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Fred Allen Show

Radio Show: Fred Allen Show

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391011 SatireOnSurveysAndPo 
400327 guest t hee reactio 
400508 jack boyle hillbill 
401115 Oscar Levant 
40xxxx Superman Special wi 
410305 little red riding ho 
410312 philanda blank 
430103 LongPanVersusMrMoto 
430131 GuestOscarLevant 
430228 GuestPhilBaker 
430307 GuestJudyCanova 
430321 WithRichardHaydn 
430404 LookingForUmbriago 
430425 WithBelaLugosi 
430516 Chile 
430516 FrankSinatra 
430523 Fred'sBiography 
431212 GettingARadioJob 
440102 HillbillyBand 
440109 HitOnTheHead 
440109 WithEd'Archie'Gardne 
440213 WithLouellaParsons 
440319 TheLifeOfTedLewis 
440326 BuyingLiquor 
440402 RadioVsTV 
440409 FetlockBones 
440423 OscarLevant(AFRS40) 
440528 PortlandHoffa'sBirth 
440611 SouthDakota 
451007 Auditions 
451021 Hillbilly 
451028 Court Case with Edg 
451028 CharlieMcCarthySuesF 
451104 MashNotes 
451111 MobBuster 
451125 leo durocher 'brook 
460106 TakeItOrLeaveIt with 
460120 AMovieOnFred'sLife 
460203 Picadilly 
460224 HillbillyDrama 
460411 guest BasilRathbone 
460428 RacingFormTrial 
460512 TheFatMan 
460526 KingForADay 
461027 BreakfastShow 
470316 Picadilly 
470323 SuedByRogersAndHamme 
470525 RudyValleeAndHisMega 
470615 RentingTheRoom 
471019 james mason one lon 
471019 ThePerfectCrime 
471026 jack haley selling 
471214 NewYear'sEvePlans 
471228 ReturningACuckooCloc 
480104 PsychopathicSpectacu 
480328 Husband&WifeRadioSho 
480411 OneLongPanSkit 
480418 TheAuthorMeetsHisMat 
480425 ScalpingBaseballTick 
480502 JPMorganCourtOfHuman 
480509 BreakTheContestant(M 
480523 FredWantsToDoBing'sL 
480606 JackEiganWhat'sWrong 
480627 StopTheMusic(FirstHa 
481024 DaleCarnegieBreakfas 
481107 SamShovelPrivateEye 
481128 FredTriesToGetIntoTh 
481205 TVCommercials 
490109 BookRevue 
490130 HowdyDoody 
490206 PlanningATVShow 
490424 OneLongPan 
490501 Jamaica Race Track w 
490522 Babysitting 
490626 FinalShow 
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