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Crime Club

Radio Show: Crime Club

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46-12-02 Death Blew Out The Mat 
47-03-13 Fear Came First 
47-03-20 Dead Man Control 
47-03-27 Silent Witnesses 
47-04-03 The Sun Is A Witness 
47-04-10 The Gray Mist Murders 
47-04-24 The Topaz Flower 
47-05-01 Epitaph For Lydia 
47-05-08 The Corpse Wore A Wig 
47-05-22 Murder On Margin 
47-05-29 Murder Makes A Mummy 
47-06-05 Murder Rents A Room 
47-06-12 Death Is A Knockout 
47-06-19 Hearses Don't Hurry 
47-06-26 Death Never Doubles 
47-07-03 Death At 710 
47-07-10 Coney Island Nocturn 
47-07-17 Death Deals A Diamond 
47-07-24 Serenade Macabre 
47-07-31 The Self Made Corpse 
47-08-07 A Pitch In Time 
47-08-14 The Gypsy Sings Of Death 
47-08-21 A Deed Indeed 
47-08-28 Death Swims At Midnight 
47-09-04 Sometimes A Sucker Wins 
47-09-11 Fish For Entree 
47-09-25 No Time For Murder 
47-10-02 Cowhide 
47-10-09 Sentence Of Death 
47-10-16 Cupid Can Be Deadly 
47-xx-xx Mr. Smith's Hat 
CRMC461202 - Death Blew out the Match 
CRMC470123 - Mr. Smith's Hat 
CRMC470306 - Death Is A Knockout 
CRMC470313 - Fear Came First 
CRMC470320 - Dead Man Control 
CRMC470327 - Silent Witness 
CRMC470403 - Sun is a Witness 
CRMC470410 - The Grey Mist Murders 
CRMC470424 - The Topaz Flower 
CRMC470501 - Epitath for Lydia 
CRMC470508 - The Corpse Wore a Wig 
CRMC470515 - Death is a Genious 
CRMC470522 - Murder on a Margin 
CRMC470529 - Murder Makes a Mummy 
CRMC470605 - Murder Rents a Room 
CRMC470612 - Death Is a Knockout 
CRMC470619 - Hearses Don't Hurry 
CRMC470626 - Death Never Doubles 
CRMC470703 - Death at 7 -10 
CRMC470710 - Coney Island Nocturne 
CRMC470717 - Death Deals a Diamond 
CRMC470724 - Serenade Macabre 
CRMC470731 - Self Made Corpse 
CRMC470807 - A Pitch in Time 
CRMC470814 - The Gypsy Sings of Death 
CRMC470821 - A Deed Indeed 
CRMC470828 - Death Swims at Midnight 
CRMC470904 - Sometimes a Sucker Wins 
CRMC470911 - Fish for Entry 
CRMC470925 - No Time for Murder 
CRMC471002 - Cowhide 
CRMC471009 - Sentence of Death 
CRMC471016 - Cupid Can Be Deadly 
CRMC47xxxx - Mr Smith's Hat 

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