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Mayor of the Town

Radio Show: Mayor of the Town

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420906 - Tom Williams Wants to Enlist 
420913 - Holly Has a Crush on John Andrews 
420920 Amy Lou Goes To War 
420927 - Papa Dear Contest 
421007 - Mayor Takes in an 11-Year-Old War Orphan 
421021 - Abandoned Baby 
421104 - The Mayor Helps a Discredited Surgeon 
421202 Musician is Going Deaf Mayor 
421209 Enemy Agents 
421224 A Christmas Carol 
430106 - Janie Williams' Baby 
430217 - Finding Mary Meyer 
430303 - Dick Miller's Submarine Accident 
430311 - Bob Hope Visits Springdale 
430324 - A Fraud Painter Tries to Steal Valuable Cups 
430331 - Bob Hope Visits 
430414 - The Mayor Tries to Spend a Quiet Night at Home 
430428 - Mayor Recalls Scenes of Love in Springdale 
430505 - Susie Robertson Enters an Amateur Contest 
430512 - Susie's Engagement to a Movie Star 
430623 - The Mayor Takes Care of Five Cats 
430630 - Toni McCafferty Falls for Captain Bill Kennedy 
430920 - Amy Goes To War 
450519 - Gone Fishing 
460525 - Memorial Day Parade 
460706 - The Rocking Chair 
461102 - Marilee Runs for School Board (Poor Audio First 5 Min) 
480121 Mayor Of The Town 
490220 - Dimeatrius the Horse 
xxxxxx - Sewing Circle Musical 

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