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Our Miss Brooks

Radio Show: Our Miss Brooks

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460702 An American Tragedy 
480508 Mothers Day 
480919 Weekend At Crystal Lake 
481024 The Surprise Party 
481031 Clay City Football Game 
481107 The Workhorse 
481114 Babysitting For Three 
481121 The Model School Teacher 
490109 The Heating System 
490116 Student Government Day 
490123 Head Of The English 
490130 Student Banking 
490206 The Stock Room 
490213 Stretch The Basketball 
490220 The Frog 
490227 Stretch Has A Problem 
490306 The Hair Do 
490313 Cafeteria Boycott 
490320 Poetry Mix-up 
490327 Clay City English Teacher 
490403 April Fools Day 
490410 Wake Up Plan 
490417 Working For Easter Outfits 
490429 Dress Code Protest 
490501 Grudge Match 
490508 Mothers Day 
490515 Friday The 13th 
490519 Arguing And Making Up 
490522 Peanuts, The Great Dane 
490605 School Key 
490619 Taxidermy 
490703 Planning 4th Of July 
490710 Telegram For Mrs. Davis 
490717 Bust Of Caesar 
490717 Pensicola Popovers 
490731 New Job In Norwich CT 
490814 The English Test 
490821 Weekend At Crystal Lake 
490911 The School Board 
490918 The Sweater 
490925 Taking the Rap for Mr Boynton 
491002 Rival Football Game 
491009 The French Teacher 
491016 School Safety 
491023 Exchanging Gifts 
491030 The Halloween Party 
491113 Elephant Mascot 
491120 Party Line 
491127 Thanksgiving Weekend 
491204 Weighing Machine Tea Leaves 
491211 Game At Clay City 
491218 A Letter To Santa 
491225 The Magic Christmas 
500101 Babysitting On New Years 
500108 Board Of Education Day 
500115 Cure That Habit 
500122 Walter's Radio 
500129 School On Saturday 
500219 Valentine's Day Date 
500226 Stretch Is In Love 
500305 Letter From The Education Board 
500312 The Burglar 
500319 The Auction 
500326 The Baseball Game 
500409 Easter Egg Dye 
500423 The Tape Recorder 
500505 Deacon Jones Square 
500507 Mr Boynton's Barbeque 
500514 Mr Boynton's Parents 
500528 Traffic Court 
500917 Elopement With Walter 
501001 Radio Bombay 
501015 The Bookie 
501022 Stretch Is In Love Again 
501029 The Dancer 
501105 Indian Burial Ground 
501112 The Convention 
501119 Thanksgiving Turkey 
501126 Woman Driver 
501217 A Suit For Charity 
501231 Returning X Mas Presents 
510225 Going Skiing 
510304 The French Teacher 
510325 Boynton's Land Deal 
510401 Another Day Another Dress 
511104 Connie Tries To Forget Mr Boynton 
531115 Walter's Moving Van 
540207 Foreign Teachers 
540424 Cow In The Closet 
550306 Project X 
550417 Writing Magazine Art 
550508 The Twin Orphans 
550918 The House Trailer 
560101 Mr Conklin Loses His Hearing 
Decon Jones Square Dance 
Four Fiancees 
New Efficiency Crackdown 
Offer To Teach In France 
Planning A Trip To Europe 
The Hawkins Travel Agency Special 
Yearbook Photo Mix Up 

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