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Fred Waring Show

Radio Show: Fred Waring Show

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1st Song Surrey With the Fringe On Top 
1st Song Were Going Home 
470623 Anitras Dance 
470804 I Feel a Song Coming 
470818 Blue Skies 
470825 Japanese Sandman 
470908 Shadrack 
470923 Stanley Steamer 
470929 Guest Al Cap 
471015 Shawnee 
471028 A Rumba Numba 
481213 Morning Songs 
481215 Twas the Night Before Christmas 
481220 One Sunday Afternoon 
481222 A Christmas Song Medley 
481227 Holiday 
481229 Lime House Blues 
FWS341227 - Kay Thompson and The Girls Choir 
FWS350214 - Boy Scouts of America 25th Anniversary Salute 
FWS350321 - Sixteenth Anniversary of the Group 
FWS360617 - 'I've Loved the Same Girl for Fifty Years' 
FWS440606 - 'The Fight is Now' 
FWS441005 -' Music for Marching' 
FWS441102 - Buckle Down Winsocki 
FWS441214 - 'Califor-ni-a' 
FWS450301 - 'Thursday' 
FWS450524 - First Song - I Hear Music [AFRS] 
FWS461231 - NBC New Years Eve Party 
FWS470623 - 'Anitra's Dance' 
FWS470624 - 'Country Style' 
FWS470804 - 'I Feel a Song Coming On' 
FWS470818 - 'Blue Skies' 
FWS470825 - 'Japanese Sandman' 
FWS470829 - Songs from Carousel - Part 2 
FWS470908 - 'Shadrack' 
FWS470912 - 'Hindustan' 
FWS470923 - 'Stanley Steamer' 
FWS470929 - Guest Al Cap 
FWS471015 - 'Shawnee' 
FWS471028 - 'A Rumba Numba' 
FWS480608 - 'I Here Music, I Hear Melodies' 
FWS481213 - 'Morning' Songs 
FWS481215 - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas 
FWS481220 - 'One Sunday Afternoon' 
FWS481222 - A Christmas Song Medley 
FWS481227 - Holiday 
FWS481229 - 'Lime House Blues' 
FWS4xxxxx - 'Pickle, Can, Preserve' 
FWS4xxxxx - Balalaika 
FWS4xxxxx - Buckle Down, Winsocki 
FWS4xxxxx - I'm Glad I Waited for You (Bob Hannon) 
FWS4xxxxx - Look Out Below 
FWS4xxxxx - Stars & Stripes Forever 
FWS4xxxxx - Symphony (Bob Hannon) 
FWS4xxxxx - We're on Our Way (Second Song) 
FWSxxxxxx - 'Surrey With the Fringe on Top' 
FWSxxxxxx - 'We're Going Home' 

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