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Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Person

Radio Show: Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Person

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400529 The Woman Who Wasn't 
440106 Moonless Night 
440113 Missing Witness 
440120 Girl Who Sung To Well 
440203 Girl Who Flirted 
440210 Boy Who Used Big Words 
440217 Mister Trevor's Secret 
440224 The Case of Murder in the Air 
440313 The Silver Candlestick 
440316 Strange Display 
440413 The Leaping Dog 
440615 Woman in Blue 
441106 The Frightened Child 
441214 The Nightmare Murder 
450315 The Absent Minded Professor 
460523 The Glamorous Widow 
490609 Murder And The Star Of Death 
490915 Murder and the Bloodstained Necklace 
490922 The Yellow Talon Murder 
490929 Murder with 1000 Witnesses 
491006 Man Who Invented Death 
491013 The Silver Dagger Murder 
491027 Case of the Ruthless Murders 
491103 The Forgotten Cave Murder 
491110 Engaged Girl Murder 
500105 The Case of the Rushville Murder 
500119 Bride and Groom Murder 
500126 Telephone Book 
500209 The Case of Murder And The Jewel Thief 
500216 The Two Faced Book 
500309 Melody of Murder 
500316 The Innocent Flirtation Murder Case 
500406 The Case Of The Murdered 
500413 Eccentric Millionaire 
500420 Country Club Murder 
500427 Woman Who Married a Murderer 
500504 King Cobra 
500511 The Case Of Murder And The Missing Car 
500518 The Skull And Crossbone 
500525 The Broken Window Murder 
500601 Quicksand Murder 
510720 Strange Woman Case 
510727 The Photograph Album 
510803 Strange Murder of Carrie Ellis 
510810 Abandoned Well Murder 
510817 Poisoned Sandwich Murder 
520222 Murder and the Revengeful Ghost 
520313 The Silver Candlestick 
520416 The Mother's Plea Murder 
Broken Window Murder Case 
Case of the Murdered Detect 
Murder at a Mile a Minute 
Rushville Murder 
Silver Dagger Murder Case 
Skull and Crossbones Murder 
The Case of Murder in the Air 

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