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Boston Blackie

Radio Show: Boston Blackie

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44.06.23 The Rockwell Diamond 
44.06.30 Boston Blackie 
44.07.14 Boston Blackie 
44.07.21 Boston Blackie 
44.07.28 Boston Blackie 
44.08.04 Boston Blackie 
44.08.11 Missing String Of Pearls 
45.04.25 Boston Blackie 
45.05.02 Case of the unused shoes 
45.05.09 Coverup For Mary 
45.05.16 William Blaine Case 
45.06.06 Mrs. Boston Blackie 
45.06.11 Oscar Wolfe Case 
45.06.18 The Sam Bellows Case 
45.06.25 The Larry Brown Case 
45.07.02 Blackie Jilts Mary 
45.07.09 The Worthington Pearls 
45.07.16 Blackie's car kills a woman 
45.07.23 The case of the three way split 
45.07.30 Blackie's Mary At Sea 
45.08.06 Hypnotic Murder 
45.08.13 Evelyn Jones Murder 
45.08.20 Blackie Steals Necklace For Charity 
45.09.13 Bill Crane Attorney 
45.09.20 Fred Arlen Murder 
45.10.04 Westfield Diamond 
45.10.11 Copy Of Diamond Bracelet 
45.10.18 Boxer's Murder Case 
45.10.25 Richard's Diamond 
45.11.01 Mary Disappears 
45.11.08 Amnesia Victim 
45.11.15 Murder In Music Room 
45.11.22 Blackie Kidnapped 
45.11.29 Simmons Construction 
45.12.06 Missing Pearl Necklace 
45.12.13 Murder At The Movie 
45.12.20 TV Poisoning 
45.12.27 The Masters Diamond 
46.01.03 Carnival Killings 
46.01.18 The Disappearing Body 
46.01.22 The Disappearing Body 
46.01.29 The Jim Williams Case 
46.02.05 The Brandon Jewel 
46.02.12 The Marjorie Condo 
46.02.19 Harry Benson's Wife 
46.02.26 Vase Leads To Murder 
46.03.05 Murder With An Alibi 
46.03.12 Color Blind Accomplice 
46.03.19 The Worthing Tong Host 
46.03.26 Pierre, The Designer 
46.04.16 The Baseball Murder 
46.04.23 Stolen Car Ring 
46.04.30 Frances Fielding Murder 
46.05.07 Winthrope Jewel Robbery 
46.05.14 Merry Go Round Murder 
46.05.21 Blaine Brothers Pawnshop Murder 
46.05.28 The Escaped Prison 
46.06.04 Three Witnesses Killed 
46.06.11 Disappearing Airplane 
46.06.18 The Hooded Gang 
46.06.25 Joe Garland Killed 
46.07.02 Uncle Frank Murdered 
46.07.09 Skating Rink Murders 
46.07.16 Murdered Truck Driver 
46.07.23 Murdering Cuckoo Clock 
46.07.30 Freighter Swan Mutiny 
46.08.06 The Gardenia Case 
46.08.13 Diamond Smugglers 
46.08.20 Jealous Partners And Arson 
46.08.27 Rockwell Diamond 
46.09.03 Stolen Rare Book 
46.09.10 The Backstage Murder 
46.09.17 The Apartment Swindler 
46.09.24 The Abbott Painting 
46.10.01 The Undersea Murder 
46.10.08 Murdered Show Dog 
46.10.15 Murder At The Rodeo 
46.10.22 Faraday Shot 
46.10.29 Granny's Witchcraft 
46.11.05 New Face For Joe Harvey 
46.11.12 Only One Way Out 
46.11.19 Fifty G Necklace 
46.11.26 The Lenny Powell Murder 
46.12.03 Blackie In Prison 
46.12.10 Mary Registered Nurse 
46.12.17 Police Impersonator 
46.12.24 The Derailed Gold 
46.12.31 Carl Browning's Shop 
47.01.07 Jack Small's Alias 
47.01.14 Blackie And The Fur Thefts 
47.01.21 The Search For Jim 
47.01.28 Willowbrand Diamond 
47.02.04 The Peters Mixup 
47.02.11 The Love Song Myst 
47.02.18 7 Years Bad Luck 
47.02.25 Joe Delivers The Goods 
47.03.04 Larry The Kid Vs. Savinni 
47.03.11 10th Street Gym 
47.03.18 Sam Fisher's Past 
47.03.25 The Horseroom Theft 
47.04.01 The Bus To Valley 
47.04.08 Aggie Rogers Murder 
47.04.15 Phonograph Murder 
47.04.22 Milly Bromley Kidnapped 
47.04.29 Baseball And Gambling 
47.05.07 Mrs. Peterson's Insurance 
47.05.21 Blackie Breaks Into Prison 
47.05.28 Ghost Of Flo Newton 
47.06.04 Man Following Eva 
47.06.11 Blackie Shoots A Watchman 
47.06.18 Crooked Carter Brother 
47.06.25 Joe Nelson's Gambling Scheme 
47.07.02 Johnny Burns' Wool 
47.07.09 Death Comes For The Harmonica 
47.07.16 Randolph Construction 
47.07.23 Blackie In Wax 
47.07.30 Boston Blackie 
47.08.06 Boston Blackie 
47.08.13 Boston Blackie 
47.08.20 Boston Blackie 
47.08.27 Boston Blackie 
47.09.03 Boston Blackie 
47.09.10 Boston Blackie 
47.09.17 Boston Blackie 
47.09.24 Old 86 Is Missing 
47.10.01 Death Wish 
47.10.08 Dead Aunt Sarah 
47.10.15 Hired Killer 
47.10.22 The Midair Diamond 
47.10.29 Framed By A Fin 
47.11.05 The Old Show Clue 
47.11.26 The Murdock Gang 
47.12.03 Murder By The Book 
47.12.17 Steal or be Killed 
47.12.24 Henry Tyler Return 
47.12.31 The Door Buzzer 
48.01.07 Riding Stable Case 
48.01.14 Invention Worth A Killing 
48.01.21 The Kid's Killer 
48.01.28 The Record Collector 
48.02.04 Blackie Loves Helen 
48.02.11 Wind Blows West 
48.02.18 Five Deadly Bullets 
48.02.25 The Twin Murders 
48.03.03 Cobb's Trucking Company 
48.03.10 50,000 For Blackie 
48.03.17 William Larson Extortion Case 
48.03.24 Wrestling Ring Murder 
48.03.31 Tom Walton, Escape 
48.04.07 Clyde Winston Photographer 
48.04.14 Rhondo The Magician 
48.04.21 Insurance - Wrecked Cars 
48.04.28 Bombing Of Joe Ingalls 
48.05.05 Jackie Meer's Prison Break 
48.06.23 The Henry Walker Case 
48.06.30 Boston Blackie 
48.07.07 The Kingston Diamond 
48.07.14 The John Cummings 
48.07.21 The Sweepstakes Case 
48.07.28 Allistar Disappears 
48.08.04 Who Killed Davis 
48.08.11 Rogers To Be Executed 
48.08.18 Trilling Maid Murder 
48.08.25 Wife Poisoned Over Phone 
48.09.01 Reynolds And The Stolen Goods 
48.09.08 Disappearing Office Building 
48.10.06 Boston Blackie 
48.12.08 Killer Lightning 
48.12.22 Rings For Santa 
49.01.05 Mystery Of The Four Floors 
49.01.12 Broken Clock Murder 
49.01.19 A Boat The Viking Is On 
49.01.26 John Frawley While In Africa 
49.02.02 Mary's Cousin's Song 
49.02.09 50g In Bonds 
49.02.16 Palmer's Dock Rack 
49.02.23 Archie Grants Club 
49.03.02 Fake Accident Rack 
49.03.09 Dolly Preston Call 
49.03.16 Kidnapped Murderer 
49.03.23 Society Charity Scam 
49.03.30 Amadon Pearls 
49.04.06 Duke Murders Jo Jo 
49.04.13 Second Hand Watch 
49.04.20 Madame Zina 
49.04.27 Dynamite Thomson Murdered 
49.05.04 Joe Gates Murdered 
49.05.11 Information On Senator 
49.05.18 Imperial Oil Company 
49.05.25 Canyon Dude Ranch 
49.06.01 Pudgy And The Stolen Tire Racket 
49.06.08 Ma Vie Perfume 
Deadly Of Clock 
Dynamite Thompson 
Fredrick's Gang 
Golf Instructor Carl Grady 
Island of Women 
Joe Gatling 
Mary's Car Is Stolen 
Rings for Santa 
Stolen Rings 
The Phonograph Murder 

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