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Phil Harris & Alice Faye

Radio Show: Phil Harris & Alice Faye

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461020 Tutor For The Girls 
461110 A Movie For Alice 
461201 Self Improvement 
461208 High Society Musical 
470309 Fitch Bandwagon Broadcast 
471012 Phil Acquires Stock In His Sponsor 
471019 Selling The House 
471026 A Day In The Life Of Phil 
471130 Phil Decides He Needs A Hobby 
471207 A Dog For The Kids 
480425 Phil Models For Remley 
481003 First Show For Rexall 
481010 Frank Remley Signs A Contract By Mistake 
481017 Phyllis' Boyfriend 
481024 The Live Steer 
481031 Get Out The Vote 
481107 A Job For Willie 
481114 Inventing A New Drug 
481121 Health Food 
481205 Remley Wants To Borrow Phil's Family 
481212 Baby Sitters 
481219 Visit From Santa (with Jack Benny) 
481226 Broken Christmas Gift 
490102 Phil Thinks He Is Being Drafted 
490109 The Engagement Ring 
490116 The Band Is Not Invited To Presidents Ball 
490123 Preparing To Attend Truman's Inaugural Ball 
490130 Volunteer Fire Chief 
490206 Phil Has To Fire Frank 
490213 Someone Sends Alice Flowers 
490220 Remley Moves In (AKA Jury Duty) 
490227 Getting Remley A Job 
490306 Houseguest Remley Gambles 
490306 Wall Papering The House 
490313 Frank Remley Is Re-Hired By Rexall 
490320 Alice Wants A House For Her Mother 
490327 Vacation Plans And The Sponsor's Daughter 
490410 The Circus 
490417 Dinner For Teacher 
490424 Movie Role 
490501 Cleaning The Chimney 
490508 Mother's Day Present 
490515 Cadillac In The Swimming Pool 
490522 Phil's Boat 
490529 The Circus 
490605 Tonsilectomy 
490612 Frankie To Adopt An Orphan 
490619 Frankie's Foster Son 
490626 The Option 
490925 The Office 
491002 A Car For Alice 
491009 Beauty Shop 
491016 Market Fight 
491023 Mister Scott's Party 
491030 Uke Lesson 
491106 TV Show Proposal 
491113 Checkup 
491120 Talent Scout Wants The Kids 
491127 Female Wrestler 
491204 The Perfume Salesman 
491211 A Dishwasher Or A Mink For Christmas 
491218 Cutting Down A Christmas Tree 
491225 Jack Benny As Santa 
500101 Phil Takes Singing Lessons 
500108 Paint On The Poodle 
500115 Home Late (Fixing The Furnace) 
500122 Phil's Birthday 
500129 Train Tickets To New York 
500205 Publicity For Phil In New York 
500212 Phil Wins Contest 
500219 Returning To Hollywood 
500226 Remley Writes A Movie Script For Phil 
500305 Saving Marjorie From Her Lover 
500312 Trying To Break Up Julius And Marjorie 
500319 Alice Gets A New Car 
500326 Last Day In Palm Springs 
500402 Remley's Flying Saucer 
500409 Too Many Easter Bunnies 
500416 Phil Is Cinderella 
500430 Hiring A Secretary For Phil 
500507 Phil Buys A Gangster's Trunk For His Trip 
500514 Cooking Dinner For Alice 
500521 Alice & Phil Take Drive 
500528 South Pacific 
510128 Donating Blood 
510225 Golf Game 
510401 Song Writers 
521123 Chloe, The Gold Digger. 
521221 Alice Volunteers Phil To Play Santa 
530925 Courtship Of Elliot 
531002 Horse Race 
531009 Alice's First Date 
531016 The Barbells of Scotland 
531023 How To Repair A Living Room 
531030 Phil & Alice Romance 
531106 From Here To Eternity 
531113 Trip To The Moon 
531120 Birthday Gift 
531127 Traffic In Los Angeles 
531204 A Night With Phil 
531211 Jessica You're Dragging Your Neck 
531218 The Chaperone 
531225 Hosting French Refugee 
American Red Cross Program 

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