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I Was A Communist For The FBI

Radio Show: I Was A Communist For The FBI

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520416 - (Aud) Little Red School House 
520423 I Walk Alone 
520430 I Can't Sleep 
520507 Little Red School Ho 
520514 Red, Red Herring 
520521 The Pit Viper 
520528 - Traitors for Hire 
520604 - Card Game in the Clouds 
520611 - American Kremlin 
520618 Tight Wire 
520625 A Riot Made to Order 
520702 Where the Red Man Roam 
520709 Dangerous Dollars 
520716 Rich Man, Poor Man 
520723 Canadian Crossfire 
520730 Draw the Red Curtain 
520806 Red Clouds on the Good Earth 
520813 - Exit on the Left 
520820 The Red Record 
520827 Burnt Offering 
520903 Squeeze Play 
520910 Violence Preferred 
520917 The Rat Race 
520924 Jump to the Whip 
521001 Pennies from the Dead 
521008 A Suit for the Party 
521015 The Party Got Rough 
521022 The Little Red Boy 
521029 The Unwelcome Host 
521105 No Second Chance 
521112 The Red Gate 
521119 Red Rover, Red Rover 
521126 - Home Improvement 
521203 - Red Clay 
521210 - The Kiss of Death 
521217 Treason Comes in Cans 
521224 The Flames Burned Red 
521231 Hate Song 
530107 Little Boy Blue Turn 
530114 Red Gold 
530121 Capitol City Square 
530128 A Study in Oils 
530204 The Sleeper 
530211 Against the Middle 
530218 The Black Gospel 
530225 The Red Ladies 
530304 - One Way Ticket 
530311 - Word Game 
530318 The Red Waves 
530325 - Trial by Fear 
530401 The Wrong Green 
530408 The Brass Monkey 
530415 Forged Faces 
530422 - Red Clay [Repeat] 
530429 - Kiss Of Death [Repeat] 
530506 An UnAmerican Activity 
530513 - My Friend the Enemy 
530520 Canadian Backbone 
530527 The Elspeth Club 
530603 - The Crossed Heart 
530610 The Red Octopus 
530617 - Abby as in Abigail 
530624 - Tour of Duty 
530701 - Fifteen Minutes to Murder 
530708 - Use Only as Directed 
530715 - Double Exposure 
530722 - Courier of Disaster 
530729 The Lion is Busy 
530805 Red Snow 
530812 Very Private Funeral 
530819 Rhapsody in Red 
530826 - Kangaroo Court 
530902 - The Inhuman Element 
531007 Panic Plan 
531014 - No Visitors 
53XXXX Red Clay 
53XXXX The Kiss of Death 

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