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Crime Classics

Radio Show: Crime Classics

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530629 The Sudden Death Of James Fisk 
530706 The Shrapnelled Body of Charles Drew, Sr. 
530713 The Terrible Deed of John White 
530720 The Death of a Picture Hanger 
530727 The Final Day of General Ketchum 
530803 Mr Thrower's Hammer 
530810 The Axe and the Droot Family 
530817 The Incredible Trial of Laura D. Fair 
530824 The Alsop Family 
530831 Your Loving Son, Nero 
530907 The Torment Of Henrietta 
530914 The Bloody, Bloody Bloody Banks of Fall River 
531007 The Hangman and William Palmer 
531014 Seven Layered Arsenic Cake 
531021 Billy Bonnie Blood Letter 
531028 John Hayes, his Head, and How They Were Parted 
531111 Blackbeard's Fourteenth Wife Why She Was No Good For Him 
531118 The Triangle on the Round Table 
531125 The Killing Story of William Corder 
531202 If A Body Needs A Body, Just Call 
531209 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 
531216 John and Judith 
531230 Coyle And Richardson 
540106 The Younger Brothers 
540113 How Supan Got the Hook Outside Bombay 
540120 Madeline Smith, Maid 
540120 Madeline Smith, Maid or Murderess 
540127 The Boom Brothers 
540203 Incredible History of John Shephard 
540210 Twenty-Three Knives 
540217 Jean Baptiste Troutman 
540224 The Good Ship Jane 
540303 Roger Nims 
540317 Old Sixtoes 
540407 The General's Daughter 
540414 James Evens, Fireman 
540428 Widow Magee and the Three Gypsies 
540526 Lethal Habit Of Marquise De Brinvilliers 
540602 Mr. Jonathon Jewett 
540623 Ali Pasha, A Turkish Delight 

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