On The Wing 
491203 Kid On The Corner 
491210 The Little Wishbone 
491224 Carlo's Christmas 
500107 The Torch Carriers 
500114 The Covered Bridge 
500121 The Bid For Freedom 
500128 The Hairpin Turn 
500207 The Long Arm 
500214 The Grim Echo 
500221 The Ladies Night 
500228 The Big Step 
500307 The Monkey's Uncle 
500314 The Vital Statistics 
500321 Deep Shadow 
500328 Sword Of Cebu 
500404 Man On The Roof 
500411 The Anniversary Gift 
500418 The Angry Eagle 
500425 The High Collared Ca 
500502 The Sea Horse Jockey 
500509 The Hiding Place 
500516 Cloak Of Kamehameha 
500523 The Fox's Tail 
500530 The Bedside Manners 
500606 The Uneasy Head 
500614 The Face To Forget 
500621 The Gold Cobra 
500628 The Pelican's Roost 
500705 The Girl From Pitchfork Corners 
500712 The Iron Coffin 
500719 The Last Wish 
500728 The Glass Monkey 
500811 The Quiet Magpie 
500818 The Dark Tunnel 
500825 The Collector's Item 
500901 The Soft Spot 
500908 The Fifth Mask 
500915 The Final Payment 
500922 The White Carnation 
500929 The Big Book 
510707 Seaside Sabbatical 
510714 The Dear Dead Days 
510721 Life Can Be Murder 
510728 Good Neighbor Policy 
510804 The Long Way Home 
510818 Young Man's Fancy 
510908 The Medium Was Rare 
510915 Sound And Unsound 

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