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500527 - The Anita Cameron Case (Audition) 
500720 Framed For Killing Johnny 
500803 - Untitled (aka-Two Young Girls Killed by Hit and Run Driver) 
500923 - Untitled (aka-Gas Station Robbery) 
501116 - The Candy Store Murder (aka-Candy Store Killing) 
501123 - The Topaz Earring Case (aka-Murder of Larry Zimmerman; Murdered for 25,000) 
501130 - The Cop Killer (aka-Narcotics Agent Killer) 
501207 - The Jersey Parallel (aka-Seven People Killed By Same Man) 
501221 - The Holsteder Case (aka-The Hilston Brothers Robbery) 
501228 - The Elsner Case (aka-Unidentified Woman Strangled; 60 Year Old Woman Strangled) 
510104 - The Case of Frankie and Joyce (aka-Joyce Ronson; Wife Killer) 
510111 Politicians Homes are Bombed 
510118 - Yudo in Ypsilanti (aka-The Goldberg Murder Case) 
510201 - The Grocery Store Matter (aka-Supermarket Murders) 
510208 - The Senile Slugging Case (aka-Four Street Assaults; Carl Young; Bowling Alley Stakeout; The Mugger) 
510215 Bandit Robs Drug Store 
510222 - The Silver Swan Case (Policewoman Dons Disguise to Trap Killer of Dance Hall Hostess) 
510227 - The Molly About Seven Case 
510306 - The Check Killer Case (aka-Murdered And Rolled Down A Hill) 
510327 - The Lapinish Lighter-Upper Case 
510529 - The Hiccupping Hamster Hemostatic Case 
510612 - The Harrowing Handball Haggada Case (aka-Culley Price And The Spartan Payroll) 
510614 Tony Price 
510619 - Lieutenant Guthrie Kidnapped 
510621 Kidnapped 
510626 - The Mad Bomber (aka-George Hunter And The Time Bomb, Lewis Black) (Differs from 510111) 
510705 Dr Simpson Killed 
510905 - The Pointless Pierson Polemic Palarity Case (aka-Michael Hunter Murder Case) 
510912 - The Senile Slugging Case (aka-Four Street Assaults; Carl Young, etc) Cast Differs from 510208 
510926 - The Fur Flaunting Floozie (aka-Lorraine Oberhauser Murder) 
511004 - The Wild, Wild Woman Case (aka-Irene Oldham-Kingston - Jewelry Store Robbery and Murder) 
511011 - The Frivolous Forger Fracas (aka-Ed Fisher - Bad Checks) 
511018 - The Nicely Nixed Nixon Case (aka-Loan Office Robbery and Murder 
511108 - The Pixie Picker Pickle (aka - Ice Pick Stabbings) 
511122 - The Keenly Clipped Kenovak Case (aka-Missing Fiance) 
511129 - The Railroad Roundhouse Roundup (aka-Mrs Green Found Dead In A Trunk) 
511227 Old Women Found Strangled 
520205 - The Potting Peter Case (aka-Lady Killer) 
520304 - Murdering Mercer's Malingering Case (aka-Child Deserters) 
520318 - The Mirthless Moonshiner's Methyl Murders (aka-Bad Booze Bootleggers) 
520325 - The Bakery Bandit's Bad Blooper (aka-Bakery Hold-ups; Silk Stocking Bandit) 
520429 - The Big Boy's Brutish Back-Bending Case 
520506 - Babs the Baggy Bungling Brunette Bombshell 
520507 - The Check Killer Case (aka-Murdered And Rolled Down A Hill) Rebroadcast 
520513 - Yudo in Ypsilanti (aka-The Goldberg Murder Case) Different Cast from 510118 
520603 - Don Smiley 
520610 - Lobdell's Poodle-Cut Tomato Case (aka-Hit & Run Accident) 
520617 - The Pitiful Patricide Case (aka-Unexplainable Murder; Shooting In Park Hill) [Rebroadcast] 
520624 - The Cutie Calling Culprit Case (aka-Obscene Phone Calls) 
520701 - The Guided Gang Case (aka-Newstand Dealer Beaten) 
520708 - The Lugar Lugging Laddie Case (aka-Drug Store Robberies) 
520715 - The Twitching Twist'sTwenty-Two Tweaking Case (aka-Missing Girl Kidnapping) 
520722 - Drinkler Kidnapping Case 
520729 - The Charles Crocked Clobbering Case (aka-The Stanley Farmer Murder; Dead Man Found In Alley) 
520805 - The Karger Kops a Klinker Case (aka-Phantom Burglar; Home Robberies) 
520910 - The Jane Doe Case (aka-Ludlow Park Jane Doe) 
520917 - The Fresno Break Case (aka-George Forbes) 
521001 - The Poker Party Killings (aka-Card Party) 
521008 Lineup 
521015 Lineup 
521022 The Phantom Burgler 
521029 Ludlow Park Jane Doe 
521105 George Forbes 
521112 The Card Party 
521119 Jean Bellamy 
521126 - The Matthews-Murray Mish Mosh Case 
521203 Betty Mathews 
521212 Gas Station Holdups 
521219 Mrs Conways Death 
521224 Dorothy Sheldon 
530102 - Cowardly Castro (aka-Castro, Manelli, & The Younger HoldUp) Dialog Only 
530109 - Once Upon a Snowplow (aka-Dorothy Sheldon 
530211 - Good Enough to Eat (aka-Food Poisoning; Botulism) 
Lineup a477 
Lineup b148 
xxxxxx - Boots Kracov Killing (Poor Sound) 

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