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Mel Blanc

Radio Show: Mel Blanc

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460903 Birthday Card Mixup 
460910 The Efficiency Expert 
460917 Mel Bakes A Prize Winning Cake 
460924 Mr Colby's Water Heater 
461001 Muscle Man Contest 
461008 The Fishing Rod 
461015 The Postman's Ball 
461022 Betty Rhodes Movie Actress Visits The Shop 
461029 The Community Chest Fund Drive Show 
461105 Mel Breaks The New Radio 
461112 Lodge Invitation 
461119 The Astrologer 
461126 Mel's Thanksgiving Dinner 
461203 Mel And Betty Elope 
461210 Christmas Present 
461217 Christmas Shopping With Betty 
461224 Mel Plays Santa 
461231 Zebra Of The Year 
470107 The Broken Caruso Record 
470114 Foreign Relatives 
470128 The Masquerade Ball 
470204 Betty's_Suitors 
470211 Mel's_Birthday 
470218 The_Missing_Slice_of Bread 
470225 The Vaudeville Team 
470304 Councilman Colby 
470311 The Art Critic 
470318 Two Loves Has Mel 
470325 Miss Ugga Ugga Boo 
470401 April Fools 
470408 Easter Egg Hunt 
470415 Society Party 
470422 Literary Discussion 
470429 James Mason Movies 
470506 Oil Stock 
470513 Supermarket Journal Editor 
470520 TrialSeperation 
470527 The French Interior Decorator 
470603 To Rent A Summer Cottage 
470610 The Chinese Philospher 
470617 Show At The Market 
470624 Missing Slice Of Bread 
Christmas Shopping 
Graduation Speaker 
Higher Education 
Masquerade Ball 
Sally and Marylou 
Thanksgiving Party 
The Birthday Cards 
The Cake Contest 
The New Radio 
Zookie Paints the Supermarket 

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