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Avalon Time

Radio Show: Avalon Time

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390107 Red's First Broadcast 
390218 Edna Stillwell Joins Cast 
390225 Talks About San Francisco 
390304 Interrupted for Santa 
390311 Income Tax Time 
390318 The Thousand Dollars 
390325 Marco Polo Skelton 
390401 April Fool's Day 
390408 Skelton's Flea Circus 
390415 Engineer's Mistake 
390422 Party At Red's House 
390429 Night Watchman In A Bank 
390506 Napoleon Bonaparte 
390513 Purchase of Manhattan 
390527 Edna's Birthday Party 
390603 East Coast Broadcast 
390610 Dinner At A Restaurant 
390617 At the University 
390624 Policeman's Ball 
390701 Looking for a Summer Replacement 
390708 Curt Massy Joins the Cast 
390722 The Hotel 
390729 Dan McGrew 
390805 Headline Holcomb 
390812 Moody Brothers 
390819 Slice of Life - Movies 
390826 High School Dance, Baby Sitting 
390902 Killer Hitchhikers 
390909 Nagging Wife 
390916 Dinner With Edna 
390923 Asking For A Raise 
390927 Meeting the In-Laws 
391004 Young Couple On Pay Day 
391011 Guest Richard B Gilbert 
391018 Expectant Father 
391025 New Publicity Agent 
391101 Lady Barber 
391108 Trouble With the Landlady 
391206 Newlyweds on Their Honeymoon 
391213 Catering 
391220 House Hunting 

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