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Aldrich Family

Radio Show: Aldrich Family

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380728 - Crowded Ba 
391003 - Henry's Blind Date 
391013 Henry's Engagement 
391017 Girl Trouble 
400220 Henry Wants To Raise Pigeons 
400227 Henry Starts To Raise Pigeons 
400306 - Mary's New Dress 
400423 - Coupon Craze 
400430 - Model Airplane 
400521 - School Picnic 
400528 - Cross Country Race 
400905 The Generous Gentle 
400912 Henry Loses Gift Watch 
401031 Halloween 
40xxxx - Henry Goes lce Skating 
410126 PenPal 
411023 Letter 
420122 Girlfriend 
420129 Henry's Secret Admirer 
420405 - Henry's Missing Left Rubber 
420618 Selling Christmas Cards 
430211 Valantine's Day Party 
430225 Homer's Love Note Goes To Henry's Teacher 
430311 Legal Trouble 
430401 War Bonds 
430415 Henry Collects Props 
430909 - The Make-Up Test 
431007 - Everybody Sleeps Over 
4310xx Everybody Sleeps Over 
440127 Movie Star 
440203 - Virginia Lees' Party 
440302 Homer's Piano Recital 
440309 Warmest Day In March 
440413 Close That Door 
440420 Sam And Henry Both Await Calls 
440427 Henry Has To Replace a Box of Chocolates 
440511 Baby Sitting Or Movies 
440629 - Bracelet For Kathleen.Mp3 
440915 - Homer Is Popular aka Everyone Is Asking Homer for a Date 
441120 - McCall's Bicycle 
441222 - Hinting for Christmas Presents 
450112 Henry Sends Candy To Two Girls 
450125 - Church and Chocolate 
450309 - Henry Tries to Meet Dorothy Hopkins Who is Visiting the Clarkes 
451116 - Costume Party 
451216 - A Quiet Evening 
460308 - Dinner Jacket Mix Up.Mp3 
460926 - Mary Has Joe Graham Over 
470313 Birthday Pipe 
471211 School Ring 
47xxxx - Cancer Special (2] 
480401 April Fool's Day Joke 
480429 - Mother's Day 
480513 Wedding Day Date With Helen Forbes 
480624 Painting The Garage 
480916 - Rotating Parties 
481007 - Mary's Surprise 
481014 - The Great Weiner Roast 
481021 Baby Sitting 
481028 Lead Role 
481104 - Henry Buys a Hat 
481111 Broken Toy 
481118 Hardware Store Grab 
481125 Thanksgiving Dance And Turkey Run 
481209 - Grouse for Dinner 
481216 Homer's Party 
481223 Christmas 
481230 New Year's Eve Party 
490113 French Notes Mixup 
490120 Kathleen's Dinner 
490203 Boys Don't Want To Shovel Snow 
490210 - Geometry Homework 
490217 Mrs. Aldrich's Antiques 
490303 Planning A Trip To DC 
490407 - Henry's Blind Date 
490414 Henry The Shortstop 
490421 Takes Gladys To School Play 
490428 Date With A Tall Girl 
490505 Homer Accidentally Gets Engaged To Agnes Aldrich 
491113 - Thanksgiving Show 
491209 Sam Aldrich Cooks 
49xxxx - No Tuxedo for the School Formal 
49xxxx Homer Expects A Horse From Agnes 
500914 Contest To Win Money 
501125 - Thanksgiving Show 
510419 Henry Alters The School Paper 
510628 Everyone Expects A Surprise Party 
520221 Debate Team 
520911 Paid In Corn 
520921 - Paid In Corn 
520928 Man Or Mouse 
521005 The Haircut & News Picture 
521012 The Big Deal 
521019 The Camping Trip 
521026 Parents Day 
521102 The Overdue Library Book 
521109 The Hand Me Down Suit 
521116 The Debating Team 
521123 The Last Turkey 
521130 Sam Aldrich Is Sick 
521207 The Lost Watch 
521221 Christmas Party Gift 
530315 Latin Exam 
530419 - Henry Buys a Bracelet 
530426 Bicycle 
Barbara or Constance 
Cleaning the Furnace 
Henry Buys a Hat 
Henry Gets A Letter From A Strange Girl 
Henry Goes Ice Skating 
Henry Is Not Wanted On A Sleigh Ride Party 
Henry Spills Glue at School 
Homer Expects A Surprise Party 
Ice Fishing In January 
Is Henry's Date With Gladys For Dinner 
Looking For Tuxedos For School 
Physical Development 
Sidewalk Graffiti Causes Trouble 
The Boys Throw A Farewell Party 
Waste Paper Drive 
xxxxxx - Homer Expects a Surprise Party for Himself 
xxxxxx - Antique Chairs 
xxxxxx - Bringing Home Head Cheese 
xxxxxx - Cleaning the Furnace 
xxxxxx - Fruit Cake 
xxxxxx - Generous Gentleman [Rebroadcast] 
xxxxxx - Henry and Homer Apply for a Streetcar Job 
xxxxxx - Henry Gets a Letter From a Strange Girl 
xxxxxx - Henry Is Not Wanted On A Sleigh Ride Party 
xxxxxx - Henry Needs Money to Buy Candy for Virginia Lee 
xxxxxx - Henry Spills Glue at School 
xxxxxx - Ice Fishing In January 
xxxxxx - Is Henry's Date With Gladys For Dinner 
xxxxxx - Looking For Tuxedos For School Formal 
xxxxxx - Lost In The Snow 
xxxxxx - Mary's First Job 
xxxxxx - Moving Day 
xxxxxx - Roadstand and Hotel 
xxxxxx - Searching for Ancestors 
xxxxxx - Sidewalk Graffiti Causes Trouble for Henry 
xxxxxx - Stolen Bicycles 
xxxxxx - The Boys Throw a Farewell Party for the Girls 
xxxxxx - Trouble with Kathleens Father 
xxxxxx - Twin Trouble 
xxxxxx - Waste Paper Drive 
xxxxxx - Willie Gets Lost 

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