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Life Of Riley

Radio Show: Life Of Riley

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430725 Audition Show 
430725 Riley Wants To Build A House 
440116 Riley Plans to Build A House 
440409 Riley Is Best Dressed 
440430 Baxter Goes To New York 
441029 Haunted House 
441105 Piano Lessons for Junior 
441112 Big Football Bet 
441119 Turkey Hunt 
441203 Most Popular Boy 
441210 Riley Goes to Night School 
441217 Christmas Present 
441224 Roswell Is A Difficult Christmas Guest 
450107 Silver Gloves Boxing 
450114 The Watch 
450121 Riley Takes Phone Booth Nickels 
450225 Riley Helps Luigi Pass English Exam 
450304 Babs Is Born 
450311 Junior Runs Away 
450318 Riley Is A Pal To Junior 
450325 Five Dollars Is Missing 
450513 Peg's Mother Visits 
450908 Riley Thinks He's Getting Old 
450915 Neighbor Feud Over Juniors Goat 
451020 Sidney Monahan Is A House Guest 
451124 Will Babs And Simon Marry 
451201 Phonograph Record Saves Riley 
451208 Job Promotion Exam 
451215 Grandma's Boyfriend 
460226 School Play 
460309 Riley's Musical Composition 
460316 Riley Buys An Insurance Policy 
460413 Riley Thinks Junior Is A Shoplifter 
460427 Gambling Lesson 
460518 Playing Hooky 
460525 Junior Sells Peanuts 
460601 Riley And Babs Take Acting Lessons 
460608 Bread Shortage And the Black Market 
460615 New Suit for Father's Day 
460629 Newspaper Subscription 
460907 Riley Is Promoted 
460914 Peg Wants To Work For Sidney Monaghan 
460921 Riley Thinks Babs Is Eloping 
460928 Riley Bribes Junior 
461005 Good Neighbor Week 
461019 Bus Company Lawsuit 
461026 Riley Gets A Job Interview 
461102 The Park Supervisor 
461109 Junior & Egbert Go To Boy Scout Camp 
461123 Riley The Football Hero For Night Club Team 
461130 Free Medical Advice 
461228 New Year's Show 
470111 Efficiency Expert 
470118 Riley & Simon Are Business Partners 
470125 The Riley Honeymoon 
470201 Was Riley Switched As A Baby 
470208 Everybody Forgets Riley's Birthday 
470315 Simon Is Editor Of Advice To The Lovelorn Column 
470322 Riley The Milkman 
470329 Riley The Gentleman 
470405 Riley The Child Abuser 
470412 Peg's Old Boyfriend 
470419 Riley The Boxer 
470426 Simon Blackmails Riley 
470503 Babs Enters Society 
470510 Mother's Day Speech 
470531 Accident Insurance Policy 
470607 Riley Courts Peg At Summer Camp 
470614 Junior Wins A Soapbox Derby 
470628 Riley & Gillis Spend A Week At The Lake 
470705 Is Peg Leaving 
470906 Riley Takes An Engineering Course 
470913 Babs Has Two Dates 
470920 Junior Runs Away 
470927 A Statue For The Piano 
471004 Riley Thinks He's Getting Old 
471011 Riley The Cop 
471018 Community Chest 
471025 Ragamuffin Ball 
471101 Picking Football Teams 
471108 17th Anniversary 
471115 Riley The Actor 
471122 Bean Counting Contest 
471129 Thanksiving With Gillises 
471206 Junior's Essay On The Greatest Man I Know 
471213 Babs Is Blackballed 
471227 Family Christmas Present - TV or Piano 
480103 Riley Gets Two Dates 
480110 Equal Rights For Women 
480117 Radio Contest 
480124 Babs Quits School 
480131 Uncle Baxter Moves In 
480207 Father & Son Banquet 
480214 Riley Sends Peg A Comic Valentine 
480221 Riley Lies About Goi 
480228 Babs' Sweet 16 Birthday 
480313 Picnic With Luicile 
480320 Suggestion Contest 
480327 Giant Easter Bunny 
480403 Neighborhood Betterment League 
480410 Peg Studies French 
480424 Spring Fever 
480501 Junior's Baseball Uniform 
480508 Rileys Mothers Day Gift Is Explained 
480515 Riley, a Man of Distinction 
480522 Monohan Spends A Weekend With Rileys 
480529 Riley & Gillis Buy A Car 
480612 Babs' Graduation 
480619 No Father's Day Gift 
480903 Guest Red Skelton as Klem Kadiddlehopper 
480910 Household Drudge 
481008 How to Pick a Mate 
481015 Flashback to Riley's Election Campaign 
481022 Problem Child 
481029 Riley Seeks Knowledge 
481119 Thanksgiving Flashback 
481126 Babs Has an Old Boyfriend 
481203 Buying Football Tickets 
481210 Riley's Jilted Sister 
481217 Riley and Mrs Morris 
481224 No Christmas Bonus 
490107 Riley Coaches Jr's Basketball Team 
490114 Riley Gets a Job in Arabia 
490121 Bertha, Riley's Old Flame Bertha 
490128 Quiet Evening By The Fireside 
490204 Riley Talks In His Sleep About Gertrude 
490211 Did Babs Elope With Simon 
490218 Valentine Locket 
490304 The Life Of Riley Movie Premiere 
490311 The Wire Recorder 
490325 Babs Runs In College 
490401 Riley Won't Let Peg Help Junior 
490408 Riley Is Held Up (guest Burt Lancaster) 
490422 Riley Breaks Peg's Chinese Bowl 
490429 Riley is Fired 
490506 Babs Leaves Home 
490513 Riley Waits Tables Tables To Meet Peg (flashback) 
490520 Junior Quits School 
490527 Junior and Egbert Go Camping 
491014 The Geiger Counter 
491021 The Policeman Boader 
491028 Riley Buys a Television 
491104 The Expectant Father 
491111 Community Chest Drive 
491118 Sadie Hawkins Dance 
491202 Riley the Bookie 
491209 Babs and Stevenson' 
491230 Riley the Cab Driver 
500324 Riley's Sister Engaged 
500407 Miracle of the Bells 
500428 Riley Buys A Hamburger Stand 
500508 Life Of Riley 
500512 Mother's Day 
501006 Surprise Party 
501020 Collection Agency 
501027 Peg Wins New Stove With Store Bought Cake 
501103 Babs' Elopement 
501110 New Car In Bean Bowl 
501117 Rileys' First Date With Peg 
501124 Riley Locks Babs Up After Student Riot 
501201 Riley Dates New Foreman's Daughter 
501208 Junior's Lawn Mowing 
501215 Riley the Coward & Peg Goes To Work 
501222 The Rileys' First Baby (flashback) 
510105 Peg's Father Visits 
510112 19th Wedding Anniversary 
510119 Riley the Scoutmaster 
510126 Riley Engaged To Two Women 
510202 Babs Blackballed By Sorority 
510209 Charleston Dance Lessons 
510216 Second Honeymoon 
510223 Riley Has Tonsillitis 
510302 Louella Stays With Rileys 
510316 Riley Installs A Time Clock 
510323 Basketball Game Bribe 
510330 Riley the Rent Collector 
510406 Is Riley Getting Old 
510413 Civil Service Test 
510413 Riley Takes a Civil Service Exam 
510420 Did Louela Kiss Riley? 
510420 Riley and Louella - A Kiss In The Dark 
510427 Babs Moves Out 
510511 Black Chiffon Nightgown 
510518 Soapbox Derby 
Leaking Roof 

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