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Lum And Abner

Radio Show: Lum And Abner

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330000 Friday Night Sociable 
33xxxx - Friday Night Sociable 
33xxxx - Preparing for a Lion Hunt 
350104 Lum and Abner Sell Oil Well 
350107 Squire Skimp Is President Of Southwest Oil Co 
350108 Squire Receives Visit From Southern Pipeline Company 
350109 Pine Ridge Oil Boom 
350118 Pine Ridge Matrimonial Bureau 
350121 Swamped By Mail 
350122 Read Matrimonia Bureau Mail 
350123 Matrimonial Bureau Will Move Into The Store 
350124 Telegram from Horten 
350125 Abner Goes To The Railroad Depot To Meet Hortense 
350130 Abner Fakes An Accident 
350131 New Business Idea 
350201 Pocket Flashlights 
350204 Distributing Flashlights 
350205 More Mail 
350206 Election For President Of The Jotem Down Store 
350207 Lum Tell Listeners That Abner's Arms Aren't Broken 
350208 Insurance Pays Abner 
350211 Lum is Nervous 
350212 Lum Arrested 
350213 Dick Gets Lum Out Of Jail 
350214 Lum Has Lead in Election 
350215 Lum & Abner 
350218 Lum & Abner 
350219 Squire To Cash Check 
350220 Donation To Public Library 
350221 Squire Donates Abner's Insurance Money 
350222 Listeners to cast their votes 
350225 Lum wins vote 
350226 Circus Comes To Pine Ridge 
350227 Abners Invention 
350228 Abner Buys Ten Cases 
350301 Squire Pays Abner For Exclusive Rights To Soap 
350304 Unsolve Partnership 
350305 Dividing Merchandise 
350306 Abner Operating Store On Swap Basis 
350307 Decripit Horse 
350308 Broken Down Circus Comes to Pine Ridge 
350311 All Merchandise Gone 
350312 Abner Forecloses on Circus 
350313 Lum & Abner 
350314 Using Feed to Pay Admission to Circus 
350315 Lum and Abner Hire Squire Skimp 
350318 Freak Sideshow 
350319 Circus Will Open Saturday 
350320 Lum Give up Trapeze 
350321 Circus Jobs Are Dangerous 
350322 Grand Opening of Circus 
350325 Circus Losing Money 
350326 Abner Buys A Cheap Pair of Glasses 
350327 Walt Bates Will Move 
350328 Circus Doing Big Business 
350329 Storm Blows Down Circus 
350401 Circus Moves On To Belleville 
350402 Lum Borrows $200 From The Union Bank 
350403 Lum and Abner's Glasses Broken 
350404 Lum Falls in Love With Zenora 
350405 Lum and Abner to Travel With Circus 
350408 Circus Appearing in Mt. Ida 
350409 Squire is the Main Suspect 
350410 Lum Will Hide Money 
350411 Money Disappears Agaain 
350422 - Lum And Abner Sold Circus 
350423 - Lum And Abner Reconcile 
350426 Frank Foster to be Married 
350429 Lum Needs Engagement Ring 
350506 Evalena's Engagement 
350507 Lum Receives a Chain Letter From Denver 
350508 Lum Will Start His Own Chain Letter 
350509 Place to Keep Hogs 
350510 - Chain Letters Are Illegal 
350513 - Starting An Letter 
350514 - Hog Chain Letter Okay 
350515 Squire Will Take Hog 
350516 Lum Wants a Statue Made In His Honor 
350517 Discussion of the Statue 
350520 - Catalog From Monument Company 
350521 Lum Orders Statue of Himself 
350522 - Squire Returns From Chicago 
350523 Story of King Midas 
350524 Things Go Wrong At The Unveiling Ceremony 
350527 Lum Has Disappeared 
350528 - Lum Returns 
350529 - How To Operate A Picture Show 
350530 Cotton Warehouse for a Theater 
350531 Lum and Abner Hire Grandpap To Play Piano 
350603 Argue Over Name for Baby 
350604 Picture Show Costs A Lot 
350605 Squire Wants to Be A Third Partner 
350606 Squire to Start Rival Theater 
350607 Squire's Plans Rival Theater 
350610 Lum and Abner Lose To Squire 
350611 Dick to Help Lum and Abner 
350612 Free matinee 
350613 Squire Spreads Rumor 
350614 Ladies' Uplift League 
350617 Squire is Breaking The Law 
350618 Lum Won't Arrest Squire 
350619 Squire to Be Arrested 
350620 Squire Mad Over Warrant 
350621 Squire Is Tried in Lum's Court 
350624 Squire Falls Going Down The Isle 
350625 Letter of Apology to To Squire 
350626 Squire Gets Out of Sick Bed 
350627 Squire Sues 
350628 Letter Will Become Incriminating Evidence 
350701 Breaking into Squires House 
350702 Abner is Arrested 
350703 Lawyer Visits Lum 
350704 Off to Court 
350705 The Trial 
350708 Lum Wins Case 
350709 Lawyer Lum Resigns 
350710 Lum and Abner into Argument 
350711 Cedric to Clerk In The Store 
350712 Abner Believes Lum Ripped Him Off 
350715 Lums Theater Burns To The Ground 
350716 Lum Forgot To Buy Fire Insurance 
350717 Lum's Life Miserable 
350718 Lum Has Had It 
350719 Lum Has A New Business Venture With Squire 
350722 Selling Shares In Arizona Silver Mine 
350723 Pine Ridge Goes High Society 
350724 Proper Etiquette 
350725 First Families of Pine Ridge 
350726 They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree 
350729 Abner Hates Being In High Society 
350730 Plot for Jot 'em Down Store 
350731 Sells Jot 'em Down Store To Snake Hogan 
350801 Abner Has Not Been Seen At All 
350802 Reason Why Abner Disappeared 
350805 Abner Becomes The Biggest Society Man Of All 
350806 Dick Worries About Going To Jail 
350807 Dixie Belle and Mary Jane 
350808 Tired of High Society 
350809 Selling Jot 'Em Down Store 
350812 The Rolling Grocery Store 
350813 Caleb's Rolling Grocery 
350814 Squire Wants A Piece Of The Action 
350815 Inspecting the New Rolling Grocery Store 
350816 Abner Gets The Rolling Store Out Of The Blacksmith Shop 
350819 Merchandise in to the Store 
350820 Squire Goes to Arizona 
350821 Store's First Day on The Road 
350822 Dick Is Losing Customers 
350823 End Of Contest To Name The New Grocery Store 
350826 Stockholders Are Upset With Squire 
350827 Lum Proud Owner of the Silver Mine 
350828 Lum Decides to Buy a Trailer For An Office 
350829 Decides to Sell Silver Mine 
350830 Stockholders Meet Again 
350902 Hiding in Abner's Barn Loft 
350903 Stockholders Want Their Money Back 
350904 Abner's Fake Kidnapping 
350905 Blunder Kidnapping 
350906 Kidnapping the Whole Town Upset. 
350909 Townspeople Set Trap 
350910 Lum to Admit Everything 
350911 The Story Of Abner's Rescue Keeps Getting Bigger 
350912 Newspaper Article on Rescue 
350913 Operate Mine on a Royalty Basis 
350916 First Day of School 
350917 Speech on Honesty at The Schoolhouse 
350918 Raising $5000 Bail Money 
350919 Lum Sells His Possesions 
350920 Dick Confers with Judge 
350923 Discussing Detective Methods 
350924 Abner Helps Lum Pack 
350925 Will Lum Will Skip On His Bail 
350926 Tulsa Police Arrest Squire 
350927 Lum & Abner 
360426 Town Of Waters Becomes Pine Ridge 
370119 Abner Must Dispose Of Everything 
370511 Lum And Abner Have $200 That They Believe Was Stolen 
370806 Contest To Name Lunch Room 
370813 Wedding Of Evalena to Spud Gandel 
380228 Pine Ridge Moving Picture Company 
380302 Writing Script for a War Movie 
380304 Squire Theatrical Agent 
380307 Lum's Movie to Begin Filming 
380309 Squire's Promotions 
380311 Volcanoes Rotation of Earth 
380314 The Pine Ridge Moving Picture Company 
380316 380316 Squire Gives Money B 
380318 Finding Dinosaur Bones 
380321 Prof Interested in Bones 
380323 Trying to Assemble Bones 
380325 Professor Exams Bones 
380328 Cedric Sells Chances on a Punch Board 
380330 Abner Pretends to Be Sick So He Can Go Fishing 
380401 April Fool's Day Jokes 
380404 Reopening The Pine Ridge Matrimonial Bureau 
380406 Composing A Newspaper Ad For The Matrimonial Bureau 
380408 Lum Wants to Get Married As Well 
380411 Benefits of Being Married 
380413 Abner Starts Sending out Photos 
380415 Abner Doesn't Tell Lum About The Photos 
380418 Trouble Because Of Abner 
380420 Lum Patches Things Up 
380422 Lum in Hiding from Birdie 
380606 Lum's English Estate 
380608 Lum's English Frame of Mind 
380610 Raising Money for Trip 
380613 Skimp's Cash Store 
380615 Lum's Ocean Voyage 
380617 To England Via Siberia 
380620 Lum to Leave for England 
380622 Counting Sheep at Night 
380624 No Groceries on Credit 
380627 Lum Wants Abner To Go To England With Him 
380721 Lum & Abner 
381223 The 1938 Christmas Show 
390222 Lum Is Mistakenly Engaged To Bertha Skinner 
390310 Jack Benny Honorary Degree 
390628 - Abner's Limosine Adventure 
400101 Lum's New Year's Resolution 
400103 Operating a Post Office 
400105 Lum Escapes From Prison 
400108 Lum Hides Out 
400110 Police are closing in 
400112 Lum In Mexico 
400115 Lum Answers Ad 
400117 Lum Has Second Thoughts 
400119 Widder Beaumont's Telegram 
400122 Lum to Be a Family Man 
400124 Quarantined 
400126 Moving to Lum's House 
400129 Lum Likes Widder & Kids 
400131 Widder Leaves Town 
400202 Lum mourns loss of Widder 
400205 New Girl In Town 
400207 Standing up to Lizabeth 
400209 Formation Of Mens Protective Association 
400212 SOS for Mens Protective Association 
400214 Lum Receives A Comic Valentine 
400216 Women Lock Men Out Of Homes 
400219 Abner and Grandpap Unhappy 
400221 Women Want to Take Over 
400223 Election Will Be Held 
400226 Stir Up Trouble Among Women 
400228 Women Gang Up To Lum 
400301 Big Election Held 
400304 Bank Robber's in Pine Ridge 
400306 Capture of Bank Robbers 
400308 Lizabeth's Fame Grows 
400311 Movie about Jotem Down Store 
400313 Movie to be shot at Pine Ridge 
400315 Squire rents store 
400318 Lum Learns of Abner's Deal 
400320 Movie script arrives 
400322 Lum makes new deal 
400325 Why chickens come home to roost 
400327 Lum and Abner Sell Outdated Merchandise 
400329 Store Closes to Make Movie 
400901 Dreaming Out Loud 
401225 Christmas Show 
410228 Audition #1 
410526 Store Reopens 
410527 Vice President Cedric 
410529 Abner Buys Mr Dilbeck 
410530 Lums Memorial Day Speech 
410602 Grandpap Wants The Mule 
410603 Lum Appoints Cedric As Marketing Manager 
410605 Marketing Scheme Backfires 
410609 Dresses Dummy Like A Woman 
410610 Lum Thinks Rabbits Are Worth A Lot Of Money 
410612 Showdown With Elizabeth 
410613 Abner Is Tough 
410616 Lum Brags To Squire About Value Of Rabbits 
410617 Owe taxes on rabbits 
410619 Lum wants to buy property 
410620 Cedric buys property 
410623 Boys discover nitro 
410624 Lum tries to make things fall sideways 
410625 Formula For Synthetic Gasoline 
410630 - Synthetic Gasoline -- Date Approximate 
410819 Special Routine For Alka-Seltzer 
410825 Lum and Abner Operate Bank 
410826 Lum Buys Bank Guard Uniform 
410828 Strange Box Left at Bank 
410829 Speculating on the Box Contents 
410901 Box Contains Diamonds 
410902 Dealing with Stolen Jewels 
410904 Anxiously Waiting For Reply 
410905 Lum Plans to Marry Rich Widow 
410908 Practicing Ju Jitsu 
410909 Lum Tells Abner About The Letter He Received 
410910 - Jewels Missing from Box 
410911 No word from the widow yet 
410912 Everything Squared Away 
410915 Lum and Board of Directors 
410916 Bank Has No Charter 
410918 Mohammed to the Mountain 
410919 Lum Wants to Open up a Nursery in the Store 
410922 Lum & Abner 
410923 Lum and Abner Must Close The Bank 
410925 Cleaning Away Bank Remnants 
410926 A Nursery in the Jot 'em Down Store 
410929 Book on Modern Sales 
410930 Salesmanship Book Arrives 
411002 The Various Sales Methods 
411003 Getting Rid of Sales Book 
411006 Offer For Correspondence Arrives 
411007 New Adding Machine 
411009 New Teacher Miss Fredericks 
411010 Lum's Broken Leg 
411013 Squire Wants Lum to Collect On His Insurance 
411014 Lum Has Trouble Keeping up His Deception 
411016 Miss Fredericks Starts Dating Frank Foster 
411017 Abner Accidentally Bandages The Wrong Leg 
411020 Getting Answer From His Correspondence Course 
411021 Lum's Fake Broken Leg 
411023 Squire Skimp Takes $500 From Lum 
411024 Lum Gets $100 For His Broken Leg 
411027 $500 Becomes $50 
411028 Lum Wants A Price To Heal Others 
411030 Lum Gets A Healing 
411031 Lum Objects To Skimp Trickery 
411103 The Prince Learns The Truth 
411104 Prince Whups Squire 
411106 Lum Regrets Faking A Broken Leg 
411107 Lum's Big Date 
411110 Lum Plans A Free Lending Library 
411111 Organizing The Pine Ridge Library 
411113 Abner Misunderstands About Lions 
411114 Skimp Buys An African Lion 
411117 Lum Meets A Loose Lion In The Feed Room 
411118 Cedrick Makes The Lion Pet 
411120 Lum's Afraid Of The Lion 
411121 Lum's Lion Escapes 
411124 A Plan To Catch The Lion 
411125 Lum's Big Safari 
411127 Safari, With Lum, Abner And Cedrick 
411128 The Petition Of The Lion 
411201 Finky Winky 
411202 Research In The Library 
411204 Lum's Pine Ridge Bakery 
411205 Installing The Stove 
411208 Lum's Prune Bread 
411209 Loaves Is Big Business 
411211 Cakes For The Cake Sale 
411212 Locket In The Loaf 
411215 Snake Gets Lum's Locket 
411216 Squire Plans To Rescue Lum 
411218 Snake Threatens Lum 
411219 Everbody Is Mad At Lum 
411222 Mousey Whips Lum 
411223 Mousey Versus Snake 
411225 - 1941 
411226 Lum Decides Mousey Should Be A Prizefighter 
411229 Lum, Boxing Promoter 
411230 Mousey Signs With Squire 
420101 Lum Buys Mousey's Contract 
420102 Mousey Fights Iron Ike 
420105 Lucky Loaf Of Bread 
420106 Sink Or Swim 
420108 Lum Loses The Store 
420109 The Big Rematch 
420112 Lum Selling Pencils 
420113 Lum Selling Magazines 
420115 Abner Hires Some Help 
420116 Lum Fakes A Narvis Breakdown 
420119 Lum Rents Out The Library 
420120 Lum Plans A Robbery 
420122 Abner Visits Lum In Jail 
420123 Lum Hates Jail 
420126 Bail From 5 Cents To $10,000,000 
420127 Cedric Brings the Missing Paper To The Trial 
420129 A Letter From Judge Parker 
420130 Cedric Studies Ventriloquism 
420202 Beefing Up The Books 
420203 An Honest Man 
420205 $10,000 In Three Months 
420206 Squire Finally Pays 
420209 Who Is The Most Considerate and Honest 
420210 Cedric Maybe One of The Deputies 
420212 A Judge Of Men 
420213 Abner, A Pamphlet Writer 
420214 - To Be Determined 
420216 Abner Is Caught Using Lum's Pamphlet Phrases 
420217 - Clock To War Savings Time 
420219 Lum Explains Electricity 
420220 Diogenes Sends Lum To Ft. Smith To Deliver Pamphlets 
420223 Installing Victory Boxes 
420224 Lum, Air Raid Warden 
420226 Lum Appoints Mousey as an Airplane Watcher 
420227 Strange Happenings At Night 
420302 Someone Stole Cedric's License Plate 
420303 Elizabeth Wants New Shoes 
420305 Diogenes Leaves Town 
420306 Who Did Diogenes Leave in Charge? 
420309 Cedric Orders a Bicycle 
420310 Cedric's Sudden Wealth 
420312 Cedric's Magic Lantern 
420313 Cedric Gets a Half Interest in the Store 
420316 Questions for Cedric 
420317 Cedric's Secret 
420319 Abner gets rich too 
420320 Lum Counterfeiter 
420323 Worried about jail 
420324 Cedric Escapes From Jail 
420326 Abner arrested 
420327 Mousey the detective 
420330 Lum's return 
420331 Diogenes Leaves $10,000 To Pine Ridge 
420402 How to spend the money 
420403 Big premier 
420406 Premier committee 
420407 Lum's speech 
420409 Don Amichi Projection 
420410 The Bashful Bachelor 
420413 Quincy Wins 
420414 Legal document 
420416 The statue 
420417 Mousey's great idea 
420420 Lum planning new apartment 
420421 Lum designing new apartment 
420423 Cedric Can't Get Apartment 
420424 Cedric buys a pinball machine 
420427 Hush money 
420428 Cedric the Indian 
420430 - Cedric to Remove Tent 
420501 Mr Dobbs comes to visit 
420504 J Wadsworth from Chicago 
420505 Lum cons Squire Skimp 
420507 Carpooling 
420508 Old folks home 
420511 Seven wonders of the world 
420512 Just like Noah 
420514 Doing the books 
420515 Abner has been sleeping on the job 
420518 Lum the author 
420519 Mousey Wants Lum To Publish His Poems 
420521 Reviewing Manuscript 
420522 The Harley Property 
420525 Buried Treasure 
420526 Printing Handbills 
420528 The Phantom Author 
420529 A Ghost Outfit Or Abner's Disappearance 
420601 Breakfast At Sardi's 
420602 Greeting Cards And The Owl Business 
420604 Learning To Dance 
420605 Party And Fishing Trip 
420608 Writing Greeting Cards 
420609 Edwards & Mousey Gray Publishing 
420611 Getting A License 
420612 Try Cave Man Tactics 
420615 Dear Miss Beatrix 
420616 Cedric Beats The Pinball Machine 
420618 Cedric Wants to Join the Marines 
420619 Elizabeth Is Sewing 
420622 Abner's Going Fishing 
420623 Abner and Elizabeth Are Going to Adopt 
420625 Mousey's Written Report 
420626 A Note Addressed To Abner 
420629 Elizabeth Is Gone 
420630 No Word From Elizabeth 
420702 A Search Party 
420703 Watch The Baby For A Minute 
420706 Lum Is Baby Sitting 
420707 To Keep Baby 
420708 Dressed Like Mrs Lunford 
420709 Abner's House Is Robbed 
420713 The Black Pelican 
420714 The Masked Muskrat Makes a Report 
420715 Lum's War Drive Speech 
420716 A Ghost In Abner's House 
420720 Who's Going To Care For The Baby 
420721 Drawing For the Baby's Name 
420722 - A Man from the OPA Visits the Store 
420723 The Baby Locket 
420727 Coat of Arms in Newspaper 
420728 Phone Call From The County Seat 
420729 Cedric Sends A Letter By Carrier Pigeon? 
420730 Nurses for the Red Cross Army and Navy 
420803 A Letter From Kansas 
420804 Assistant King Edward 
420805 You Can't Argue With A King 
420806 Phone Call At 10 PM 
420810 Lum Tries Out Various Foreign Languages On The Baby 
420811 Squire Traces the Baby's Genealogical Past 
420812 Mrs Guthery's Child 
420813 Who's Going To Run The Gold Mine 
420817 President Of A Gold Mine 
420818 Wpeg Mining Company 
420819 The Baby's Legal Case Gets Expensive 
420820 A $5,000 Debt 
420824 Enter Baby in Movie Contest 
420825 Grandpap Will Auction Off The Store's Fixtures 
420826 Mr Finley 
420827 Collecting Junk For The Government 
420831 A Letter To Mr Blair 
420901 Squires $500 Joke Backfires 
420902 Lum and Abner Both Miss the Baby 
420903 Figure out the 30 Second Folding Cot 
420907 Mousey's Travel Agency 
420908 Back To Nature 
420909 $5 To New York 
420910 Abner Learns About War Bonds 
420914 The Hooker Telescope 
420915 Free Haircuts 
420916 Mousey Gray Wants to Be the New School Teacher 
420917 Lum Wants To Resign 
420921 Playing The Penny Weighing Machine 
420922 Meeting The New School Teacher 
420923 Supper With Professor 
420924 Learning About Air Raid Warnings 
420928 A Ghost Named Clyde 
420929 Avery, The Talking Donkey 
420930 A Letter For Cedric 
421001 No One Can Read The Letter Abner Wrote 
421005 Talking About Astronomy 
421006 Planning A Hike 
421007 Abner's Half Of The Money 
421008 Cedric Wants to Join the Army 
421012 Cedric To Get Telescope 
421013 Mother of Invention 
421014 Visiting The Recovering Professor 
421015 School Teacher Lum 
421019 Bidding on the Old Bufford 
421020 Buying the Property 
421021 Cleaning Up the Old House 
421022 Two and One Half Pounds 
421026 230 Abner Wants to Build a Rocket 
421027 Gussie Joins the Mil 
421028 Wheels for the Rocket 
421029 Squire Wants To Manage The Trip To Mars 
421102 Buying Stock in Their Corporation 
421103 Preparing for the Crown On Mars 
421104 Instruments for the Trip 
421105 Luke Spear's Restaurant 
421109 Abner And Cedric Varnish The Rocket Ship 
421110 Planning The Launching Ceremony 
421111 Squire Wants To Resign As Expedition Treasurer 
421112 The Rocket Unveiling Ceremony Without the Rocket 
421116 A Horse Of A Different Color 
421117 Abner is Scared to Go 
421118 Blast Off Day 
421119 Gas Rationing & Ride Sharing 
421123 The Biggest Chump 
421124 The Magazine Article 
421125 Look at Old Photos 
421126 New Six Dollar Shoes 
421130 Mousey Has Been Drafted 
421201 Exercise for Mousey 
421202 Planning a Surprise 
421203 Mousey's Going-Away 
421207 The Pine Ridge Golden 
421208 The First Meeting of the Golden Era Discussion Club 
421209 Gomer, Cedric, and Clarabelle 
421210 Cedric Is Worried About His Impending Marriage To 'W' 
421214 Cedric is Crazy 
421215 The Golden Arrow Club's Second Meeting 
421216 Who is W 
421217 Cedric's Wedding 
421221 A Letter from Mousey 
421222 Philosophy 
421223 Cedric's Being Sued 
421224 - Special Christmas Story 
421228 Cedric's Trial Begins 
421229 Discussing the Mona 
421230 Charlie Redfield Takes The Witness Stand 
421231 Disruptions In Court 
430104 Wimpy Foster Takes The Stand 
430105 Discussing Architecture 
430106 Ms. Winifred Redfield Testifies 
430107 Winnifred Elopes 
430111 Cedric Gets 22500 Point On Pinball 
430112 Discussing Sir Isaac 
430113 Looking for a Job for Pearl 
430114 - Abner Needs to Find a Job for Pearl 
430118 Ulysses S Quincy the Alibi King 
430119 Poem About a Cuckoo Bird 
430120 The Value of the Store 
430121 Everybody is Leaving Pine Ridge 
430125 A New Business To Save Pine Ridge 
430126 Patty Cake Patty Cake 
430127 Grandpap's New Career 
430128 War Stamps 
430201 Stretch Berries, Sweet Gum And Invisible Ink 
430202 Synthetic Rubber 
430203 The Synthetic Rubber 
430204 The Pine Ridge Rubber Company 
430208 The Absolute Secret 
430209 Grandpap and Amnesia 
430210 Buster vs. Davenport 
430211 Buster Sells Vacuum Cleaners 
430215 Eight Used Vacuum Cleaners 
430216 Trying To Recall Synthetic Rubber Formula 
430217 Lum Has Amnesia 
430218 Checkers to Cure Amnesia 
430222 Talking About Moving 
430223 A Pipe for Grandpap 
430224 Who Steals My Purse 
430225 Unfilled War Stamp Books 
430301 Honest Lum Whitley Edwards 
430302 How to Give a Party 
430303 Abner and Elizabeth Are Going to Adopt Grandpap 
430304 Grandpap's an Income Tax Exemption 
430308 Rewriting Inventions 
430309 Golden Era Club Discusses Etiquette 
430310 Cedric Gets a Promotion at Work 
430311 Grandpap Is Collecting for the Red Cross 
430315 Grandpap Doesn't Show for His Party 
430316 Grandpap Is Leaving 
430317 Writing to Dentists 
430318 Dr Snide DDS 
430322 Dr Snide Visits Pine Ridge 
430323 Grandpap's Teeth 
430324 Dr Snide is Coming to Stay 
430325 Mousy Grey Is Home on Military Leave 
430329 Calling Dr Edwards 
430330 Dr Snide Guest Speaker 
430331 Dentist's Costs 
430401 No Charge 
430405 Handbills to Get Rid 
430406 Some Legal Honest Loopholes 
430407 Lum's on Probation 
430408 Grandpap's Back from Toledo 
430412 Barbara Stanwyck Visits 
430413 Remembering Milford A Spears 
430414 Buster is Out to Get Grandpappy Spears 
430415 A Date for Grandpappy 
430419 Carpooling to Save Gas 
430420 Charity Spears 
430421 Buster Courting Charity 
430422 Black Market Meat 
430426 Grandpap Proposes to Aunt Charity 
430427 Grandpap and Charity 
430428 Grandpap Has His Memory Back 
430429 Pine Ridge Rubber Company 
430503 Substance 4765 Isn't Synthetic Rubber 
430504 Chairmen of the Pine Ridge War Bond Staff 
430505 Business Meeting at Luke Spears' Lunchroom 
430506 A Play About Inflation 
430510 Searching for Talent 
430511 Setting Up a Town Meeting 
430512 A One-Hundred-Dollar War Bond 
430513 Abner the Mystic 
430517 Predictions Start Trouble 
430518 Lum's Got Women Troubles 
430519 The Elect Lum a Wife Contest 
430520 Widow Abernathy is Winning 
430524 Sister Simpson Takes The Lead 
430525 Insurance For Lum 
430526 Horse Shoes 
430527 If Cedric Could Fly 
430531 Fabricating a New Contest 
430601 A Contestant Withdraws 
430602 Lum Wants to Leave Town 
430603 Mable Melrose is After Lum 
430607 Planning Lum's Auction Wedding 
430608 The One Thousand Dollar Settlement 
430609 Lum is in Love 
430610 Cleaning Abner's Attic For Mabel 
430614 Planning the Art Exhibit 
430615 Lum Wants to Sponsor An Art Exhibit 
430616 Lum Has Trouble Painting Surrealist Paintings 
430617 Cedric Balks at Saving 
430621 Secret Engagement 
430622 Which Side is Up 
430623 The Checklist 
430624 The Auction 
430628 Grandpap Braggs 
430629 Birdwatching 
430630 Down with Slang 
430701 Romancing 
430705 Grandpap's Job 
430706 Mousey's War Adventures 
430707 Mousey Returns 
430708 - How Mousey Was Wounded 
430712 Mousey's Injury 
430713 Mabel Melrose Leaves 
430714 The Telegrams 
430715 Treasure Department 
430719 Abner's Problem 
430720 The Weekly Meeting 
430721 Ol' Blue's Qualifications 
430722 Ellie is Missing 
430726 Concealing Evidence 
430727 Indecision 
430728 Feed Room Off Limits 
430729 At The Depot 
430802 Back at the Store 
430803 Unwilling Suitor 
430804 Grandpap's Visit 
430805 Lum's Trip 
430809 A Call from Lum 
430810 Curing Cedric's Insomnia 
430811 Ellie Suspects 
430812 Insurance Forms 
430816 The Straight Scoop 
430817 Ellie Finds Out 
430818 Poison Oak 
430819 Cedric is Fined 
430823 - Uncle Henry in Wheelchair 
430824 The Rolling Kettle 
430825 Everyone Gets the Me 
430826 Multiple Exposures 
430830 Activities 
430831 Convalescing 
430901 The Bread Truck 
430902 Uncle Henry Treats 
430906 Uncle Henry's Conscience 
430907 A Change of Mind 
430908 The Picnic 
430909 War Bonds 
430913 The Race 
430914 A Parade for Caleb 
430915 The Election 
430916 Dividing Up the Store 
430920 Cedric in High School 
430921 Cedric the Fixer 
430922 The Studies 
430923 Bootstraps 
430927 Et Tu Brutus 
430928 Professor Lum 
430929 Suicide Note 
430930 Lum Disappears 
431004 Dividing Up the Property 
431005 Return from the Dead 
431006 Lum Wants to Go Home 
431007 Ghosts 
431008 - Ghosts 
431011 Movie Theater 
431012 Bad Business 
431013 Where To Get A Movie Projector 
431014 Cedric Follows Directions 
431018 Grandpap To Play Piano 
431019 Free Passes 
431020 Who Will Run The Project 
431021 Packing A Suitcase 
431025 New man with the company 
431026 The vultures revenge 
431027 Motion picture salesman 
431028 A Talk With Mary 
431101 Projector Lessons 
431102 Vote Name For Movie Theater 
431103 Squire Wants to Be Third Partner in Theater 
431104 Figuratively Speaking 
431108 Hired Away 
431109 Contract Renegotiations 
431110 Working Away 
431111 Free Movie Preview 
431115 Rumors About Theater 
431116 Protesting the Movie 
431117 Disappointing Turnout 
431118 Loophole Ordinance 
431119 - Loophole Ordinance 
431122 Legal Matters 
431123 - Warrant on Squire 
431124 Cedric's Car 
431125 Steal The Note 
431129 Watch What You Sign 
431130 Lawyers Visit 
431201 Forget Your Mistakes 
431202 X-Ray Pictures 
431206 Incriminating Evidence 
431207 Lum Is Gone 
431208 Grandpap Is Arrested 
431209 - Trying to Steal Note 
431213 - Squire Will Drop Charges 
431214 - Squire's Lawyer Visits 
431215 - Wanting Squire's X-Rays 
431216 - Squire's Back in Bad Shape 
431220 - Lum Leaves Trial Suddenly 
431221 - Trying to Find Lum 
431222 - To Raise Money to Eat 
431223 Trial Resumed 
431227 The Explanation 
431228 Legal Advisor 
431229 Splitting Up Partnership 
431230 Lum nor Abner Happy 
440103 Everyone against Abner 
440104 Lums Theater Burns Down 
440105 Lum Lost Everything In Fire 
440106 Abner Hires Lum 
440110 Lum Becomes The Delivery Boy 
440111 Chamber of Commerce 
440112 Relationship Strained More 
440113 Lum Asks For A Raise 
440117 Lum is Diamond Jim 
440118 Diamond Business 
440119 Everyone to Sell Diamonds 
440120 Lum Trades Bogus Diamonds for Barber Chair 
440124 Cedric to Get Barber Chair 
440125 Abner Doesn't Think Lum Can Be a Good Barber 
440126 Lum Practices Barbering on Abner 
440127 Play to Sell War Bonds 
440131 Personalized Barber 
440201 Lum hires Customers 
440202 Miss Barton Wants Lum to Cut Her Hair 
440203 Shaves off Grandpap's Beard 
440207 Grandpap On The Prowl 
440208 Lum Disguises Himself 
440209 Something to tell Lum 
440210 Recruiting Book for Waves 
440214 Lum Invents Quick-Grow Hair Tonic 
440215 Grandpap Mad At Lum 
440229 - Excerpt from Bob Hope Show 
440300 Lum's Bank Pt1 
4403xx - Lum's Bank 
4403xx - Lum's Bank - Part 1 
4403xx - Lum's Bank - Part 2 
440403 Lost Treasure Expedition 
440404 Cedric's Stenographer 
440405 Expedition to Tennessee 
440406 Trip to Tennessee 
440410 Spend Night In Motel 
440411 Car Breaks Down 
440412 Lecture - The Evils 
440413 Digging for Treasure 
440417 Treasure Hunters Broke 
440418 Pawn Pinball Machine 
440419 Grandpap Doesn't Ask About Expedition 
440420 Lum Will Give Speech 
440424 Mysterious Package Arrives 
440425 Can't Open Package 
440426 Using Worthless Old Coins 
440427 Squire Wants Treasure 
440501 Lum Decides To Open Museum 
440502 Label Items In The Museum 
440503 Cedric Latest Date 
440504 Lum Wants To Hire A Woman 
440508 Lum's Boring Museum 
440509 Stuffed Owl Disappeared 
440510 Mystery Of The Stuff 
440511 Is The Owl Alive Or Not 
440515 Visit To Convalescent Lum 
440516 Old Photos Makes Abner Believe He Was Once a King 
440517 Phinus Peabody To Visit 
440518 Discussing Phinus's Eccentricities 
440522 Abner Can't Tell Lizabeth About Phinus 
440523 Abner's Weird Behavior 
440524 Phinus Calls From Mena 
440525 Phinus Peabody Arrives 
440529 Phinus Takes Waves Prisoner 
440530 50th Wedding Anniversary 
440531 History of Peabody Family 
440601 Cedric And Phinus Go To Ft. Smith 
440605 Phinus Makes Elizabeth Nuts 
440606 Odd Collecting Habit 
440607 Grandpap Can't Stand Phinus Reading the Almanac 
440608 The Man Who Came To Dinner 
440612 Phinus Meets Sister 
440613 Trying To Find A Job For Phinus 
440614 Job At Defense Plant 
440615 Will Phinus Work On The Tire Rationing Board 
440619 Rich Stranger Arrives 
440620 Phinus Is Acting As A Guide For Stranger 
440621 Abner And Grandpap Discuss Lum's Business Meeting 
440622 The Story Of Ponce de Leon 
440626 B. J.'s Business Meeting 
440627 To Build Health Resort 
440628 No Property Development 
440629 Taking Cedric's Picture 
440703 Grandpap Agree's To Resort Idea 
440704 Lum Will Hire An Architect 
440705 Suspicious of B. J. 
440706 Lum To Analyze Spring Water 
440710 Teaching Cedric To Dance 
440711 Results On Spring Water 
440712 B.J. Webster Gets Water Analysis 
440713 Job At Defense Plant 
440717 Health Resort Riches 
440718 B.J. Will Be Sole Owner Of The Resort 
440719 Invest In Health Resort 
440720 Efficiency Measures 
440724 Grandpap To Sell Land 
440725 Can't See Prez Spears 
440726 Putting Up Screen Door 
440727 Tribute To Merchant Marines 
440731 Lum Serves Evicton Papers 
440801 Grandpap Is Furious 
440802 Fiddle With Property 
440803 Brair Creek Ideas 
440807 Abner Walks Out On Lum 
440808 Abner Entertains Prisoners 
440809 Abner Competes With Lum 
440810 Grandpap's Eviction 
440814 Still Not Talking To Lum 
440815 Lum Traps B. J. Webster 
440816 B. J. Webster Arrested 
440817 B. J. Webster's Trial 
440821 B.J. Surprises Everyone By Pleading Guilty 
440822 Buying Dillard Farm 
440823 Mailing Christmas Packages 
440824 Helps Grandpap Move 
440828 Plan to Divert Creek onto Grandpap's New Farm 
440829 Won't Have To Change 
440830 Lum Accused Of Embezzlement 
440831 Trouble Telling Lum About Embezzlement Charge 
440904 Lum To Become A Martyr 
440905 Cake With A Surprise 
440906 Lum Is Miserable 
440907 Inaflation Play 
440911 Lum Isn't Worried About His Upcoming Trail 
440912 Lum And Abner Leave For Trial 
440913 Everyone Working On Case 
440914 Squire To Take Lum's Case 
440918 Trial Begins 
440919 Grandpap's Testimony 
440920 Situation Looks Hopeless 
440921 Lum To Give Testimony 
440925 Closing Remarks Of Trial 
440926 Surprise Evidence 
440927 Lum Appreciates Everything 
440928 Read Through Junk Mail 
441002 New Policy 
441003 School Board President 
441004 Ignore Board Prez Lum 
441005 Play About Merchant Marines 
441009 Parents Complaining About Professor Sloane 
441010 Sloane Gets Better Job 
441011 Discuss Replacement 
441012 Applications For Tea 
441016 Store To Sell Birdbaths 
441017 Arithmetic Problem 
441018 Lum Examining Records 
441019 To Greet New Teacher 
441023 War Bond Meeting 
441024 Shopping In Fort Smith 
441025 Lost Train Tickets Problems 
441026 Hitchhiking Home 
441030 New Teacher, Emaline Platt 
441031 Discuss Halloween Pranks 
441101 Works On Water Pipes 
441102 Excuses To Visit School House 
441106 Write English Composition 
441107 First Time To Vote 
441108 Abner Must Visit Relatives In Mineola, Texas 
441109 Abner To Learn Trombone 
441113 Off To Texas 
441114 Stranded At Johnson Farm 
441115 Call Supposedly From Texas 
441116 Mr Dennison School Official Visits 
441120 Checkers Over The Phone 
441121 Psychologist Arrives 
441122 Taking Psychologist 
441123 Lum & Thanksgiving Dinner 
441127 Abner Trouble At Home 
441128 Newspaper Love Advice 
441129 Cedric Reads Abner's Letter To School Class 
441130 Barbara Stanwyck, War Bonds 
441204 Abner and Hunger Strike 
441205 Abner Not Doing Well With Hunger Strike 
441206 Third Day Of Hunger 
441207 Abner To Become A Bum 
441211 Abner Enjoys A Bum's Life 
441212 Elizabeth Wants Abner Back 
441213 Lum May Become a Bum 
441214 Letter From Pearl 
441217 Radio Hall of Fame 
441218 Abner and Marriage Advice 
441219 Cedric Visits Ole Doc Peabody's Advice Bureau 
441220 Wanting To Hear Town Gossip 
441221 Christmas Leather Desk Set 
441225 Special Christmas Program 
441226 Lum Wants An Appointment With Ole Doc Peabody 
441227 Abner Gives Lum Some Advice About Miss Emaline 
441228 Lum's Romantical Speech 
450000 Special Keystone Special 
450101 New Year's Day at Abner's 
450102 Baritone Singer Lum 
450103 Lum in Singing Contest 
450104 To Get Out Of Contest 
450108 Phinus Helps Out In The Jot'em Down Store 
450109 Ira Hodgekins Wants Advice 
450110 Ira and His Wife Trade Jobs 
450111 Abner's Plan Not Working 
450115 Lum's 1st Prize Ribbon 
450116 Details Of Contest 
450117 Lum To Sing At Charity Bazaar 
450118 Contest Article 
450122 Lum Sang 
450123 Nurse Shortage 
450124 The Truth About Lum' 
450125 Miss Emaline Is Happy 
450129 Lum's Hair The Wrong Color 
450130 Abner Will Bandage Lum's Head to Hide His Hair 
450131 Groundhog Day 
450201 Insurance With Loopholes 
450205 Lum Will Have His Hair Bleached At the Beauty Shop 
450206 Wrong Idea About Lum 
450207 Lum Owes $2450 to the Beauty Shop 
450208 $2500 For Hill Property 
450212 Lum And Abner Camp Out On The Property 
450213 Old Abandoned Silver Mine May Be on Their Property 
450214 Shopping For A Valentine 
450215 Cave-In Traps Lum and Abner 
450219 Where Is Lum And Abner? 
450220 Dick Huddleston Organizes Search Party 
450221 Cedric Performs in School 
450222 Old Blue Leads Search Party 
450226 Lum Tries To Attack Abner 
450227 Lum And Abner found 
450228 Recuperating At Abner's House 
4502xx - [Aud] Theme Eleanor Full Orchestra 
4502xx - [Aud] Theme Eleanor Full Orchestra - Abort and Restart 
4502xx - [Aud] Theme Eleanor Ralph Emerson Organist 
4502xx - [Aud] Theme Unknown Song 
450301 Newspaper Article 
450305 W.J. Chancellor Arrives In Pine Ridge 
450314 Book About Mine Cave In 
450315 Lum Must Uninvite People To Buffet 
450319 At Supper, Cedric Varnishes Dishes 
450320 Discussion of the First Day of Spring 
450321 Lum Wants To Buy A Diamond 
450322 Play Instead Of Book 
450326 Lum Buys Engagement Diamond 
450327 Lunlun Diamond Has A Curse On It 
450328 Lum Measures Abner for a New Suit 
450329 Abner Worried About Curse Of Kunlun Diamond 
450402 April Fool's Joke 
450403 Mr Chancellor's Father Has Surprising Revelation 
450404 Threatening Note 
450405 Abner's House Broken Into 
450409 Lum Is Nervous About Keeping Diamond 
450410 Abner Advised To Sell Diamond 
450411 Jeweler Dies 
450412 Working Crossword Puzzles 
450416 Kunlun Diamond Continues to Cause Problems 
450417 Can't Get Rid Of Diamond 
450418 Bury Diamond In Cellar 
450419 School House At Night 
450423 Cedric's Parrot Saves The Day 
450424 Abner Gets Rid Of Di 
450425 Lum Finds out Abner Sold the Diamond 
450426 Lum Explains the Meaning of the United Nations 
450430 Secretive About Diamond 
450501 Dick Tries To Patch Things Up 
450502 Store Divided In Half 
450503 Dr. Fontain Grill Leaves Mysterious Box 
450507 Newspaper Clipping Alarms Lum and Abner 
450508 Lum And Abner Open The Box 
450509 More on contents of Box 
450510 Lum, Abner and Grandpap Assemble Robert The Robot 
450515 Abner Wants to Put Robert The Robot to Work 
450516 Learning About Robert 
450517 Child Welfare Investigates Robert 
450518 - Squire Wants Carnival Tour with the Robot 
450521 Cedric Gets Robert a Date 
450522 Robert To Deliver Groceries 
450523 Robert's First Day of Making Deliveries 
450524 Losing Control Of Robert 
450528 Robert Nowhere To Be Found 
450529 Dead Prize Bull In Ditch 
450531 Ira Sues Abner For $500 
450605 Squire Gets Involved In Abner's Case 
450606 Lum Postpones Abner's Trial to Make Plans 
450607 Trial Begins 
450611 More Charges Against Abner 
450612 Abner In Deeper After Cedric's Testimony 
450613 Squire Springs Surprise Witness 
450614 More Problems For Abner 
450618 Abner Pleads Insanity 
450619 Psychiatrist Tries to Figure out Who's Crazy 
450620 Squire Leaves Ira High and Dry 
450621 Settle Out Of Court 
450625 Abner Heckles Lum 
450626 Lum Finds out the Whole Story 
450627 Detective Lum Tells What He Found Out 
450628 Converting The Jot'em Down Store 
450702 Issue Shares of Stock 
450703 Pine Ridge Stock Exchange 
450704 Lum Doesn't Go to the Forth of July Picnic 
450705 Selling Shares to Cedric 
450709 Lum and Abner Lose Money to Cedric 
450710 Grandpap Wants Consolidated Banana Stock 
450711 Grandpap Thinks He Is Rich from Banana Stock 
450712 Bottom Drops Out Of Banana Market 
450716 Must Get Stock Back 
450717 Lum And Abner Are Arrested By Mousey Gray 
450718 Locked In Jail Cell 
450719 Store Closed For Vacation 
450903 Lum Has Great New Idea 
450904 Lum Tells Abner About New Post War World 
450905 The Eddards And Peabody Split Atom Co 
450906 Digging for Uranium 
450910 Lum and Abner Find Uranium 
450911 Fooling Around with a Bottle of Nitroglycerine 
450912 Cedric Drinks The Uranium 
450913 Abner Feeds Cedric the St Bernard 
450917 Dog Gone, Cedric Returns 
450918 Dog Runs Off With Nitroglycerine 
450919 Lum Is Trapped in a Truck with Nitroglycerine 
450920 Grandpap Tells About Big Blowout in Mena 
450924 Lum Pretends to Be Sick 
450925 Lum Brags to Miss Emaline 
450926 Miss Emaline Wants Lum to Get Her a Train Ticket 
450927 Lum Admits Everything 
451001 Abner Will Help Lum 
451002 Cedric And Abner Will Run Lum Over With A Car 
451003 Miss Emaline Gets An Injunction Against Lum 
451004 School Board Wants Lum to Talk to Miss Emaline 
451008 Excuses for the School Board 
451009 Everything Ok Between Lum And Emaline 
451010 Lum Will Stop Exaggerating 
451011 Abner Teaches Lum How To Skate 
451015 Lum Gave Comical Skating Exhibition 
451016 Lum Is New Coach Of Pine Ridge Football Team 
451017 451017 Pine Ridge Possums Must Beat Oden Owls 
451018 The Football Team Needs New Equipment 
451022 Pine Ridge Loses to Oden 
451023 Cedric Is Pine Ridge's Star Football Player 
451024 Sgt. Hartford Is Coming To Work In The Store 
451025 The Sarge Quickly Takes Over 
451029 Lum & Abner Overworked 
451030 Explaining The Bookkeeping System 
451031 To Collect Unpaid Bills 
451101 Collecting Unpaid Bills 
451105 The Sarge Has Been out Collecting Bills Herself 
451106 Lum And Abner Decide That The Sarge Must Go 
451107 Jot'em Down Store No Longer Bankrupt 
451108 A Romance May Get the Sarge Out 
451112 Abner Tells Cedric About His Pet 
451113 Mose Moots And The Sagre Hate Each Other 
451114 Store Will Have Big Sale on Pre-War Girdles 
451115 - Sale and a Few Casualties 
451119 Sarge Gets a Letter 
451120 Cedric Must Pass Test 
451121 Matrimonial Bureau Send Old Photo Of Lum 
451122 Everyone at Abner's House for Thanksgiving 
451126 Abner Helps Cedric Study For Test 
451127 Sarge Fall In Love With Old Picture Of Lum 
451128 Grandpap's Help Makes Things Worse 
451129 Miss Emaline And Sarge Have Old Picture Of Lum 
451203 Lum Fakes a Letter From Mr. X 
451204 Sarge Thinks Mr. X Works At The Wholesale House 
451205 Sarge Goes to Mena to Find Mr X 
451206 Lizabeth Wants to Be Queen For A Day 
451210 Otis Bagley to Come to Dinner with Sgt Hartford 
451211 Sgt Hartford Has Eloped 
451212 Abner's Pet Mouse, Clyde 
451213 Lum Makes Abner Set Traps for Clyde 
451217 Mr. Talbert Wants To Buy The Store 
451218 Cedric And Mousey Help Impress The Talberts 
451219 Borrowing Cash To Make Receipts Look Better 
451220 Talberts Rob Tie and Gag Lum and Abner 
451224 Trapped in Burning Jot'em Down Store 
451226 Lum and Abner Escape The Fire 
451227 Squire Says Lum and 
451231 Lum And Abner Searching For The Robbers 
460101 Old Style Dollar Bill 
460102 Burn Robbers Tent and Money 
460103 Squire Writes A Newspaper Article About Incident 
460107 Collect $1,500 Reward 
460108 Everyone Wants The Reward Money 
460109 Squire Sells Lum And Abner Some Insurance 
460110 Abner Takes A Physical Exam 
460114 Trying to Collect Insurance 
460115 Lum Suspects Abner Is Up To Something 
460116 Abner is packing a pistol 
460117 Abner even more suspicious 
460121 An eagle eye on each other 
460122 Trying to poison the other 
460123 Settle thing with a duel 
460124 Explaining rules of Dueling 
460128 Abner Infuriates The Governor Of Arkansas 
460129 Lum Is Upset Over The Way The Town Is Run 
460130 Will elect new mayor 
460131 Lum Will Be The Political Boss Of Pine Ridge 
460204 Organizing The New Broom Party 
460205 Cedric as ward healer 
460206 Squire's Political Party May Cause Problems 
460207 Abner vs. Ezra Seestruck for Mayor 
460211 Having A Political Rally Over The Party Line 
460212 New Broom Party Hold Rally over the Party Line 
460213 How To Get Lodge Hall 
460214 Abner's Rally At Lodge 
460218 Start Mudslinging Campaign 
460219 Diogenes Smith's Old Press 
460220 Abner Makes Extravagant Campaign Promises 
460221 New Broom Party Seeks Votes 
460225 Women Swing Over To Ezra's Side 
460226 Accident Puts Women Back On Abner's Side 
460227 Women Head To Mena For Big Sale 
460228 Absentee Ballots For Women 
460304 Last Day For Absente Ballots 
460305 New Mayor Of Pine Ridge 
460306 Talking To Mayor Peabody 
460307 Mayor Peabody Makes Abner Cook Dinner 
460311 All Woman City Council 
460312 Loses Justice Of Peace 
460313 1000th Broadcast over the Keystone Network 
460314 Discuss New Lady Barber 
460318 Keep Men From Barber 
460319 Figure Way Around The Law 
460320 Kitty The Barber Quits 
460321 Men Will Meet to Decide How To Defeat Women 
460325 Lum dresses as woman 
460326 Women Push Big Bond Issue 
460327 Lum Stirs Up Media Against Crooked Bond Issue 
460328 Men Head For The Hills To Spoil Bond Issue 
460401 Relocate Pine Ridge 
460402 Men steal town records 
460403 Men give up and retuturn to town 
460404 Women Welcome Men Back 
460408 Dr. Roller Pest Control 
460409 Lum Hires Dr Roller 
460410 Dr. Roller's Method 
460411 Dr. Roller Is Obsessed With Catching Clyde 
460415 Trick Dr With Dead Mouse 
460416 Plan to Sell Repaired Antiques 
460417 Confederate Treasure 
460418 Confederate Money Chest 
460422 Using Confederate Money 
460423 Money Is Counterfeit 
460424 Lum Thinks Henry Kaiser Will Build A Ship Building Plant 
460425 Ready For Mr. Kaiser 
460429 Visitor Is Kay Kyser 
460430 Cedric Washes Labels off All Caned Goods 
460501 Lum Finds Unlabeled Cans 
460502 Grab Bag Sale 
460506 Grandpap Can Guess What's In The Cans 
460507 Injunction Against Grandpap 
460508 Tips On Guessing Cans 
460509 Discovers Grandpap's Secret 
460513 Telegram from Mr Hatstaff 
460514 Bob Hope's Publicity Man 
460515 Why Is Bob Hope Coming to Pine Ridge 
460516 Article About Arrival 
460520 Bob Hope Arrives 
460521 Sell Car Raffle Tickets 
460522 Who Gets New Car First 
460523 Orders Lum A New Car 
460527 Lum Wins Car In Raffle 
460528 Lum Can't Get To Mena To Pick Up Car 
460529 Lum Wrecks Car 
460530 Lum Wins Bet With Squire 
460603 Squire Almost Traps Lum In A Shady Deal 
460604 Television Popcorn 
460605 Lum Buys 5 Cases Of Hats 
460606 Women's Hats Unassembled 
460610 Bon Mot, Ladies Hat Designer 
460611 Hot style show 
460612 Last minute plans for the show 
460613 Funny hat contest 
460617 Lum And Abner Meet Tom Breneman In Hollywood 
460618 Trying to Get Railroad Tickets Back 
460619 Sharing A Ride With A Tourist 
460620 Finally Catching a Ride Back Home 
460624 Lum Roped Into Writing A Play 
460625 Miss Emaline Encourages Lum To Write 
460626 Rehearsing Lum's Play 
460627 Lum To Sabotage The Rehearsal 
460701 Reopen Abandoned Hotel 
460702 Operating The Mountain View Inn 
460703 Getting hotel ready 
460704 Guests But No Rooms 
460708 Disagree Who Will Manage 
460709 Trixie Van Duzen 
460710 Trixie and Her Dog 
460711 Miss Emaline Coming For A Visit Tuesday 
460715 Strange Things Happening 
460716 The Mystery Of Guests 
460717 New Guest Add To Mystery 
460718 Jewel Thieves To Hotel 
460722 Lum Tries For Bellhop Job 
460723 Jewel Thieves Involvement 
460724 Who Will Be Bellhop? 
460725 Tipping Off Jewel Theives 
460729 Has Lum Joined Forces With The Thieves? 
460730 Abner Jails Lum 
460731 Lum and Abner Split 
460801 Dick Huddleston and Reason 
460805 Abner Steals Lum's Guests 
460806 Lum Gets Revenge 
460807 Lum And Detective Wilson 
460808 Detective Wilson's Hat 
460812 Abner Releases Detective Wilson 
460813 Wilson Is A Jewel Theif 
460814 lum captures whole gang 
460815 Lum Thinks Town Will Put Up A Statue Of Him 
460819 Hotel Gets New Manager 
460820 Grandpap Sues Over Pay 
460826 Lum Decides To Become A Piano Tuner 
460827 Lum Can Get A New Piano On Approval 
460828 Grandpap Tells A Story About A Talking Dog 
460829 Lum Destroys The Church 
460902 What Happened At Church 
460903 Bloodhound Follows Lum 
460904 Henry Lunsford Finds A Clue 
460905 Restring With Bailin 
460909 30 Day Trial Piano Arrives 
460910 Donating New Piano 
460911 How To Pay for Piano 
460912 Lum To Become Human Fly 
460916 Telephone Joke On Lum 
460917 Lum To Miss Out On $500 
460918 Abner And Grandpap Confess Everything 
460919 Lum May Leave Town 
460923 Best Bushel Of Apples 
460924 Pie Baking Contest 
460925 Contest Too Expensive 
460926 Good Side Of Pie Judge Lum 
460930 Having a Pie Eating Contest 
461001 Family Needs Place To Live 
461002 Lum Speaks To Ladies Aid Meeting 
461003 Childers Move In With Lum And Drive Him Nuts 
461007 Build House for Childers 
461008 Tinker With Blueprints 
461009 Widder Cobb Interferes With House Building 
461010 Ex-Serviceman Mr. Duncan 
461014 Lum Tricked Widder 
461015 Financing Is Complicated 
461016 Complaints On The Building 
461017 Listens To Bad Radio 
461021 Mr Duncan Wants to See Lot Lum Has for Him 
461022 Things Work Out Right 
461023 Duncan's Father-In-Law Causes Problems 
461024 Filling Out A Government Form 
461028 Duncan Can Get G.I. Loan 
461029 Lum To Build Doctor Office 
461030 Veterinarian, Doc Withers Is Coming To Town 
461031 Lum Plans Big Welcome 
461104 Doc Withers Arrives 
461105 Doc Moves Into Store 
461106 Selling Insurance To Doc 
461107 Doc Likes Eating Pancakes 
461111 Cedric Buys New Shoes 
461112 Lum Into Perfume Business 
461113 Whaleburger Restaurant 
461114 Operating a Restaurant in the Jot'em Down Store 
461118 Abner Gets Laryngitis 
461119 Stove For Restaurant 
461120 Abner Still Has Laryngitis 
461121 Phone Call To Get Ice Box 
461125 - The Restaurant 
461126 Trying To Get The Bus To Stop At The Restaurant 
461127 - The Restaurant 
461128 Chester the Turkey 
461202 First Busload Of Passengers 
461203 Advertise The Restaurant 
461204 Singing Commercials 
461205 Wants Duncan Hines To Visit Restaurant 
461209 Lum Is Furious At Abner 
461210 Abner and Cedric Practice Hash House Lingo 
461211 Lum Will Prepare Roast Duck For Mr. Hines 
461212 Mr Hines Will Arrive Monday 
461216 Duncan Hines Arrives 
461217 Hines Likes Hamburgers 
461218 How To Make Hamburgers 
461219 Abner Asks For A Raise 
461223 - Lum's Newspaper Picture 
461225 - 's Christmas Story 
470106 Lum Orders Oysters To Serve In The Restaurant 
470107 Poor Little Oysters 
470108 Tipping Grandpap 
470109 Doc's Telegram 
470113 Lum Burgers Worldwide 
470114 Oysters Missing 
470115 Grandpap is Hired as Lum's Secretary 
470116 Abner Fills Grandpap's Shoes As Telegram Delivery Boy 
470120 Lum Finds He Is Being Crushed by His Own Success 
470121 - No One Willing to Be First to Eat Oysters 
470122 Grandpap finds pearl in an Oyster 
470123 Lum, Abner, Squire, and Grandpap All Claim the Pearl 
470127 Squire Sues Lum and Abner for the Pearl Ownership 
470128 Grandpap Also Wants to Sue Lum and Abner 
470129 Squire Offers to Buy Pearl for $800 
470130 Lum & Abner go to Mena to Get Pearl Appraised 
470203 Lum Hires Lawyer Wallford to Handle Case 
470204 The Pearl is missing 
470205 Judge Of Human Nature 
470212 Lum On The Witness Stand 
470213 Abner On the Witness Stand 
470217 Doc Withers drives The Judge Crazy 
470218 Cedric is star witness 
470219 Cedric's Testimony Makes Lum out to Be a Criminal 
470220 Lum facing bribery charge 
470224 At Trial Lawyer Is More Interested In Horse 
470225 Lum Takes Witness Stand 
470226 Trial Is Postponed For Hearing On Lum's Bribery Charge 
470227 Doc Withers Treats Lum For A Nervous Breakdown 
470304 Jury Reaches It's Verdict 
470305 Lum Feels Guilty For Accepting Pearl Money 
470306 Lum & Abner Divide Up The Store 
470310 Grandpap Receives Threatening Phone Call 
470311 Mysterious voice on party line threatens Squire Skimp 
470312 Everyone Frightened of The voice 
470313 Lum Thinks Abner Is Trying To Do Him In 
470317 Voice Predicts More Disaster 
470318 Doc Withers is upset 
470319 Doc changes his name to Ben Withers 
470320 Ben Prepares to Leave Town 
470324 Lum and Abner Monitor The Party Line 
470325 Lum and Abner Disconnect the Town's Phone System 
470326 Squire Conducts A Town Meeting 
470327 - Lum And Abner Decide The Voice Is A Ghost 
470331 Ben Withers sets traps to catch a ghost 
470401 Everyone Gathered in Store Waiting for Ben to Produce Ghost 
470402 Ben Tells How He Caught The Voice 
470403 Lum & Abner have to protect The Voice 
470407 Abner Is Waiting for a Present from Pearl 
470408 Abner's Present Arrives, No One Knows What It Is 
470409 Abner's Present Is a Short-wave Transceiver 
470410 Ben Withers Is Appointed Constable of Pine Ridge 
470414 Constable Withers Buys a New Bloodhound 
470415 Learning How To Use The Transceiver 
470418 Special ? Here's to Veterans 
470421 Lum Appoints Officers Of The New VPR Radio Statio 
470422 Making Lum President of VPR 
470423 Learn To Be Radio Announcer 
470424 16th Anniversary On The Radio 
470428 Everyone Sells The Same Hour Of Advertising 
470429 Love Comes To Gilbert The Boy Trapper 
470430 VPR Presents Information Show 
470501 The Court of Human Beings 
470507 Finding Out VPR's Ratings 
470508 VPR's Radio Program Queen For A Hour 
470512 Lum Tries To Arrange A Romance 
470513 Widder Must Claim Her Prize In Two Weeks 
470514 Sponsor Mose Moots Wants Wedding Held Tomorrow 
470515 Abner and Ben Withers in Disc Jockey Show 
470519 At Rehearsal, Lum Marries Cedric To The Widder 
470521 Widder Hires A Lawyer To See If Wedding Is Legal 
470522 Trying to Keep Lawyer from Widow Abernathy 
470526 Lum Will Tryout New Hypnotist Act For Radio Show 
470527 Lum Hypnotizes Abner 
470528 Lum Causes Squire And Cedric To Switch Personalities 
470708 Attempting To Open The Box 
470710 Lum Has Mysterious Box 
470714 Related To Hempsteads 
470715 Professor Crenshaw 
470716 Mysterious Box To Be Opened 
470717 Box Contains Envelope Promising Fabulous Riches 
470721 The Envelope and Secret Formula 
470722 Ben Withers Arrests Professor Crenshaw 
470723 The Eddards And Peabody Chemical Company 
470724 Chemical Company Has Total Assets Of $13.00 
470728 Cedric Starts Taking Over Store 
470729 Chemicals To Mix Formula 
470730 Drinks Bottle Of Formula 
470731 What Is Formula For? 
4707xx - Accidently Yours 
470804 Formula Dyes Clothes Purple 
470805 Formula Makes a Good Insect Spray 
470806 Formula Kills Potato Bugs 
470807 Elect Officers Of Company 
470811 Formula To Save Cotton Crop 
470812 6000 Gallons Of Formula 
470813 200 Barrels For Formula 
470814 Three Hours To Get Rid Of Kraut 
470815 Raising Money To Pay For Sauerkraut 
470818 Chemical Company Buying the Formula 
470819 Gave Formula To Wrong Man 
470820 Impostor In Squire's Office 
470821 Abner's Marriage License 
470826 - Raising Money to Pay for Sauerkraut (Exact Date Unknown) 
470900 Lum & Abner 
470922 - Little Pearl's Wedding Ceremony 
471002 Lum Tries New Psychology To Improve Business 
471113 Pine Ridge Celebrates Abner Peabody Day 
471114 Lum Has Trouble Starting The Pine Ridge Navy 
471201 Abner In Mount Ida Rodeo 
471216 Float For Christmas Parade 
471222 No Christmas Presents 
471225 Traditional Christmas Show 
480107 Found Aladdin's Lamp 
480208 Land in Pine Ridge Is Being Auctioned off for Taxes 
480304 Abner Is Stranded In Phoenix Arizona 
480315 Income Tax Return 
480322 Discuss First Day Of Spring 
480601 Lum and Abner Hire Squire to Be Ballyhoo Man 
480602 Squire Assembles Freak Sideshow 
480603 Squire Wants Lum To Be A Trapeze Artist 
480606 Lum Gives up Trapeze 
480607 Lum Thinks Circus Jobs Too Dangerous 
480608 Grand Opening Of Circus 
480609 Lum In Love With Zenora 
480610 Ben Wants Lum And AbnerTo Look All His Friends 
480614 Circus Receipt Money Is Stolen 
480615 Many Suspects In Stolen Money 
480616 Zenora's Brother Suspected of Theft 
480617 Ben Withers Takes Over Investigation 
480618 Theif Almost Caught In The Act 
480621 Cedric Hears What's Been Going On 
480622 Furious Lum Vows To Make Theif Pay 
480623 Squire Talks Lum Into Selling The Circus 
480624 Lum And Abner Learn That Squire Is Reselling Circus 
480707 Needing a Loan to Save the Store (Audition) 
480715 Grandpap Thinks Grimly Ludlow Is Coming 
480716 Cedric Receives His Draft Notice 
480719 Cedric Discusses Visit To The Draft Board 
480720 Abner Must Prove He Is Alive And Married 
480721 - Abner's Marriage License Lost; Must Marry Lizabeth Again 
480722 Abner and Grandpap Remodel The Tuxedo For The Wedding 
480723 Plans for Abner's Wedding 
480726 Abner Tells Lum and Dick About Honeymoon In Hot Springs 
480727 Abner must dispose of everything 
480728 Townspeople Suspicios of Abner 
480729 Abner trades his home to Squire Skimp 
480730 Abner's worthless building burns down 
480802 Abner Wants to Buy Grandpap's Swamp 
480803 Squire Tries To Sell Stock In Swampland Oil Co 
480804 Lum Gets Carried Away With Silly Trades 
480805 Ben Ruins Abner's Chance To Trade 
480806 Lum Trades Some Of Abner's Possessions To The Gypsies 
480809 Lum and Abner in Jail 
480810 Abner's Horse Was Stolen From Dallas 
480811 Abner to get $250 reward 
480812 Lum & Abner try to decide how Abner should dispose of his half of the store 
480813 Squire Skimp Buys Abner's Share of The Store 
480818 Abner has difficulty with images stamped on his face 
480819 Lum & Abner Sell Abner's Remaining Possessions At Auction 
480820 Lum Is Fed up with Squire's Crooked Tactics 
480823 Lum Buys More Than He Intended At Auction 
480824 Abner And Lizabeth Move In With Lum 
480825 Lum & Abner Want To Build A Poorhouse 
480826 Abner will get rid of his half of merchandise 
480827 Discussing Ways For Abner To Spend His Money 
480830 Abner Will Spend His The Rest Of His Money On Trip 
480831 Abner Calls Lum from St Louis 
480901 Lum & Dick wonder if Abner got his inheritance 
480902 Abner And Lizabeth Arrive Back Home 
480903 Abner distributes presents 
480906 Lizabeth Lets Abner's Money Go To Her Head 
480907 Grandpap teaches Abner How To Play Polo 
480908 Cedric Takes Abner's Place During Polo Practice 
480909 Audition Sister Simpson 
480910 Everybody at depot to see Abner leave 
480913 Lum, Cedric And Grandpap Go To Las Vegas Too 
480914 Grandpap Shops for Souvenirs 
480915 Visiting The Grand Canyon 
480916 Group finally arrives in Vegas 
480917 Abner meets gabby woman from back home 
480920 Adjusting To Life On The Dude Ranch 
480921 Abner Decides To Buy A Ranch Of His Own 
480922 Using Ranch for a Boys Camp 
480923 Lum & Abner Close Ranch Deal 
480924 Farewell To Miles Laboratories 
480926 a surprise party for Lum and Abner 
481003 Trouble Paying Their Back Taxes 
481010 Baby Cedric The Mind Reader 
481017 Lum fakes broken leg 
481024 Substitute Postmaster 
481031 Squire Talks Lum Into Taking Up Surrealist Painting 
481107 lum becomes a rodeo cowboy 
481108 Audition Parley Baer 
481114 Abner, the Advice Giver 
481121 Ezra Seestrunk's Cousin Rowena Has Thanksgiving Dinner With Lum 
481128 Inheritance 
481202 - Dorothy Lamour At Jot Em Down Store 
481205 Trip To The Hospital 
481212 Lum's Elopement 
481219 Christmas Show 
481222 Christmas Show 
481226 Exchanging A Paperweight 
490102 Balancing The Books 
490109 - Lum Wants To Buy A House, But Must First Sell A Lot He Owns 
490116 A Visit To Washington DC 
490123 The Farewell Dinner 
490129 - Wanting to Buy a House 
490130 Opening A Collection Agency 
490206 Abandoned Baby 
490213 Lum Makes Valentine For Rowena 
490220 Raising Money to Attend Horned Owl Convention 
490227 - Who Called Lum 
490306 Lum The Reporter 
490313 Golden Fleece Finance Company 
490320 Abner's Advice Bureau 
490327 Successful Saleman 
490403 Lum's Insurance Company 
490410 Lum Tries To Buy A New House 
490424 - Lum Runs for Mayor of Pine Ridge 
490529 - Jot 'Em Down Store Has Big Spring Clearance Sale 
490601 - Grannies I Love You (Opie Cates Orchestra) Origi 
490605 - LALose Diamond Ring 
490619 - Boat Launch Blues 
490649 I Grannies I Love You (Opie Cates Orchestra) 
491102 - Feud with Chester Lauk 
491109 - Lum Writes an Opera 
491116 Coming Out Party 
491123 Thanksgiving Dinner 
491224 - Christmas Show 
500000 Robert The Robot 
500104 Lum Becomes Engaged To Lydia 
500308 Lum Writes a Pageant of History to Help School 
500405 Reader's Digest Manuscript 
500412 trying to buy proper 
500419 Lum Sells His Interest In The Jot'em Down Store 
500426 Lum Wants Hemingway to Speak at Luncheon 
500818 Tricked Into Buying Graveyard Plots 
510614 Jukebox Jamboree 
530216 Jot-em-Down Store Grand Re-Opening 
530217 Abner wins an auction 
530218 Wondering what Abner Bought 
530219 Lum and Abner Start Their Own Radio Station 
530220 Cedric Tries To Hear Lum And Abner On His Radio 
530223 New Radio Station Will Be Voice Of Pine Ridge 
530224 Lum Sets Up VPR Station Management 
530225 Arguing Over Management Positions 
530226 Cedric Auditions To Be A Radio Announcer 
530227 All The Sponsors Have The Same Hour 
530302 VPR's First Show: Love Comes to Gilbert the Boy Trap 
530303 New Show: Thankee Fer the Information 
530304 VPR Presents The Court Of Human Beings 
530305 VPR's Daytime Soap: Life Faces The Sufferin' Jensens 
530306 Lum and Abner Rehearse Mose's New Show 
530309 Lum and Abner Conduct A Ratings Poll 
530310 Another Episode of Pine Ridge Princess 
530311 Lum Will Pawn off Widder Abernathy on Someone Else 
530312 Lum thinks he can get out of the wedding 
530313 Grandpap Spears Is Interviewed on VPR 
530316 Wedding Rehearsal 
530317 Lum explains about Wedding 
530318 Keeping The Lawyer From Talking To Widde 
530319 VPR is doing great 
530320 VPR gets a visitor 
530323 Lum and Abner Worry About Their Fate 
530402 Lum Is Tired Of Faking His Broken Leg 
530403 Lum thinks Squire knows about his leg 
530406 Squire Recommends a Bone Healer 
530407 Prince Ali Kush is Coming 
530408 Abner and Grandpap Scare the Prince Away 
530409 Lum Confesses About His Fake Broken Leg 
530410 Jot-em-Down Store's 40th Anniversary 
530413 Cedric And Abner Wash Labels Off Canned Goods 
530414 Having A Big Sale On The Surprise Cans 
530415 Grandpap Can Guess What's In The Cans 
530416 Grandpap Sells Tips On Cans 
530417 Trying To Figure Out Grandpap's Secret 
530420 Creating A Plan To Fool Grandpap 
530421 Canned Goods Are In Worse Shape Now 
530422 Donating The Canned Goods 
530423 Lum asks out Miss Frederick 
530424 Lum and Abner Discuss Adding A Library 
530427 Running A Free Public Library 
530428 Miss Fredricks Shows How to Run a Library 
530429 Cedric Tries To Get A Library Card 
530430 Squire Buys Property in Front of The Store From Cedric 
530501 Getting The Piece Of Property Back From Squire 
530504 A Library Book Makes Lum Decide To Become A Chef 
530505 Lum and Abner Remodel Store for Pine Ridge Bakery 
530506 Lum Invents Prune Bread 
530507 Lum Tries To Sell Prune Bread 
530508 Abner And Grandpap Sample Bakery Products 
530511 Loaf With Locket Inside 
530512 Locket Found By Lulu Watts 
530513 Lum Wants Abner to Talk Lulu out of Marrying Him 
530514 - Knuckles Will Fight for Lulu 
530515 Lum And Abner Say Goodbye To Listeners Again 
530531 - Knuckles Fights Lum 
531020 Lum Trades Bank Safe To Squire 
531021 Squire Arrives To Claim Safe 
531022 Lum Doesn't Know Anything About The Land He Traded For 
531023 Lum Find Out The Truth About His Country Estate 
531100 Thanksgiving In Pine Ridge 
531120 - Thanksgiving in Pine Ridge 
531224 Decorating Christmas Tree For Party At School House 
531228 Lum Explains Details Of Mule Naming Contest 
531229 Women Want Lum To Be Judge 
531230 Lum Will Get Frank Foster To Be Judge 
540010 Adding Machine 
540100 Lum & Abner 1 
540106 - Lum Thinks Town Has Forgotten Him They Haven't -- Exact Date Unknown 
540107 - Squire May Become Sales Promotion Mgr Of Store -- Exact Date Unknown 
540108 - Lum Thinks Town Has Forgotten Him They Haven't -- Exact Date Unknown 
540109 - Ordering Book On Modern Salesmanship 
540110 - Book Arrives; Methods Run Grandpap off -- Exact Date Unknown 
540111 - LADiscuss Different Types of Customers -- Exact Date Unknown 
540112 - Squire May Become Sales Promotion Mgr of Store -- Exact Date Unknown 
540113 - Burning the Book on Salesmanship 
540114 - Adding Machine Arrives; Abner Skeptical of It -- Exact Date Unknown 
540215 Lum Will Open Farm And Raise Fishing Worms 
540216 Everyone Uses Worm Breeding Stock For Bait 
540217 Lum and Abner and Cedric Go Fishing for Moby Dick 
540218 Squire And Grandpap Play Chess 
540219 Lum Will Take Correspondence Course To Become CPA 
540222 Everyone Gets Scholarship To Correspondence School 
540223 Lum Buys Old Truck At Auction 
540224 Everyone Frightened by the Voice from the Trunk 
540225 Lum And Abner Open Trunk 
540226 Lum and Abner Wonder What to Do with Trunk Full of Jewels 
540301 Lum Gets Threatening Phone Calls over Trunk 
540302 Abner Practices Signals To Protect Lum 
540303 Is Squire A Member Of Red 
540304 Lum Figures Out The Truth About Squire 
540305 Items In Trunk Have Curse On Them 
540315 Lum Gives Brooch Back To Mr. Moots 
540316 Mr Thorndyke Demands Brooch 
540317 Lum Must Get the Brooch Back 
540318 Lum Has A New Flame Penelope Priddle 
540319 Lum Accidentally Invents Mohawk Haircut 
540322 Everyone Wants Mohawk Haircut From Lum 
540323 Lum The Famous Inventor 
540324 Lum Returns From Barber Shop With Mohawk Haircut 
540325 Miss Priddle Thinks Lum Has A Twin Brother 
540326 LumDatesThePriddleSi 
540329 Dating Twins Has Lum Worn To A Frazzle 
540330 Squire Gets Mose Moots To Cancel Lum's Debts 
540331 How Can Lum And His Twin Be In The Same Place 
540401 Lum Must Have Famous Ancestors 
540402 Squire Will Hire a Genealogist 
540403 Lum Must Round Up All The Hempstead Heirs 
540501 Adrift On A Raft On The Ouachita River 
661113 NBC 40th Anniversary 
670000 Chet Lauck interview 
67xxxx - Chet Lauck Interview 
700000 Multicon skit - last 
72xxxx - Multicon Skit - Last Performance Together 
Bashful Bachelor Movie 
Goin To Town Movie 
Knuckle Strokes Will Fight For Lulu 
LA49060 I - Grannies I Love You (Opie Cates Orchestra) Origi 
Lum & Abner 2 
Lum & Abner1 
Lum Addresses Alabama House 
No One Willing to Be First to Eat Oysters 
Partners In Time Movie 
So This Is Washington Movie 
xxxxxx - Lum Addresses AL House of Representatives 
xxxxxx - The Convention 

More comedies coming soon...

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