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Let George Do It

Radio Show: Let George Do It

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460514 Jonathan Winters Murder Mystery 
461018 Cousin Jeff From Three Oaks 
461025 Cowboy Star Afraid of Horses 
461108 The Harding Bookshop 
471003 Forty Two On A Rope 
480405 Joe Burke Case Old War Buddy 
480412 Am I My Brother's Keeper 
480419 Dr Wormsly, Bird Watcher 
480426 The Eddie Prokosh Case 
480503 The Tunnel Project 
480510 Gilbert Dressler Case 
480531 Edith Wilder Case-Is 
480607 Peter Mirch Case 
480614 Martha Devorak Case 
480621 Barbara Eversall, Unfit Mother Case 
480628 Becoming An American 
480705 Jonathan Thorpe Case 
480712 Joyce Dunning Case 
480719 Joe Logan Case 
480726 Arnold Lumas Case 
480802 Martin Kirsch Case 
480809 Perfect Specimen 
480816 Ghost On Bliss Terra 
480823 Corpse That Took A P 
480830 A Minor Case Of Murder 
480906 Impatient Redhead 
480913 Father Who Had Nothing 
480920 The Hearse Was Painted Pink 
480927 The Little Man Who Was Everywhere 
481018 Death Wears A Gay Sport Jacket 
481025 Seven Dead Years 
481101 Flowers That Smelled 
481108 Murder, It's A Gift 
481122 Who Is Sylvia 
481129 Stand-In For Murder 
481206 The Malignant Heart 
481227 Death In Fancy Dress 
490103 Murder And One To Go 
490110 The Corpse On A Cape 
490117 The Payoff Is Murder 
490124 Roundabout Murder 
490131 Mayhem By Experts 
490207 One Against A City 
490214 Destination Dead End 
490221 Journey Into Hate 
490228 Your Money Or Your Life 
490307 Round-About Murder 
490314 The Motif Is Murder 
490321 The Four Sided Triangle 
490328 Host Of Casa Diablo 
490418 The Elusive 100 Grand 
490425 Lady In Distress 
490502 Out Of Mind 
490509 Vultures On The Wing 
490516 Come And Get Me 
490523 Stranger Than Fiction 
490530 A Matter Of Doubt 
490606 Death In Blue Jeans 
490613 Serenade To The Southern Star 
490620 Next To The Last Guest 
490725 Laura's House 
490808 One Chance At The World 
490815 The Problem With Joe 
490822 Empress Of Fishfalls 
490829 End Of Summer 
490901 Perfect Alibi 
490905 Everything Is Nice 
490912 Valley Sunset 
490919 The Coward 
490926 The Man Under The Elm Trees 
491017 Double Death 
491024 The Rose Petal Staircase 
491031 Every Shot Counts 
491107 The Dark Chain 
491114 Run Until Dead 
491121 Sweet Poison 
491128 No Riders 
491205 Too Near The Sky 
491212 Partner In Panama 
491219 Follow That Train 
491226 Snow Blind 
500102 Needle In The Haystack 
500109 The Silent Waterfall 
500116 Juniper Lane 
500123 The Floaters 
500130 The Ugly Duckling 
500206 The Old Style 
500213 Go Jump In The Lake 
500327 The Tears Of Sorrow 
500403 The Brothers Macinto 
500410 Portrait By Pricilla 
500417 Mix-Up In La Cruza 
500424 Death Begins At 45 
500501 The Chair Of Humanity 
500508 Picture With A Black 
500515 The Ant Hill 
500529 Sudden Storm 
500605 The Witch Of Mill Ho 
500612 The Iron Cat 
500619 Solo In Whispers 
500626 Most Likely To Die 
500703 Scream Of The Eagle 
500710 Island In The Desert 
500717 Eleven O'clock 
500724 The Golden Lizard 
500731 Voice Of The Giant 
500807 Sweet Are The Uses Of Publicity 
500814 High Price Of A Penny 
500821 Treasure Of Millie's 
500828 High Card 
500904 Second Degree Affect 
500911 White Elephant 
500918 Cover For An Hour 
500925 Tag, You're It 
501002 House That Jack Built 
501009 Spider And The Fly 
501113 Angel's Grotto 
501120 Cause For Thanksgiving 
501127 Nothing But The Truth 
501204 And Hope To Die 
501211 The Bookworm Turns 
501218 Opportunity Knocks Twice 
501225 Santa Claus On Glass 
510108 Man Behind The Frame 
510115 Tune On A Triangle 
510122 Knock On Wood 
510129 Christmas In January 
510219 How Guilty Can You Get 
510226 See Me Once And You've Seen Me Twice 
510305 The Public Eye 
510312 The Prairie Dog 
510319 Murder For Two 
510326 No Escape From The Jail 
510402 The Eight Ball 
510409 Uncle Harry's Bones 
510416 The Noose Hangs High 
510924 Framed For Hanging 
511001 No Way Out 
511022 A Crime Too Simple 
511029 Lady In Black 
511119 Destination Danger 
511126 The Meddler 
511203 Off The Record 
511210 The Last Payoff 
511217 Stolen Goods 
511225 Christmas Letter 
520107 School Of Sharks 
520114 The Bad Little God 
520121 A Matter Of Honor 
520128 The Common Denominator 
520204 Surprise+ACE- Surprise+ACE- 
520211 Cortez Island 
520218 The Symbol Three 
520225 Starlight Pier 
520303 The Deadly Pines 
520310 The Darkest Shadow 
520317 Three Times And Out 
520324 Graystone Ghost 
520414 Forgotten Murder 
520421 War Maneuver 
520428 Operation Europa 
520505 Come To The Casbah 
520512 The Iron Hat 
520519 It Happened On Friday 
520609 The Violent Van Pattens 
520616 The Mystic 
520818 Seed Of Destruction 
520825 Sabotage 
520915 Human Nature 
520922 Once A Crook 
520929 Chance And Probability 
521006 The Four Seasons 
521013 Dead Of Night 
521020 Guy Reposo 
521110 Dead On Arrival 
521117 The Stand-In 
540927 Ghost Of Ireland Bet 

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